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What if it’s not the Russians? (Previously: Picking a Fight with the CIA…)

(Originally posted 121214.  What if it’s not the Russians offering up Thousands of Socialist E-mails? Just sayin’…)

One must ask why.

While the release of the ‘CIA Sucks Report’ was a foregone conclusion given Diane Feinstein’s drive to leave a parting gift to her Leftist base…

I remain convinced the timing of the report was designed to remove Jonathon Gruber from the headlines and allow the mainstream liberals something else to put on the evening news.  (I continue to believe Gruber, and his honesty about how Liberals see American’s, is profoundly damaging.)

That aside, the report begs the question “Why?”.

Why would you rehash what we already know?

Why would you emphasize enhanced terrorist interrogation techniques and our efforts to keep them alive while in captivity such as Rectal Feeding?  (I would remind you all that there are certain restaurants in Feinstein’s own San Francisco specializing in that very thing.)

Why would you give additional specific information allowing the remaining Terrorist A-holes to cross reference and pinpoint those involved?

I believe this fight started with Benghazi. It continued with the summary ‘execution’ of the Afghanistan Chief of Station’s career by officially outing his name.

And, the apparent conflict is being taken to a brand new level with the release of this report.

Is the CIA not being cooperative enough with the Socialists in our Government?

Might they have issues with how they are being tossed under the bus by an Administration that practises Drone Diplomacy?  Our deteriorating relationship with Israel?  Allowing North Korea and Iran to acquire Nuclear Weapons and the means to ‘deliver’ them?  Our inability to keep secrets?  Our ceding the Middle East to the Terrorists after shedding American Blood to keep it out of their hands?

Are our covert Agencies not being quiet enough when it comes to the murder of our Diplomat and security personnel in Benghazi?  Could it be they are not on board with the Administration, and the rest of the Leftists, who didn’t want to appear ‘aggressive’ to the rest of the world by providing adequate security?

Is this just another attempt to paint Bush as a Domestic Terrorist since we are ‘all citizens of the world’ according to our own home-grown Socialists?

I believe it’s all the above.

Feinstein thinks, because of her retirement, she is now beyond the reach of the American people, and this is a flying f-you to the very agency and agencies she over saw.  The very same Agencies whose techniques she previously, and repeatedly, approved of.

The Covert folks do not seem interested in being quiet about how this Administration is conducting itself. They are not interested in being hung out to die… so to speak.

They do not seem interested in continuing to do what they must while being used as political pawns in a game that is decidedly anti-capitalist.

There a was a time that many of us could fool ourselves into thinking that those who professed to be Socialists were doing so in order simply to get elected.

Now many of us, and I must conclude those in the intelligence services as well, are finding out those they thought to be donning a cloak of Progressive Populism are in fact… serious.  And the very folks that put their lives on the line for the rest of us everyday are suffering in the worst ways because of it.  Add to this that many of those we thought were Constitutional Loyalists are nothing of the sort.

We are watching the Republic crumble, and lives are being lost as a result.

Are we witnessing an awakening by those that keep the secrets?

Possibly… but I’m wrong more often than I’m right.

However, there is no doubt that a dark war has started in D.C.

Bits of it are finding sunlight.

It seems the Left wants it that way.  What do they stand to gain?

Is it an attempt at a purge?

Are the Progressives trying to consolidate power as they have been trying to do in the Military?


3 OUT OF 4 Deaths in Afghanistan have been under President Obama?

I guess I missed all the pictures of the caskets coming home on the front pages of every magazine and newspaper for the last 7-years. I must have also missed the nightly stories regarding the loss of life running endlessly on the Broadcast News and Cable News Networks. And I have clearly been overlooking all the Starbucks sipping, Mac using, Non-bathing, sign misspelling Anti-War protesters camping in front of every Military Base as well as the White House.


“that’s not what we came for, to kill other Muslim’s.”

This was our President today, at The House Summit to Counter Violent Extremism, quoting an unnamed voice that according to him “Must be amplified”.

Mr. President, Whom exactly, if not Muslim’s, did they come to kill?

Why would we amplify a voice that draws a distinction between who should be killed and who should not?

