Something Funny About that Electoral College Outrage…

Has anyone noticed the “Abolish the Electoral College!” outrage has all but disappeared?

Do you Wonder Why?

Magically, it seems, the scream for Mob Rule by eliminating the Electoral College is nowhere to be found.  This is because the Democrat Socialist Workers Party (DNC) realizes they may just need it if they’re hoping to defeat Trump and secure the White House.  Any Hope they have of moving the country back to the Left may hinge on the Electoral College.

As a note:  To me, this is always a fun, fascinating and enlightening, event in politics.  Anytime a bunch of insincere hypocrites on either side of the aisle abandon the very messaging they swear are ‘foundational’ principles due to political expediency during election cycles you know there is a reason. To me it’s even more profound and educational than more mundane and expected acts of hipocracy once we elect them.  In other words, the issues at hand are either ‘foundational’ as in pure democracy/mob rule or they are not. Clearly, as demonstrated by the deafening sound of silence from the Democrat Socialist Presidential hopefuls, Abolishing the Electoral College is not. Leaving the destruction of the electoral college on the doorstep of the orphanage simply illustrates the demagoguery.

And that’s funny.

However, here’s the upside to this mysterious vanishing of Electoral College hatred, it will come back.
Pay Attention.
If… If… you start hearing, in a Mass Media kind of way, about getting rid of the Electoral College again, prior to November 3rd, 2020… The Democrats will be admitting Defeat.

Mark my word.

These Socialist Authoritarians will never go away, but I find their sudden honesty refreshing.

Frankly, I think they should embrace their reality and go for it.

EpsteinWeiner 2020!

Sit Down, Shut up!

Mob Rule or Else!

Elections Suck!

Bend Over!

(I’m offering the above campaign slogans free of charge.  Use at will, Lefties.)


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3 responses to “Something Funny About that Electoral College Outrage…

  • Mike

    OMG… I forgot Weinstein… and Menedez… and Madoff… and… and… and…


  • David

    I wondered what happened to that outcry. They seem to think the crisis at the border is more useful right now I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mike

      The only weapon they think they have left is “RACIST!!!”… so they think the border issue is what keeps that scream alive now that “RUSSIA!!!” passed away. (They are trying to keep “MISOGYNIST!!!” alive and well but that’s shaping up to be difficult when their party is bankrolled by child rapists and serial sex offenders like Epstein, and run by Carlos Danger and Bill Clinton.)
      However, the issues are not mutually exclusive. If they didn’t think they might need the Electoral College leaning in their favor to win back power they would/will break out the paddles and resuscitate that scream. Keep the Scream Alive! – You’ve made me think of a new post. An ‘I Have a Scream’ post…


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