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4 out of 5 Socialists Recommend Controlling Speech

In a Recent unscientific Survey 4 out of 5 Socialists said they believe Offensive Speech should be Controlled.

Rather than stand on Principle and cast Sunshine on supposedly ‘deadly’ speech expressed in newspapers, television and the internet thus allowing All if Us to condemn it…  Our Government prefers to sidestep that argument and ask for Increased Control of all methods of expression.


Because controlling Speech is an important weapon employed by those in power to remain in power.

Think about it this way; If you’re doing things people hate you for, what better way to avoid their anger than to make sure they never know about it… and if they do find out, you can tell them whatever you want while making sure nobody can challenge your hogwash.  If anyone tries to shed light on your crappy behavior anyway… send some Force their way.


Of course you need to convince enough people these controls ‘are for their own good’ or, in pure Irony, ‘to safeguard Free Speech’.  Those that support you, for whatever unimaginable reason, will nod in agreement.  They might even grab a Starbucks, Stop Bathing, Misspell a Sign and Sit in a Park.  Get enough Useful Types like these and you’ve inoculated yourself against all those who recognize the danger you represent.  Machiavelli would be Proud.

We are seeing this play out right in front of us.

New Controls are being created for the Internet.  Last time I checked the Internet has done pretty well without them…

It Keeps getting Faster…  It Keeps getting Better… all by Private Means.

But it represents all that Socialists believe is Evil.

Free Speech.

And that cannot be tolerated.

If you can’t make fun of someone’s Faith, what Can you make fun of?

And since Socialism/Populism/Liberalism often serves as Religion for Atheists… it’s not even a jump, leap or reach.

By the way, the Fifth Socialist who didn’t Approve of Controlling Speech is having his Mind made Right by the other 4 as I type this out.


President Obama Struck by Iraq

I’ve long held that the Iraq War was about three things.

1. Oil

2. Containing Iran

3. Saddam Hussein’s Declaration he had and was going to use Weapons of Mass Destruction

Right or Wrong, that’s how I saw it.

The U.S. public has been deluged by criticism from the Left, and their Media, regarding the Iraq War, claiming no Weapons of Mass Destruction were ever found. This relentless onslaught was never subdued by the fact that Saddam had used these Weapons in the War with Iran and on his on citizens. It was also never tempered by the fact that the Intelligence for Saddam’s intent was International.  (Backed up by no less than 5 International Intelligence Services… and supported by every office holder in Congress except the only Honest Socialist Bernie Sanders.)

Now we are about to see what would have happened had the United States not gone into Iraq.

1. Energy Prices – will they Sky Rocket? (‘necessarily’ as our President has put it.)

2. Will Iran make a run westward? (Yesterday’s reports indicate they are on the move.)

3. Will a Caliphate be established that has Nuclear Capabilities and has shown its innate Hostility to the West compounded by its wish to use whatever means available to it to conduct overt War on The West… The Infidels?

Things are moving fast now.

Nature abhors a vacuum. And it tends to fill it quickly with whatever it can. The United States has created the fertile ground for Theocratic Statism. We have set the stage for Socialism with God at the Top instead of the State to rush in with all it’s Malevolence.

We will be witness to the Mass Oppression, Destruction and Death which always accompany such unchecked, Elitist Ideology.

And… it will be our fault, because we allowed those who hold similar ideas take the reins of power here in the United States.

The excuses from the ‘gentler’ Statists in control of the United States will be Loud and Repeated Often…

“Did you expect us to be there forever?  We must respect their sovereignty, religious and social norms.”  (We’re still in Germany… and Japan.)

“Our Presence serves only to inspire more Terrorists to become… well… Terrorists.”

“You cannot help those who are not willing to help themselves.”

On the Last one I agree.  But forcing our help onto others was never included in my list of reasons to be there. I looked at it only as added value for them if they wanted it… it was not the mission.

Because any Mission of Forced ‘Charity’ will always fail as it has Always Failed… at home and abroad.

