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Trump enforces Obama’s Red Line… with Bill Clinton’s Tomahawk Diplomacy.

There are a great many Politicians and Talking Heads that need to read the following:

“The War Powers Resolution requires the President to notify Congress within 48 hours of committing armed forces to military action and forbids armed forces from remaining for more than 60 days, with a further 30-day withdrawal period, without a Congressional authorization for use of military force (AUMF) or a declaration of war by the United States. The resolution was passed by two-thirds of Congress, overriding a presidential veto.”

That’s 90 days for a President to do what they please. 90 days.

If you’re taking a position on our bombing of a Syrian Airbase in response to the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction, then you shouldn’t continue to remain willfully ignorant.

I’m not asking you to agree, or disagree, with Trump’s bombing of Syria.

I’m asking you to makeaneffort.

While the Left hates it… words still mean specific things and are not subject to how you feel about them.


President Obama Struck by Iraq

I’ve long held that the Iraq War was about three things.

1. Oil

2. Containing Iran

3. Saddam Hussein’s Declaration he had and was going to use Weapons of Mass Destruction

Right or Wrong, that’s how I saw it.

The U.S. public has been deluged by criticism from the Left, and their Media, regarding the Iraq War, claiming no Weapons of Mass Destruction were ever found. This relentless onslaught was never subdued by the fact that Saddam had used these Weapons in the War with Iran and on his on citizens. It was also never tempered by the fact that the Intelligence for Saddam’s intent was International.  (Backed up by no less than 5 International Intelligence Services… and supported by every office holder in Congress except the only Honest Socialist Bernie Sanders.)

Now we are about to see what would have happened had the United States not gone into Iraq.

1. Energy Prices – will they Sky Rocket? (‘necessarily’ as our President has put it.)

2. Will Iran make a run westward? (Yesterday’s reports indicate they are on the move.)

3. Will a Caliphate be established that has Nuclear Capabilities and has shown its innate Hostility to the West compounded by its wish to use whatever means available to it to conduct overt War on The West… The Infidels?

Things are moving fast now.

Nature abhors a vacuum. And it tends to fill it quickly with whatever it can. The United States has created the fertile ground for Theocratic Statism. We have set the stage for Socialism with God at the Top instead of the State to rush in with all it’s Malevolence.

We will be witness to the Mass Oppression, Destruction and Death which always accompany such unchecked, Elitist Ideology.

And… it will be our fault, because we allowed those who hold similar ideas take the reins of power here in the United States.

The excuses from the ‘gentler’ Statists in control of the United States will be Loud and Repeated Often…

“Did you expect us to be there forever?  We must respect their sovereignty, religious and social norms.”  (We’re still in Germany… and Japan.)

“Our Presence serves only to inspire more Terrorists to become… well… Terrorists.”

“You cannot help those who are not willing to help themselves.”

On the Last one I agree.  But forcing our help onto others was never included in my list of reasons to be there. I looked at it only as added value for them if they wanted it… it was not the mission.

Because any Mission of Forced ‘Charity’ will always fail as it has Always Failed… at home and abroad.

It appears we are Now simply making sure our investment in Blood and Treasure… Mothers and Fathers… Sons and Daughters… Disfigurement and Pain… is for Nothing.


All because we refused to be Honest about why we went to Iraq.  All because we were afraid it would sound ‘mean spirited’ and ‘heartless’ to those on the Left.

All because of Politics.

We have now allowed our homegrown Socialists to Engineer and Oversee yet another Triumph Forsaken.

And we’ve allowed them to once again blame it on the rest of us.

Because it is our fault.

At what point do the rest of us stop caring about what those on the Progressive Socialist Left think?

Is America Profiling Middle Eastern Men

What was once considered anathema to a civilized society by the Left is now the new standard upon which we can start killing people.

Why is President Obama profiling Bashar Al-Assad?  Where is the ACLU when you need them?  If Bashar was trying to get on an airplane would the criteria be the same?

“It’s most likely… we’re pretty confident, Assad used chemical weapons.” – President Barack Obama in St. Petersburg Russia 090613

Well darn it… if we’re pretty confident that it’s most likely, then let’s start dropping bombs on them.

The current Administration’s approach to Syria continues to defy reason.

But when you’re a Liberal, who needs reason?

“…400 of them (casualties of the gas attack) were children!” – President Barack Obama again in St. Petersburg Russia 090613

Yes, no debate there.  (Ignore the paradox of our actions in the Middle East and the loss of children’s lives.)

