You can’t get Here from There.

Here’s a riddle.

Where does the sun go down while the sun comes up and has 25% of all the stuff we need?  (Like Moskovskaya wrapped in a sleeve of ice.)

At the peak of Soviet supremacy there were over 126 different languages spoken within its borders in addition to over 30 dialects of Russian.  The country existed within 12 time zones.  The sun really did come up as it is going down.  The Soviets also possessed an estimated 25% of all the worlds obtainable resources.  This was the tapestry on which a revolution was painted and the ultimate failure of Socialism illustrated.

The Socialists/Communists took control of this potentially unstoppable world power and in 72 years ran it into the ground.  They couldn’t help it.  Socialism required a top-down, command and control, economy… which always leads to failure in the end.

Fast forward to the early 2000’s…

The Soviet Union/Russia is still built on a “top down” model of government.  What I mean is that edicts are pushed down upon the citizens from above rather than what we (supposedly) have here in the U.S. where edicts are pushed up to the government from below.  This is an enormous and fundamental difference which explains what is going on over there as of this typing.

Russia (and soon China) are perfect examples of the “if we just tweak the system we can retain our control” mentality.  It will not end well, because it never ends well.

You must remember that those in power are always loathe to give it up.  The leaders in those countries recognize the benefits that free-markets provide but refuse to embrace the required transitional government, individual liberty and property rights which enable free-market capitalism to work.

They are not stupid.  They are certainly misguided… absolutely elitist… but not stupid.  So, to keep the peasants quiet they keep “tweaking the system” hoping that will enable them to stay in power.  But history has provided us with myriad examples to the contrary.  Not to mention the oppression, death and destruction resulting from such an approach leading up to the end.

Without question, Socialism is corrosive.  It destroys everything it touches.  (Look at the U.S. and see what Social Security and Medicaid/Medicare have done to this country.  The evidence is there for all to see… we may not want to talk about it, but it’s right there in front of us.)

Putin understands that short of completely changing the government structure in Russia they will return to totalitarianism.  But that’s not what he wants.  (Stalin taught us that you can even get the public to cry out for it if their lives are bad enough and they are kept in the dark as to why.  To this day there are fresh flowers placed by common Russians on his grave.  I’ve seen it first hand.)  Putin just wants to be in charge when it happens.  He’s doing a good job.

This is always the problem with “adjusting” a top down model of government.  A little less poison is still poison.  Socialism will never be conducive to freedom and the productivity that our system promulgates.  This is what makes the United States special, and unique, in the world.  The U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights were crafted to protect those individual liberties from an all-powerful state with the ability to force edicts upon the population. (Like Obama Care)  Because of this, the U.S. catapulted from a commonwealth to a hyper-power in a short 250 years.  It is why the rest of the world, from the pacific rim to Western Europe, is having to “tweak” their systems in the hope of staying relevant by comparison.  It’s also why they don’t like us for the most part.  (The only hope they have is having our system fail…  they should find comfort that our home-grown Socialists are working on it right now.)

The writing on the wall Russia and China are refusing to read is “You can’t get here from there”.

Let me leave you with a question;

Why are we chasing the bankruptcy which Socialism always delivers in the form of socialized medicine and the perpetuation of Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid in their present forms when there are free-market alternatives?

Pour yourself some of that cold vodka and ponder this…

(Originally posted 022312)


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16 responses to “You can’t get Here from There.

  • Tricia

    Good post Mike. It is a perplexity as to what draws people to Socialism and it’s interesting that this is something which gets repeated over and over throughout time. I think the main problem herein the U.S. is that the “Feel the Bern” crowd doesn’t even know what Socialism is. The Millenials especially have no concept of its evils because the only thing taught about Socialism in school now is that it’s an acceptable way to manage an economy, right along side Capitalism.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Mike

      It’s a four letter “F” word that most often draws the uneducated to Socialism. Fair. This is why it is often referred to as ‘the politics of envy’. What we have allowed through abdicating our personal responsibility of educating our children in exchange for taxpayer funded babysitting is those ‘educated’ Socialists, the truly sinister power seekers, to indoctrinate our children. Now it is generational. Nothing short of completely changing the way we educate in this country will begin to address the disease of socialism eating away the minds of our youth.

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  • thirdnews

    I didn’t know Stalin had a fresh flowers fan club, nor that you had been there but to answer your question with a question: How can politicians make money if free-market alternatives replace the protective market goal of lobbyist?


    • Mike

      Assuming your question is not the rhetorical device I’m guessing it is… Lobbyists are welcome to donate to whomever they wish… it’s the politicians who are not free to erect barriers to entry in any form. (That is, If we practiced Capitalism. Hahahaaaa… Oh God… sorry.) As you know, a lobbyist is nothing more than a representative. The branding of “lobbyist” as a dirty word is ridiculous. But it has been done to deflect ire away from the Politico’s. It is always the behavior of the politicians which is the problem.
      It’s time, well post time actually, to teach the populace what they were intentionally not taught or taught incorrectly… giving them the benefit of the doubt regarding their paying any attention at all during school.
      Unfortunately the only other alternative is pessimism, used as an excuse not to participate, which historically get’s you more of the same.
      Regarding my travels, you and I have had an exchange about some of them in the past… but you were probably two or three bottles into the evening. No worries, they’re boring stories. And, old.


      • thirdnews

        You’re wrong on lobbyist; they are part of the triad of corruption. Politicians are the most wanting because of our marriage but I’m not excusing the girlfriend and hooker who feeds his fat ass


    • Mike

      Oh… and they can’t. At least not the same kind or amounts, which will do wonders in attracting a better class of representative. I know I’m a Dreamer… hummed to Motley Crue with a distant look in my eye.


  • David

    it seems like everybody has added a “tag line” after their electronic signature in all thier e-mails. one guy i know has, “be kinder than necessary for everyone is dealing with something”. my wife has a favorite quote at the end of her e-mails.

    maybe that’s how 777 is using the “censorship is evil” line.

    just sayin…


  • solutions777

    Because some people want hand-outs. They believe that everyone else should pay for their wants(they call them needs).

    Just think what would happen if the government eliminated all entitlement programs. Now REALLY think about it.

    Censorship is evil.


    • Mike

      Unless you put “Censorship is evil” in context I will edit out every comment you make from this point forward. I can only interpret it as you thinking I will not post your reply. (which I might not, and certainly will not if you keep adding to the end of your comments.)


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