It appears we are Now simply making sure our investment in Blood and Treasure… Mothers and Fathers… Sons and Daughters… Disfigurement and Pain… is for Nothing.


All because we refused to be Honest about why we went to Iraq.  All because we were afraid it would sound ‘mean spirited’ and ‘heartless’ to those on the Left.

All because of Politics.

We have now allowed our homegrown Socialists to Engineer and Oversee yet another Triumph Forsaken.

And we’ve allowed them to once again blame it on the rest of us.

Because it is our fault.

At what point do the rest of us stop caring about what those on the Progressive Socialist Left think?

Attacking the 10th

(I had to sit and watch a panel this morning discuss Obama Care.  They had an “Architect” of The Affordable Care Act (It’s hard to say that out loud without a small laugh… but anyway) forwarding the claim that Obama Care was “The most Bi-Partisan piece of legislation ever passed”.  Gruber, the Architect, then went on to explain that Mitt Romney had championed this plan in Massachusetts. Ed Rollins then chimed in relaying the fact that Obama Care was forced upon the American People without a single Republican vote.  Not one.  He left out that Republicans were even prohibited from entering conference rooms where the act was being discussed by the Democrats, the majority party, prior to passage….

Two things struck me during this discussion… First, strangely everybody seems to have been an “Architect” of Obama Care if they are a Democrat and not in jeopardy of losing their elected position.  And second, there was no mention of the 10th Amendment which allows for State Government to do horrible things to their populations.  It’s the great Laboratory where terrible ideas like the Affordable Care Act can be enacted and fail miserably before being pushed down the throats of all Americans.

It is this failure to “Argue the 10th” that removes what I consider an important foundational building block of the argument against the Destruction of the Greatest Health Care System in the World in the hopes of Realizing a Socialist Utopian Dream of Single Payer Health Care controlled by the Federal Government.

In other words, it doesn’t matter that Mitt Romney, with the heavy aid of Ted Kennedy, got Socialized Health Care passed in Massachusetts.  It was, and is, a Bad Idea regardless of who championed it.  Even the Democrats favorite talking point addressing the Heritage Foundations support is now vacant as the Heritage Foundation no longer sees the benefit of the idea.  But referring to Heritage has become like Halliburton, the Koch Brothers and Representatives for Big Oil for Liberals.  None of which if they walked up and slapped them directly in the face could these Regurgitator’s of Talking Points recognize who they were.  But that will always be the case.

Anyway… here you go.)

If there is one amendment that suffers the hatred of the Left more than any other its the 10th.  I’ll give you a few minutes to look it up…

Never mind, here it is: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

OK.  As you now see clearly it is the amendment that reserves what is not enumerated in the Constitution as the Federal Government’s responsibility to be reserved to the states.  Whoa!

For Socialists/Statists this is the worst amendment there is.  This is why it has been so important to take over education of our children so the importance of this amendment to the functionality of our government would no longer be taught.  And they have succeeded.  Just for fun ask the next three people you see to explain it to you…

To understand this hatred of the 10th you have to understand how Statists operate.  Since they know whats best for you and everybody else, the idea that you can move out from underneath their great ideas cannot be tolerated.  In other words, if you don’t like the idea that a government inspector is force feeding your child chicken nuggets instead of the apple and turkey sandwich you packed them for lunch, you could move to another state.  Clearly, since you have no idea whats best for your child this can not be allowed.

The 10th amendment was designed to facilitate a laboratory of ideas with states adopting the most successful approaches of governing from other states.  It was also a way of states to avoid those ideas that were horrible as evidenced by their neighbors experience.  It is a way of exchanging best practices so to speak.

Well, Statists/leftists already know their ideas are the best ones simply because they thought of them.  They certainly do not need to compete (God forbid) in the arena of ideas.  This is why they set out to demean, disregard and hopefully destroy the 10th amendment so their brilliance can be imposed uniformly on every citizen without the opportunity of escape.