A quick review of hot spots around the world presents over 150 active areas of conflict where men, women and CHILDREN are being killed.  Right now.

If this is now the threshold we are using to get involved in violent conflicts world over it is going to be a busy few years.  It will also be expensive in terms of man and material… not to mention money, all of which we are short of.  But that aside, it would be a genuinely historic launch of the very “American Imperialism” the Left has accused their opposition of for decades.  This is the work of policeman… unless there is a national interest I am unaware of.  Bueller?   Bueller?  Anyone?


Welcome to the party.

Progressives have gotten away with saying whatever you want to hear for 100 years.  The problem they now face is our memories have been enhanced by the ability to store and retrieve information.  (LexisNexis)  Don’t think that this is a lesson lost on them, or only known to the NSA.  They are feeling the pain of their previously successful manipulation of the American public.  It’s tough for a John Kerry to state in his monotone drone that he didn’t say something he knows he indeed said when 30 seconds later some jackass like me finds it and posts it for all to see.  If there were ever a revolution that could be pointed to in 100 years from now it is that.  (The Media has lost editorial control over what information you see… and they HATE it.)

What you are watching is a direct result of Elitists in control.

The mindset is that you are too stupid to understand so those who deem themselves superior to you don’t owe you the truth.  They honestly believe that even if you were told the truth you wouldn’t get it anyway.  So sit down, shut up and vote the way they tell you to.  Otherwise they’ll have their comedians on the late night shows make fun of you, and their friends in the media take every opportunity to make you look foolish.  Get it!  Good.

Well here we are.

Another military adventure in the Middle East… and this one isn’t even for Oil.

Has anyone asked the question “Why are we not targeting Bashar directly, or at a minimum his command and control staff?”

(And frankly, what better way to get some quick defections and degrade Syria’s war fighting capability.)

If “A lesson” needs to be taught, to Whom are you teaching it?  The Chemical Weapons didn’t launch themselves.  The WMDS didn’t decide of their own volition to kill 1200 people.  There are plenty of these weapons being made as I tap this out.  They’re not going away anytime soon… so what is really going on?

If the evidence is unequivocal… sorry… if we’re pretty confident… then why not just come out and present it to the public?  What possible security concern could exist?  Why the need to keep all of the briefings behind closed doors?  I understand the protection of assets… but this was done right out in the open.  I’m “pretty confident” that this is a straight forward use of banned weapons.  Or it’s at least “likely”.  Or is it as clear as that?


OK… put your tin foil hats on…

So there I sit on a Socialist Beach wondering why we have such a Unilateral interest in bombing Syria. Consequently, I’m wondering why one of the proudest Socialist’s to hold American High Office is neglecting the United Nations and the time-honored endeavor of “Coalition Building” in favor of direct military action… then suddenly peddling the responsibility off to the British who said “No”… the Congress who will probably say “No”, and as of today… the World, again… it feels like circular diplomacy. There’s another term for it which is similar and means the same thing but I’m not going to use here.

So, my memory made a rare appearance and something dawned on me. It was not long ago that the United States, under that stupid Texan cowboy George Bush invaded Iraq… with a Coalition… and Overwhelming Approval from Congress… and the American People… but I digress, looking for the Weapons of Mass Destruction Saddam said he had… and four other foreign intelligence agencies said he had… and our intelligence agencies said he had… dammit, I’m digressing again, but found nothing… except weapons of mass destruction which we were told were too old “to count”.

Some of us noticed an odd occurrence however. There suddenly appeared a division of Syrian armor sitting out in the middle of the Bekaa valley.  They were not in a posture to defend against an advance, certainly not from Israel, but seemed to be protecting something.  (Break out your maps and take a look…)


The question is “why?”.

The conspiracy theory was that Saddam’s weapons had been moved through Syria, close to the Med, for safe keeping or quick movement if needed.

There were a number of us who thought we should “go take a look” for ourselves.  That never happened… that we are aware of.


Could it be possible that a strike on Syria would give the U.S. the opportunity to destroy certain “old, expired, ineffectual” weapons of mass destruction that may not officially belong to Syria?

While it would be hilarious, in a horribly tragic way, if Assad aided in the “discovery” of Saddam’s weapons by the press… the problem for him is it would allow for a whole flood on international condemnation.  It would also justify buckets of hatred to be poured upon Bashar from an International Coalition of angry Socialists… not all angry for the same reasons, but angry none the less.

Some would be angry because they would be put in a position where they couldn’t say “No.”