It was clear this morning that your event closing speech was uncomfortable… but not in the way most of us would desire. The level of angst as you listed the groups who were committing atrocities made you appear to be sucking on lemons. you didn’t appear Angry… or sad… instead it looked like you were a school kid being forced to apologize for something you’re not sorry for. You looked as if you were being forced by some Adult to give the first part of this speech, and you were not happy about it.

I suspect there was, and is, some infighting occurring between you and your party.

While I will always disagree with the ideological foundation of your friends and associates, I think even they must be asking…

… Why would we amplify voices that see nuance when it comes to whom to kill.  Non-Muslim Good… Muslim, well… that’s just to far.

Why are we hiding behind ‘nuance’ at all?

What World do you live in?

What are you Doing?

President Obama Struck by Iraq

I’ve long held that the Iraq War was about three things.

1. Oil

2. Containing Iran

3. Saddam Hussein’s Declaration he had and was going to use Weapons of Mass Destruction

Right or Wrong, that’s how I saw it.

The U.S. public has been deluged by criticism from the Left, and their Media, regarding the Iraq War, claiming no Weapons of Mass Destruction were ever found. This relentless onslaught was never subdued by the fact that Saddam had used these Weapons in the War with Iran and on his on citizens. It was also never tempered by the fact that the Intelligence for Saddam’s intent was International.  (Backed up by no less than 5 International Intelligence Services… and supported by every office holder in Congress except the only Honest Socialist Bernie Sanders.)

Now we are about to see what would have happened had the United States not gone into Iraq.

1. Energy Prices – will they Sky Rocket? (‘necessarily’ as our President has put it.)

2. Will Iran make a run westward? (Yesterday’s reports indicate they are on the move.)

3. Will a Caliphate be established that has Nuclear Capabilities and has shown its innate Hostility to the West compounded by its wish to use whatever means available to it to conduct overt War on The West… The Infidels?

Things are moving fast now.

Nature abhors a vacuum. And it tends to fill it quickly with whatever it can. The United States has created the fertile ground for Theocratic Statism. We have set the stage for Socialism with God at the Top instead of the State to rush in with all it’s Malevolence.

We will be witness to the Mass Oppression, Destruction and Death which always accompany such unchecked, Elitist Ideology.

And… it will be our fault, because we allowed those who hold similar ideas take the reins of power here in the United States.

The excuses from the ‘gentler’ Statists in control of the United States will be Loud and Repeated Often…

“Did you expect us to be there forever?  We must respect their sovereignty, religious and social norms.”  (We’re still in Germany… and Japan.)

“Our Presence serves only to inspire more Terrorists to become… well… Terrorists.”

“You cannot help those who are not willing to help themselves.”

On the Last one I agree.  But forcing our help onto others was never included in my list of reasons to be there. I looked at it only as added value for them if they wanted it… it was not the mission.

Because any Mission of Forced ‘Charity’ will always fail as it has Always Failed… at home and abroad.

It appears we are Now simply making sure our investment in Blood and Treasure… Mothers and Fathers… Sons and Daughters… Disfigurement and Pain… is for Nothing.


All because we refused to be Honest about why we went to Iraq.  All because we were afraid it would sound ‘mean spirited’ and ‘heartless’ to those on the Left.

All because of Politics.

We have now allowed our homegrown Socialists to Engineer and Oversee yet another Triumph Forsaken.

And we’ve allowed them to once again blame it on the rest of us.

Because it is our fault.

At what point do the rest of us stop caring about what those on the Progressive Socialist Left think?

A Great Foreign Policy Victory!

This morning, on the heels of White House Aides unveiling the New Policy Slogan “Stop Doing Stupid Sh*t.”, the Liberal talking heads hit the ground with examples of President Obama’s Foreign Policy Achievements. It’s a multi-point marketing message which starts with Iraq then follows up with Afghanistan, the Demise of Al Qaeda and, amazingly, includes Ukraine.

This pitch is being floated to see if it has legs… if so we should be hearing it for the next several weeks. If not, it will most likely die a quick death and some new, inane, message will be crafted by the sophomores in the White House for next week.

So let’s take a look at this latest shot.

Iraq… well, we are out. No question about that.
Afghanistan… we’re not really out but we’re out enough for it to be going downhill fast, just like Iraq.
The Demise of Al Qaeda… Not sure how anyone other than a Leftist talking Head can say such a thing with a straight face.  But, I expect it because President Obama personally shot and killed Osama Bin Laden.