The Left has gone so far as calling the few still around who understand the importance of the 10th amendment “Tenther’s”.  Yes, its a play on “Birther’s” who are the idiots who think it’s important to enforce the requirement that the President of the United States be born here.  (For the left all these rules are a pain and only get in the way of the perfect global government… like the UN.  Remember, it’s escape from their ideas that they want to stop more than anything.)

The current tactic (over the last 75 years) is to simply disregard the 10th amendment while making sure that Why this part of the Constitution is so important is not taught in schools.  (In fact, you can even become a lawyer without taking Constitutional law… that’s right… you can practise law without understanding its foundation.  Stunning!)  They know that eventually they can go after it directly because once the Federal government has enough power over the individual that the 10th will be so irrelevant as to serve no purpose.  Keep in mind, once the 10th is irrelevant so is the Constitution.

So, if you really want to annoy the Left… study the U.S. Constitution.  Take some extra time to delve into the amendments and why they were considered integral to a properly functioning government.

I recommend https://constitution.hillsdale.edu/ who offer a free college level course on the U.S.Constitution.  (If you have read me in the past you know I don’t typically recommend books or other outside work… this is a rare exception.)

A note:  It is also important more now than ever to listen carefully.  The Left will use “the states” and “The State” interchangeably with the intent of keeping you confused.  “The State” is referring to the Federal government.  “The states” refers to any of the 50 states in the U.S.  Once you start paying attention you will be appalled at what is actually being said.

It will make you want to drink…  which I’m going to go do now.

President Obama has directly Challenged Me.

In His latest TV appearance President Obama looked right at me then challenged me to state unequivocally “What I am For.”  He told me it is “My Responsibility”.  While it’s not up to him to define what “My Responsibilities” are…  he was speaking directly to me.  He didn’t even bother to hide the messages in the commercials like he usually does. So…


Mr. President,

I am For preventing a Government Take-over of 1/6th of the American Economy with the express purpose of destroying any hope for Choice, Competition and Free-Market solutions which are not only the sole protectors of our Individual Rights but the foundation of the once freest and most prosperous country on the face of the planet.

I am For a Government which abides by the Nations Laws as written and recorded for history in the Constitution of the United States.

I am For Freedom and Liberty of the Individual just as the Founding Fathers were.

I am For every Individual’s Right to Choose what is best for them rather than other people appointing themselves the Right to Force their world view upon us.

I am For the Government staying out of the Markets because when they do intrude we get Market Distortions like Banks being Forced to Lend people money who could never pay it back… Nationalization of Car Companies… Sky Rocketing College Tuition… Bail Out’s for Wall Street… and not least being the current destruction of Health Care.

I am For not doubling, tripling and quadrupling people’s Health Care costs.

I am For the People demanding a return to the Bottom Up Government this Country was, and still is, designed to be.

I am For calling Socialism what it is. Socialism.  I’m even OK with labeling what it really is… Communism Light.

I am For the Limited Government our Founders intended and calling out those who oppose this idea as Anti-American.

I am For a population which understands the Oppression, Destruction and Ultimately Death that Socialism brings to every place on Earth it finds support.

I am For politicians who vocalize the Suffering, Despair and Permanent Political Class all flavors of Socialism creates.

I am For not Printing Money just so you and your Ideological Ilk can Spend what we do not have.

I am For creating Private Sector Jobs by the simplest of solutions… that being getting the Government out-of-the-way.

I am For Repealing, Rolling Back and Dismantling all of the Socialist Schemes that brought us to the point.  All of them.  If we can’t do that, then Privatize them.  No exceptions.

I am For everybody having the Opportunity to follow their dreams… not you deciding who is allowed to do so and who is not.

I am For education which is honest about Statism and its demonstrable failures world over.

I am For teaching Capitalism rather than perverting it or best case omitting it all together.

I am For our representatives, especially the Chief Executive, respecting why this country was founded and what has made it great.  Then I Hope for the Change needed to return us to the shining light on the hill instead of Socialists bent on destroying it in the names of “Fairness” and “Justice” when they really mean Control.