Our’s would be angry because they would look like fools…  It would be an extremely inconvenient truth, for the Leftists who currently hold power in the U.S., that their entire platform which was built upon the foundation of George Bush being a Stupid Texan Cowboy who shot first and asked questions later was a fabrication.

In the end,

Crazy, conspiracy theorists might suggest that this could be an opportunity to destroy a whole lot of evidence… save a Liberal narrative… and rid the world of some stuff that really shouldn’t be around.

It’s what we call a Win-Win.

OK, you can take you hat’s off now.

That would be ridiculous.

Stop thinking about it.

Senator John McCain refuses to sign Approval for Syria Attack

His explanation was he missed the important parts of the discussion because “he was chasing a flush and the guy on his right was representing a straight after the Flop”.

With a laugh, McCain said “What do you do?”

His aides, officially, had no additional comment.

Off the record, it has been suggested the Senator takes his Poker very seriously.

UN contacts Hillary Clinton…

…on how to deal with “Snipper Fire”.

This morning the UN Inspectors sent to Syria encountered fire when leaving their compound.

After the inspectors initial desire to give up was dampened by the reality they would be forced to go out anyway, they called on Hillary Clinton to suggest ways in dealing with such hostility.

Her suggestion was to walk out in the open with your daughter or nearest family member, stand straight-up, wear a brightly colored scarf around your neck and smile while appearing not to hear anything in terms of gunfire… also do not show you are experiencing any fear, in any way.  It is also helpful to shake hands with, then hug, children you have brought out into the open to greet you.

She sent a video along with her directions to illustrate exactly how to do it.

Upon review, the UN tried once again to give up.

They did, eventually, reach some victims of the latest attack utilizing Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Mrs. Clinton was the only American representative, with any authority, to contact the UN delegation as we have deferred leadership to the British… the French were busy.

The official comment from The U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power was “I’m trying to watch a movie, could you please be quiet.”  She was also heard asking an associate “What does this have to do with us?”  As of this typing we are not sure whether she meant the U.S. or her and her associate personally.

Are Chemical Weapons still WMD’s?

So… Is Sarin a Chemical Weapon?  Are Chemical Weapons still considered Weapons of Mass Destruction?

I recall we found such weapons in Iraq… but were told they were “too old” to count.  That is when the Press taught me that Weapons of Mass Destruction have expiration dates, just like my hot dogs.

Now that we know that Assad used Sarin against his own people last year and several times this year, I’m waiting on the Press to educate me once again.  So far, it seems to be the amount used that matters.

Was it not a big deal because Assad only used a little bit?  So, just a tiny Nuke would be OK?  What if it was a really old Nuke… that we didn’t use much of?  How about then?

I guess The Press are waiting to be educated by the President… so they can then educate us.  At least that seems to be the Standard Operating Procedure.

Wiki might need some education too… I’m sure the editors will modify the entry accordingly.

I suppose the real question is “Does it matter if we all start using WMD’s?”

And, wouldn’t that be fun?

Fun with Inane Quotes…

“If he drops sarin on his own people, what’s that got to do with us?”

This was a comment attributed to “an anonymous Obama aide” by the Weekly Standard. Full Article here.

OK… first off we don’t know exactly who said it.  But for my point I don’t care, because it’s an interesting question.  However I would LOVE to know…

Secondly, we need a few definitions here so all of us understand what is being said.

I will handle this with a couple of links:

Sarin (Gas)

Weapons of Mass Destruction


“his own people”

Now let’s explore this…

“If he drops sarin  gases on his own people in showers, what’s that got to do with us?”  (Hmmm…. seems like we don’t like that sort of thing.)

“If he Obama drops sarin on his own people, what’s that got to do with us up here in Canada?”  (Do you think we might want some help?)

“If he Yugoslavians drop sarin kill their on his own people, what’s that got to do with us?”  (Apparently a lot.)

“If he the Prime Minister of Britain drops sarin on his own people, what’s that got to do with us?”  (Would we have anything to say about it?)

“If he drops sarin  a nuke on his own people, what’s that got to do with us?”  (I wonder if this policy position has more to do with bunker buster bombs than anything else… we want to use them, they are nukes, we would need to “loosen” the definition of “weapons of mass destruction” in the minds of the people.  Just a very small thought.)

Aside from the embarrassingly stupid meaning of such a sentence, no matter the context, as using such weapons always “means something to us” it is illustrative of the current administrations foreign policy.  In other words, there really isn’t one.  We are all lucky our Presidents have terms limits of two terms.  If they didn’t, who knows how much damage one could do?