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OK… put your tin foil hats on…

So there I sit on a Socialist Beach wondering why we have such a Unilateral interest in bombing Syria. Consequently, I’m wondering why one of the proudest Socialist’s to hold American High Office is neglecting the United Nations and the time-honored endeavor of “Coalition Building” in favor of direct military action… then suddenly peddling the responsibility off to the British who said “No”… the Congress who will probably say “No”, and as of today… the World, again… it feels like circular diplomacy. There’s another term for it which is similar and means the same thing but I’m not going to use here.

So, my memory made a rare appearance and something dawned on me. It was not long ago that the United States, under that stupid Texan cowboy George Bush invaded Iraq… with a Coalition… and Overwhelming Approval from Congress… and the American People… but I digress, looking for the Weapons of Mass Destruction Saddam said he had… and four other foreign intelligence agencies said he had… and our intelligence agencies said he had… dammit, I’m digressing again, but found nothing… except weapons of mass destruction which we were told were too old “to count”.

Some of us noticed an odd occurrence however. There suddenly appeared a division of Syrian armor sitting out in the middle of the Bekaa valley.  They were not in a posture to defend against an advance, certainly not from Israel, but seemed to be protecting something.  (Break out your maps and take a look…)


The question is “why?”.

The conspiracy theory was that Saddam’s weapons had been moved through Syria, close to the Med, for safe keeping or quick movement if needed.

There were a number of us who thought we should “go take a look” for ourselves.  That never happened… that we are aware of.


Could it be possible that a strike on Syria would give the U.S. the opportunity to destroy certain “old, expired, ineffectual” weapons of mass destruction that may not officially belong to Syria?

While it would be hilarious, in a horribly tragic way, if Assad aided in the “discovery” of Saddam’s weapons by the press… the problem for him is it would allow for a whole flood on international condemnation.  It would also justify buckets of hatred to be poured upon Bashar from an International Coalition of angry Socialists… not all angry for the same reasons, but angry none the less.

Some would be angry because they would be put in a position where they couldn’t say “No.”

Our’s would be angry because they would look like fools…  It would be an extremely inconvenient truth, for the Leftists who currently hold power in the U.S., that their entire platform which was built upon the foundation of George Bush being a Stupid Texan Cowboy who shot first and asked questions later was a fabrication.

In the end,

Crazy, conspiracy theorists might suggest that this could be an opportunity to destroy a whole lot of evidence… save a Liberal narrative… and rid the world of some stuff that really shouldn’t be around.

It’s what we call a Win-Win.

OK, you can take you hat’s off now.

That would be ridiculous.

Stop thinking about it.