I am For Democrats, and Many Republicans, being honest about their passionate desire to hold the Power of Force over the American People.

I am For Politicians being called out, chastised, demonized and shamed when they make televised Speeches which play on the ignorance of the American Public.

I am For Media Outlets willing to do the above.



P.S. I know, if you’re honest, you will disagree with all of these things.  I expect the IRS targeted Audit… I’m sure the NSA knows where to find me.

The Sins of Our Fathers

(On demand… from the Archive… 092912… Happy May Day Socialists.)

Without Fail, when a Leftist is pressed to offer up some of the many Sins committed by “Neo-Cons” (Or whatever derogatory label is fashionable among Liberals) they will eventually arrive to our doing business with Tyrants in the Middle East. They will say this illustrates our hypocrisy in believing we should do the “right thing” while clearly not doing so overseas.  (They will throw “oil” in there somewhere… always.  Sometimes randomly between words.)

I agree…

We can no longer tolerate the Sins of Our Fathers.  Because they were clearly all unenlightened, syphilis ridden, ignorant a-holes.

Using the Logic of the Left, I propose one of two solutions to this hypocrisy we so flamboyantly espouse.

First, we can stop doing “the right thing at home”, in fact we should stop even talking about it. We should just shelve Freedom and Liberty of the Individual.  Get rid of Property rights altogether and finally surrender complete control of business to the EPA.  This way we can continue to “not do the right thing” and keep the Middle East destabilized with none of that terribly bothersome hypocrisy which so deeply concerns the Left.


We could support the current Administrations approach and “do the right thing” by “stabilizing” the Middle East. Don’t worry, they haven’t given up on most of the first solution, but there’s plenty of time.  So, this option would allow us to maintain our lofty speech here at home with absolutely no conflict with our policies in the Middle East.  We will give them Mob Rule by funding Democracy in their respective countries.  We’ll tolerate the destruction of our property and killing of our citizens… all the while apologizing.

So let’s look at these…

The first approach would be the anti-thesis of what the United States stands for and would run opposed to what it’s citizens deserve and should expect, but would keep an enemy sworn to the destruction of the west at bay.  So, who cares?  As long as we’re safe, right?…  The leftists in both parties have tried this for years.  We just don’t seem to go for it.

The second solution would allow a newly “stabilized” enemy to marshal all of its resources on the final defeat of the west and most likely lead to the next world war.  Perfect.  Let’s do this one!

So what’s wrong with the earlier approach taken by those stupid a-holes?

Passing Judgement on the past while offering ridiculous solutions for the future is the purview of sophomores.  But that is what we are being offered by this current Administration.

So… those horrible Halliburton loving war-mongering a-holes knew what they were doing?  May be.

Lest we forget, it is our allegiance to the Individual American Citizen that we must honor. Our only obligation is to sustain the freest country on Earth for all to see, so they can emulate or emigrate. We owe no other state on earth anything that is not beneficial to our Freedom, Liberty and Safety.  Period.

The United States is the most generous nation on Earth. Once upon a time it would not have been debated that it was even the most powerful. Times are changing, and not for the better.

If you ask me… these are the real Sins of Our Fathers. The appeasement of Fabian Socialists and the drip, drip, drip of their Third Way.  It’s time to take the country back from those who wish for a One World Solution and return it to its rightful place of prominence. The exact positioned earned because of the brilliant way we were founded. We must put ourselves back at the front of the line for those who wish to live Free.

Let the rest of the world embrace Free-Market Capitalism and Individual Property Rights.  In my opinion, the Revolution has been headed on the wrong direction for 100 years.  We have allowed the Statists to govern unchecked for far too long and we can go no further.

When presented with the opportunity to strengthen those sworn to your destruction, do you?

When given the chance to duplicate policies that lead to world wars, such as monetary devaluation, do you do that too?

When you’re looking over the edge of the 1000 ft. cliff do you turn around to those behind you and scream “Forward!”?

