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Dallas is Broken…

Today I read that Dallas is considering Municipal Bankruptcy.


Apparently the Police and Firefighters Pension fund, yes another Bankrupt Pension Fund, cannot deliver on the promises made to retirees.

This is an old song. In fact, it seems to be the most successful path to Bankruptcy in the last 20 years. The Unions make promises to their workers regarding retirement benefits which, once must believe, they know can never be honored but will come crashing down after the Union Bosses are long gone from their $500k a year jobs.  Simple.

In the case of Dallas it is a Democrat Mayor who must make a Bail-Out plea to a board of Republican ex-governors.

This is an opportunity to seize upon.

I would recommend the Board demand a full accounting regarding how this occurred. In other words, it’s not enough to state out loud “It’s Broken!”…. “Help!”.

What needs to happen is a complete unabridged step-by-step narrative, a concrete time-line, put on paper for all to see.  Everyone needs to understand how a Municipality arrives at a place where it cannot fulfill its promises. The benefit of this would be Shame… but also so it can be referred back to time and time again by those who want to make such promises and then walk off the scene with their huge Salaries knowing they will never be held to account.

Names need to be named. Blame needs to be placed. Acts must be identified so they can be avoided in the future. The Taxpayers are always Forced to hand over their hard-earned money for such foolishness never really knowing why. Enough is Enough.

This is what has to happen when you’re dealing with Children… even if the Children you’re dealing with make half a mil a year to act like their out to protect and support our Police and Firefighters using the never veiled threat of casting dispersion upon anyone who has the maturity to balk at bad math.

I’m going to Drink until it happens…

Can you Negotiate Something you have No Authority to Deliver on?

Once upon a time there was a New, Clean and Articulate Manager of the Worlds Largest Company.

The Owners of the Company, prior to his employment, had officially severed ties to another company because of their sordid business practices.  It was established that until the offending company corrected their horrible attempts to destroy The Owners’ Company, and their associates, all payments would be halted on monies owed to them.

For some reason yet unknown The New, Clean and Articulate Manager decided he would negotiate with the offending company. Part of his proposal was to begin paying those debts which were suspended until their behavior changed.

The New, Clean and Articulate, Manager did not ask the Owner for Permission to do this, nor did the New, Clean and Articulate Manager let The Owners know about the resumption of payments until after the fact…

Because of this, The New, Clean and Articulate, Manager had to launder The Owners’ money by turning it into other currencies then covertly transport that untraceable cash to the offending company in the dead of night, making sure The Owners would not find out.

Unfortunately, even after what the courts typically consider criminal activity by the New, Clean and Articulate, Manager of facilitating payments using laundered cash, the offending company’s behavior did not change.

In fact, that company’s behavior worsened.

Now the Owner finds out… from watching news reports of the other company cheering the payment as a victory by telling their employees it is proof they were never doing anything wrong in the first place and that they are going to use the money to do more of it, better than before.

What do you do with the New, Clean and Articulate, Manager?

Something Funny Happened on the Way to Nowhere

The United Kingdom Ended Up Somewhere.

In what can only be considered the biggest Political Blunder of the European Liberal Elitist Ruling Class, they held a Vote… A Referendum… on their policies of the last 40 years. It was a simple vote and the turn out reflected that. It was easy to understand. It was Up or Down.

The Vote was Down.

I have to assume that it was their innate Smug Arrogance which allowed the Referendum to get all the way to the Polls.  They must have honestly thought they were going to walk away with it…

Well, An anticipated Victory to Go Nowhere the Fabian Socialist LSE Grads knew they were going to toast, turned out to be Shock and Awe with an order to leave the circle of communal fantasy.


What will happen now is the fallback position of every Big Government Statist.

There will be the intentionally blind declarations of this vote being evidence ‘that Government has not done Enough’ for Britains.

Once no traction is felt with such foolishness then will come ‘they have no idea what they have done’.  In other words the British commoners are too stupid to know what’s best for them.  They were Drunk…. Stupid… Ignorant.  And the Elite will once again comfort themselves by repeating to one other “When faced with a decision the only thing you can count on the masses to do is make the wrong one.”

But herein lies the insidious nature of all Socialist politics.

The Elite will quickly set out upon a course of administering pain upon the British People and all those who side with this Declaration of Independence.

You see, you cannot be allowed to succeed without the guiding hand of Government.  And once you agreed some 40 years ago to what was considered the first step towards a Global Utopia of Collective States… backing out was never an option which would be tolerated by ‘serious’ Socialist ‘thinkers’.

