Is Mexico Responsible for Anything?

I have a simple question.

Is Mexico responsible for anything?

Admittedly, it is difficult to lay complete blame for the drug violence on Mexico when we (the U.S. citizenry) are consuming the product of, and we (the U.S. government) are arming, the drug cartels. So let’s be generous and say “we” are responsible for 60% of the problem. Seem reasonable? So why do we only hear about our 60%? What about the other 40%?

(Update the below paragraph with “Caravans heading North”…)

Considering the lines outside emigration services yesterday it struck me that Mexico was doing nothing to help “legitimize” the status of the individuals in line. But to Mexico’s defense even if they had I’m not sure it would have been warmly received.  In fact, several of the “on scene” interviews sounded more like asylum cases in that the individual would run down a list of how inhospitable and outright dangerous Mexico is. The idea of going back, to them, would be cruel and unusual punishment for crime they did not commit.  While I personally enjoy Mexico and find it to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth… I do not necessarily disagree, but it lends to the larger issue.

Is Mexico responsible for anything?  If so, what?

Let’s say Canadians were flooding across the border for reasons of escape… (which in some medically related scenarios is not so far-fetched) would we be so tolerant of the Canadian government as to continuously find ways to blame ourselves? And since we’re on that topic… blame ourselves for what? Is it our fault that we cling to the final visage of Free-Market Capitalism in the world and the prosperity it promulgates, thus creating a more desirable alternative than the place these folks are escaping from?

So why are we quiet in regard to Mexico?

Why exactly is it not Mexico’s responsibility to create that same atmosphere for their citizens?  (The same applies to all Latin American countries given our current predicament.)

Why should Mexico be absolved of the international cry to improve their economy, create jobs and control crime repeatedly leveled at the U.S.?  It’s certainly not a lack of natural resources, ports, or favorable climate… It’s clearly not the lack of population or strong work ethic. So why?

Partly it is a U.S. media predisposed to self loathe U.S. success and prosperity. It simply is not in vogue to appreciate the Capitalist system our country was founded on, assuming they know what that is, or the riches realized from it. The flip side of that is a programmed desire not to criticize Socialist countries, not because it might make the country look bad but because they would have to look in the mirror and re-evaluate their personal beliefs.

The final aspect is Political Correctness and the fear of being labeled racist should anyone step up and offer the truth. They know the first Journalist to speak out loud that ‘Mexico shares the blame for our border problems and must own their economic woes will be labeled a bigot who hates… I don’t even know anymore… Mexicans? Hispanics? Latinos? Mayans? Aztecs? Spaniards? I mean seriously. The world is cosmopolitan. Having a Spanish surname means little here in the U.S. but the census still counts you as Hispanic… Why?  Because that’s how the money is handed out.  Rest assured, someone would be offended somewhere, so you’d be a bigot somehow.
All I’m asking for is reasoned, rational, discussion.

What I’m saying simply is there must be a focus on other countries responsibility when it comes to their citizenry and internal economic problems.

Unfortunately it seems all too easy to blame the U.S. for all the ills in the world, especially by our own journalists. When I say “easy”, I mean both comfortably and safely. They are comfortable because they believe it, and they are safe because they know as long as they blame the U.S. First… there will be no punishment directed at them from the industry of the offended.  The Antifa Fascists will be fine with it, so they know their houses will not be burnt down.

Think about the comments from the EU and how the problems they suffer are always the fault of United States.  The starvation and disease in Africa is our fault.  The illegal immigration problem right here in the U.S. is our fault… because, like every other country in the world including Mexico,  we don’t openly accept just anyone who crosses the border.  It’s stunning how the world expects us to bend in every way imaginable while they conduct themselves in a way of “business as usual”.

It’s also stunning that absolutely no attention is paid to how we became a country that could help those less fortunate on our borders… and around the world.  But here’s a hint… it wasn’t by giving all of our stuff away.

I am a Capitalist.  As such, this is not a cry to seal the borders and not let anyone in, or pull all of our Diplomats home.  On the contrary, I like tall fences and wide gates.  I expect to have access to the best products at the best prices for my self-determined needs.  Having emissaries abroad is important to communicate the benefits of freedom and liberty of the individual as well as aid those who wish to embrace it for themselves in their own countries.

But there needs to be rational and reasonable assessments when determining the foundation of problems lest no solutions can ever be arrived at.

Unless that’s the point.

For more on “the point”: La Gran Mentira

(A repost from 8/16/12, since illegal immigration is now being used to destroy the Constitution’s Separation of Powers.  It’s dated, but brings up what I believe to be an important question.  What are we saying about Mexico?  Are we delaying a Revolution south of our Border?  If so, to whose benefit?  And if we are delaying a Revolution, is it serving to make Mexico, and Latin America as a whole, more Fragile?)


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7 responses to “Is Mexico Responsible for Anything?

  • Tricia

    You hit the nail on the head with the self loathing and predisposition to hating capitalism among the elites in America. And of course the biggest factor as you stated is fear of being called racist for pointing out the obvious. Same thing at the micro level when discussing black crime and poverty rates.

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  • insanitybytes22

    It’s guilt, Mike. All the elitists feel bad paying their illegal Mexican nannies and housekeepers 2 bucks an hour under the table. Mexicans do the jobs no one else wants to do. Why don’t we want to do them? Because you’re only paying two bucks an hour and as far as we’re concerned you can just clean your own darn house!

    Than there is the other kind of liberal guilt, where a Mexican guy can come to this country with 15 kids, work hard, start 3 businesses and become successful in spite of his background or race. If word of that kind of thing ever gets out, it will really foul up the “four or five generations of poverty” thing we got going on. You can’t justify government funding if people ever got wind of personal responsibility.

    And lastly of course, we need our meth, heroin, and cocaine so we can relieve ourselves of all this stupidity.

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  • twistnpout

    I totally agree. It occurred to me a few years ago that other countries need to be responsible for their citizens and their infrastructures. And this isn’t just about Mexico. I am really so over the US being blamed for other governments irresponsibly, greed and lack of compassion.

    What do you think of a sponsorship program? A program that would allow all those who are such huge advocates of open immigration to sponsor a family (or two or three) and be totally financially and legally responsible for them. These sponsors would provide everything to help these families or individuals matriculate into the US. Provide food, shelter, educational opportunities, job searching skills, medical all of it… It would cost those who disagree with immigration nothing. These sponsors could sponsor as many people they could afford.
    I mean, this has worked in the past to some degree with political refugees hasn’t it?


  • thirdnews

    Are you comparing Mexico to college kids? Then grab the Tecate and GTFOI -the kids can’t help it; we just need to support their economy till ours goes belly-up. Are you suggesting they get a job? Not only are you racist but a party killer


  • Rattlesnake

    The United States isn’t the only country that causes problems. Another is Israel, which obnoxiously dares to exist. And since Stephen Harper has been Canada’s Prime Minister, Canada has been causing problems more frequently. And the economic crisis in Europe could be solved today if Germany would stop being so damn austere. And Estonia makes Paul Krugman look bad. But, of course, the United States is far more evil than any of those other countries, except for Israel, which is a close second.


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