You do if you’re a Leftist, and you’re in the White House.

DHS and Their Bullet Binge

(Updated at bottom… 040413)


It is not a mystery as to why The Department of Homeland Security has put an order in for 1.6 Billion rounds of ammunition.

This has been the plan from the beginning.

By doing so, they create an artificial shortage (Market Distortion) which does two things.

First, it creates a shortage of ammunition.
Second, it forces the price of ammunition higher which further limits the ability for individuals to afford it.

So why would they do this?

Because it’s always been about the bullets.

All of the “Gun Ban” hysteria has never been about the guns… it has always been about what you put in them.

Control the bullet… Control the gun.  (You have the Right to bear Arms, just not Bullets. Tee, hee, hee… the Liberals are always too clever by half.)

Those who dream of an unarmed populace see clearly that the average U.S. Citizen is not going to give up the their guns. So a “more reasonable approach” and “compromise” would be to put new legal limits on ammunition.  If you doubt me, take a look at the latest polls and the questions that have suddenly been appearing on them… someone thinks of the questions, right?  These are called “trial balloons“.

This 1.6 Billion round order is an attempt (a very succesful one) to slow down the acquisition of ammunition long enough for the Gun Control Folks to get you to see the light of a reasonable compromise. A Compromise consisting of new laws affecting ammunition… amounts, types, prices, registries, licenses to purchase etc.

It has already been pointed out that DHS can’t possibly use all 1.6 Billion rounds in our lifetime… short of an all out domestic conflict, and that would require the by-in of a great number of people who probably would not think it a very good idea.

The Progressives in this country are Shameless. And Dishonest. And Sinister. And in full knowledge of what they are doing.

(In my experience, the U.S. Government is notorious for suddenly cancelling orders. There is no recourse for the producer.  But if you’re an ammunition producer the very last client you want to make angry is the U.S. Government.  So you will do exactly as asked and begin reserving the amounts of ammunition requested… no question.)

So there’s your answer…

Now stop brewing up Black Helicopters and go stop these Socialists from getting the “newer, gentler gun control laws” they truly crave.

Controlling the ammunition is no compromise… it was the goal from the start.

Update: 040413 Or I could be wrong… from Breitbart – “The Great DHS Ammunition Stockpile Myth“.  But keep in mind… to create a market distortion does not require, in this case, an actual purchase by the Government.  All that is required is the release of these numbers combined with an already, and appropriately so, concerned populace with a Department that intentionally drags its feet in delivery logical and reasoned answers.  I will stand by my assertion that there is intent.  Tom Stilson and I might have to agree to disagree.

Cheap, Clean, Energy is not for You!

At least not if Liberals have anything to say about it.

Liberals will tell you that cheap energy is Destroying the Planet and must be prevented.  In the words of President Obama; “Energy prices must necessarily skyrocket…” .

(Honest Socialists will tell you that Cheap Energy, aka Fossil Fuel, is the Engine of Capitalism and must be stopped.)

Capitalists will tell you that cheap energy is a result of Capitalism and has served to improve everyone’s lives world over.  They will also point out that those countries using the largest amounts of Fossil Fuels do less harm to the environment by anyone’s measurement.  An Inconvienent Truth.


The Honest Socialists are right, to a degree.

Cheap energy IS a major contributor to Capitalism in that it promotes Self-reliance and Individual Innovation.  Both of which are anathema to the Socialist Paradigm.  It’s worth noting that small deviations of this were evident in National Socialism which put it at odds with Democratic Socialists, so they killed each other in order to sort that out.  It’s interesting that Socialists love killing each other while also trying to destroy Capitalism.  Anyway…

It should be no surprise that Socialists (For our purposes here: “Greens”) do not like Natural Gas.  Greens Also Hate Nuclear…

These two facts should motivate every intellectually honest human on the planet to ask “Why?”

“Why do They like some Clean Energy and not other types of Clean Energy?” – curious guy 032713

I call it the “Two Applicant Theory”… or “The Reason Behind the Reason”.