This has always been my problem with equating ‘Western Democracy’ with Capitalism and Enlightenment Governing Theory.  It is not.  It’s Communism Light.  It’s the Turtle holding up a Fire Hot World being Hammered into a Utopia by frustrated Monarchists whose ideological leanings would have been better left on the ash heap of Europe’s Feudal History.

Make no mistake, there are those among us who like their power just the way it is… Theirs and Theirs Alone.  They believe themselves entitled to it… in the most literal sense.  Many of them believe themselves to be Plato’s Philosopher Kings… they believe themselves to be anointed by God… Superior Humans.  Pick your poison.

They have no plans of going away… or giving up.


They will not leave this overt disapproval by the ignorant unwashed to go unpunished.

Fed Upple

What is the FBI actually up to when it comes to Apple?

To understand you have to get your mind around where we are today.
We are on the precipice of created secure communication that relies on identifiers such as voice recognition, retina identification, speech pattern and tone, facial recognition… anon. We will soon see phones and devices that only respond to the specific individual who ‘owns’ therm. We will be able to send messages, voice, text, etc. that only the intended recipient can access.

The Government sees this clearly…

Since Government views Private Communication as a Weapon.

They are simply attempting to make creation of such ‘encrypted’ communication illegal to distribute to The Public without an ability to defeat it being simultaneously created.

In other words, they are trying to get ahead of the technology by seeking a precedent through the courts which would require companies to cease creation of ever more secure communications (again, For the Public…) which they, the Government and the Company itself, cannot access through a back door. Every encryption program would require a key, built-in decoding or means of access for third a third-party.

The FBI would be fine (currently) with Apple being the only one with the ability to access your phone as long as the Government has legal precedent on their side to Force Apple, or whatever company owning the tech, to comply with their demand of information.  If the Company in question refuses to comply… in typical Socialist-Fascist behavior, the Government destroys the company.

Keep in mind, Deciphering messages is ‘easy’ (in the most complex meaning of the word) for our Government. (Reference Quantum Cryptography) But… if there is no message to ‘decrypt or decipher’, then they are impotent.

Here we are.

This is what the FBI-Apple battle is really about.

We are on the edge of genuine privacy within our electronic communications…

…and We like it.

…and our Government Hates it.

The aspect of this I find most interesting is ‘What about the rest of the World and their Governments?’

Do you think China is going to stop this technology in its tracks? What about Russia? Iran?

Of course not.  Those with the Power of Force will capitalize on these abilities and utilize it to control their respective populations.

All of this ‘court ordered access’ will only apply to None Government folks… us.

We Must Destroy the Village in Order to Save it.

Hillary Clinton’s New Economic Policy proposal designed for the good of All Americans…

Hillary Clinton has abandoned “It Takes a Village” for “We Must Destroy the Village in Order to Save it”.

The Full Exchange between the Two Socialists, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is Here.

Well, it worked in Vietnam.  Right Libs?

Do you Leftists ever see the hilarity in your rhetoric?


Nor do they see the Irony…. Hypocrisy… or Sheer Stupidity.

I Find Your Lack of Intelligence… Disturbing.

My Apologies to Lord Vader..

How is it that those who practise genuine Free-Market Capitalism, in its purest form, can’t understand why Socialists Hate them?

Which brings us to a Flurry of Uber Arrests in Hong Kong.

I happen to have an answer…

Those practising Free-Market Capitalism, in its purest form, are a bunch of Democrat Socialist Tools.

This is the only explanation for the surprise experienced when Chinese Authorities Arrested Uber Drivers and those coordinating the Company’s efforts in Hong Kong.

For me this is a glaringly hilarious illustration of the ignorance of those who ‘Identify’ as Way Smart, Totally Cool, Progressives simply doing what any One World Collectivist Hipster would do, Download an app and make money Driving people around…. then be amazed that Big Labor Unions, Democrat Politicians and the Communist Chinese Government doesn’t go for it.

The fact they fail to understand what has happened is rich irony indeed.

If you’re reading this and I’ve made you angry, please think super hard as to why.

But don’t bother telling me about it.

I don’t care.

Because no matter what you say… it will remain funny.

When Government interferes with Wages…

…companies go out of business.

The American Institution of McDonald’s in trouble.

Or, they fire everyone and automate.

How does this Liberal idea of ‘a living wage’ actually help anyone?

I’ll help you… Unemployment means NO WAGE.


Unless, of course, you’re a politician who needs a bunch of people (voters) dependent upon you to supply them with their welfare check.

For you, keeping The Poor poor… is BRILLIANT!  Just keep them voting!

Economics IS Politics IS Economics