My life experience has taught me that when asking someone why they are doing something that might seem odd, or questionable, they will always offer you the best reason available.

But rarely is the reason offered the real reason they are doing whatever it is they are doing.  Over the years, most of my time has been committed to finding out what the reason BEHIND the reason is.  In other words, what is truly motivating the individual I’m dealing with to do whatever it is they are doing.

In order to illustrate,

let’s go back to the “Two Applicant Theory”…

Say I have narrowed down Two Applicants for my personal secretary position.

In this case, both Applicants are female.

One is Smokin’ Hot. (Applicant 10)

One is Not. (Applicant 3)

I’m going to Hire Applicant 10.

Enter my Wife…  while I certainly do not have to ask permission to hire a personal secretary, I have to ask permission to hire a personal secretary.

Suffice to say She’s not exactly excited about one of my choices… it strangely happens to be Applicant 10.

I explain to her that the credentials of Applicant 10 are impeccable.  They show promise that is off the charts.  The experience She brings to the Table will do nothing but benefit the business.

I further explain that I’m also interested in Applicant 3… however, while her credentials and very good indeed I just don’t see the promise.

The REASON I’m offering here to justify my desire to ultimately hire Applicant 10 is her Overall Superiority and Future Promise, and any other plus associated with Objective variables I can find.

The REAL REASON is I want to sleep with Applicant 10.

OK Reader.. Put yourself in the place of my Wife… figuratively.  If I came right out and stated the real reason Behind the Reason what would your reaction be?  I’m guessing it would not lead to a paycheck for Applicant 10.  And probably a number of very, very quiet evenings at the dinner table.

The moral of this story is that people lie.  Everybody lies.  People do not want to be judged by their petty wants and desires, so they embrace a “reason” that others will find most difficult to position as negative.  And more importantly, a reason that anyone in control will find agreeable in the hopes they will get what they want.


So What does this have to do with Cheap Natural Gas!?

Socialists know that coming out and saying “Natural Gas is not Sexy because it does not force the Individual to spend all their money/energy on providing life’s basic necessities.” is a path to disaster for their dream of a Social Utopia.  They are well aware that if they say “Yes, we know that Solar and Wind Power don’t work yet, are not ready for the mass market and are ridiculously expensive… but it’s not about that, dummy!  It’s about slowing down Capitalism thus allowing Socialism to permeate the globe.” it would not find wide appeal.  At least not here in the United States.  Truth be told, once it starts effecting even the most French of countries they stop liking it.

So instead, Progressives try to craft a moral high ground on which to stand.  “Clean Energy like Solar and Wind Power (But not natural gas and nuclear…) are the Future!”

What’s interesting is that no one… no one… disagrees.  Clearly Solar and Wind Power is the Future, because they don’t work now!

But that’s not what they want you to here.  The next line is always; “WE must spend your tax dollars on it now… and WE must force you to buy Solar and Wind energy… For the children” even though it costs you money that could be spent on being Self-Reliant and Innovative.  (I added the last part, clearly they wouldn’t say that out loud.)

To the Left, there is nothing Sexy about cheap energy.

If Wind and Solar were cheap and plentiful the Progressives would find a reason to hate it, because it doesn’t address the reason behind the reason which is to slow the progress of Capitalism.

It’s a very simple scam to get you to waste your money/energy.

In fact it’s so simple, here’s a little video by Penn and Teller to help explain it. (Warning: Penn and Teller Video’s are not meant to be viewed by children of any age.)

“Force” is also why Man Made Global Warming is so incredibly important to Progressives.  If you believe what they are saying, then whatever change occurs, at any time, is a result of Man and his Infernal Innovations.  They point to CO2 as the “smoking gun” because they have decided that it is the “leading green house gas”.  They will not directly address the fact that Water Vapor is the leading green house gas and Methane comes in a close second… because… MAN doesn’t have much to do with those two gases.  And, how can you force individuals to waste their money/energy on stuff that doesn’t work unless you convince them that their actions are killing everybody?

Well… you can’t.

In truth… We don’t know for sure.  And no one… no one… opposes continued STUDY of climate.

But there is nothing Sexy about “We don’t know.”  You can’t make people do stuff with “We don’t know.”  You can’t force your ideas on other with the tag line “We don’t know.”

So the Leftists are telling your kids, you and anyone else who’ll listen… just not too closely… that They Know!

But now You Know!

It’s not about the Saving the Earth… it’s about Controlling it, and You, by slowing down the engine of Capitalism.

Socialists are about Control of the Individual.

Genuine Capitalists are not.

(I have used “money/energy” several times in the post.  It is a reference to God in the Machine by Isabel Paterson.)

Born Again SA

This is an “informational post”.

It will be short… but it is a turn of events we should all be aware of.

Currently the Greek Police are referring complaints and requests for help to an outside source.  They are referring the distressed individual to a group called “Golden Dawn”.  Golden Dawn is a Socialist/Fascist group that has been called “Neo-Nazi”.

Story below:


Imagine you call 911 and the dispatcher tells you to call your local KKK representative… and then provides you the number.

Why is this important?

Flashback: The German Workers Party soon to be the National Democratic Socialist Party, otherwise known as NAZI’s, gained popularity by providing “security” in their neighborhoods.  The groups providing said security were known as the SA and were marshaled by a man named Rohm… a personal friend of Adolph Hitler.  Their friendship gave Hitler a localized “army”, or security force, outside of the German Government that enabled the foundation leading to the SS and SD.   I will not bore you with more history…  it’s enough to know it’s bad.

This is how it starts… and we have very recent history to illustrate it.

When the police give up… when they openly support Socialist/Fascist thugs… when it’s happening in countries many Liberals who reside in the U.S. believe to be enlightened… it’s time to pay attention.

Thank you for your time.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog reading.

I want my Big Fat Soda!

Largely, Liberal New York Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on soda’s over 16 oz. is a distraction…

But there is a simple lesson here.

Statists see you as fat and stupid… mostly stupid, they see the fat as a consequence.

And, instead of expending the energy to educate you as to what they think is the right way to lead your life… they are going to force you to do what they think is right.

Force… if you can’t Force, then educate… until you can Force.

This will never change.

The idea of “education not legislation” is a time waster and doesn’t codify their desired right to force.  (If you are one of these people who think others should be forced to do what you think is right at any given time and consider yourself a “conservative” then you should spend a long holiday rethinking your philosophical foundation.)

For me it is simple…  Freedom to choose.

I have a rule of thumb definition of “freedom” I’ve used for years:

Being “Free” is being able to make the wrong decision even when you know what the right one is.

Leftists hate this.  It means you can choose not be obedient.  And they blame your hopeless ignorance.  If you were only smarter… you would realize your need to be subjugated in order to be truly happy.

You are stupid today and will be stupid tomorrow.  It doesn’t matter how much you know about anything, ever, not the U.S. Bill of Rights, Constitution, Capitalism, Socialism, The Founding Fathers, Hobbes, Locke, Burke, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, The Duma, Che, Mao, Members without portfolio, Pol Pot, The French Revolution, Fellow Travelers, The Third Way, Fascists, Viet Cong, Sandinistas, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Anarchists, The Green Party, Right of Return, Castro, Batista, The Middle East, Alinsky etc… (I could keep going but you get the point)

If you’re not doing what you’re told, if you don’t subscribe to their self assessed brilliance, you’re hopelessly ignorant.  Education is futile and choice is dangerous.

So stop thinking they will change.  It’s not your best interest they have in mind, it’s how far they can push you to do what they think is right which is what they are testing.  Create a new law and see if it flies.  If so, create a little more onerous one and see if it flies… so on and so on.


Go out and grab a big gulp… and while you’re at it, buy a pound of raw sugar while you still can.

I’ve started dropping sugar cubes in my beer.