But here’s where I looked up in dismay:


I kid you not. We are now being treated to the amazing victory the current administration has achieved by “denying the Russians the ‘eastern front’ of Ukraine.” by applying economic measures.  In other words… they were “only” able to Invade and take-over the entire South Western portion of the country.  (I’m not sure how you could get a ‘victory’ out of this.  I would probably advise my apostles to not bring it up.  But that’s why I’m not paid the big bucks.)

In the End I confess I like the latest Slogan.

I think “Stop Doing Stupid Sh*t” representing the Obama Administration is not only appropriate, I can get behind it.

May be this will be the Obama Doctrine.  They should consider this for their Domestic Policy doctrine as well.

I Want to Fire you…

But I can’t.

So I’ll find another way to End your Career.

White House Accidentally out’s CIA Chief of Station – Afghanistan.

What exactly did this Top Spy do to have their career ended so abruptly?

Good Question.

The idea that this was an accident is sophomoric. Only subscribing to Profound Ineptitude, or possibly a Moronic State brought on by some event such as a Lobotomy could an action like this be excused as accidental.

So that leaves us to asking “What did they do to get not just dismissed, but destroyed?”  Make no Mistake, this Individual’s Career is over. Finished. This is not some desk jockey whose career path showed no promise of continuing within the Intelligence Services. This is not Valerie Plame… and this is not a mistake made by a Richard Armitage type… this is The White House.

Something screams Benghazi.

I have offered in the past that Benghazi is different exactly because our State Department and the current Administration left Intelligence Personnel to Die in Libya for Political Purposes. I have proposed that Benghazi will be a battle between the White House, Hillary Clinton, the State Department and the Intelligence Services with the prize being to hold those responsible… accountable.

Is this a shot across the bow intended to silence?

If so, will the Foreign Service folks take it lying down?

We’ll see.

The War on Women

I’m hoping at tonight’s last Presidential Debate for the 2012 Election the serious topic of The War on Women will be discussed.
There is a Profound Problem we are facing in regard to the treatment of women and girls. It cannot be tolerated in a civilized society.  All of our attention should be focused on this matter immediately because it affects all fo us.

The problem is not limited to just Birth Control and Equal Pay. It encompasses all facets of equality including the Right to Life.

Last week a group of men stormed a School bus full of children in broad daylight and deliberately Shot a Beautiful, Brilliant, Little Girl in the Head. Why? Because she dared to publicly suggest that women and girls have equal access to education.

Think about that for a moment.  Read it again.  And again.  And again…

This young girl, Malala, lives in a place that killing a female is acceptable if something as minor as a mans honor is impugned… and the idea of “equal rights” is scoffed at. In fact, inequality is institutionalized.

So what have we done about it? Well, once you get past the disgusting domestic election year efforts to trivialize such horrors by people like Sandra Fluke whose biggest problem seems to be getting her free birth control, to Liberal demands that religious institutions and religious individuals pay for abortions which they fundamentally oppose…. Nothing.  Well, not “nothing”… we indirectly fund it.

Make no mistake… there is a War on Women. And our response is to send U.S. taxpayer dollars to those who conduct it.  I can hear you already…. But don’t tell me that the Muslim Brotherhood is not the Taliban… they are.  Taking Thugs and putting them in suits does not make them any less Thuggish.  This flavor of Socialism is spreading like wildfire throughout the Middle East using the “Democracy” we, the U.S., aided in introducing to legitimize itself.  It’s Pathetic and disgusting.

When will we make an effort to be intellectually honest?

We should either admit we don’t care, or stop acting as if it isn’t really happening.

But acting like it isn’t really happening apparently passes for “Foreign Policy” by the Obama Administration.  The entire world is feeling the effect of this policy as I type this.  And it’s not good.

The only response I can think of to people like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Stephanie Cutter, Sandra Fluke, David Axelrod, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama etc. is “You have no Idea… if you do, you certainly are not acting like it.  By attempting to elevate any issue a female has in this country to a “War on Women” makes you look like Fools.  Either get your priorities straight, or get out.  I would prefer you just get out and leave the serious discussions to the adults.”

We’ll see if Romney has the cojones to make this point tonight.  I fear he will not… because when you’re ahead, speaking the truth is not a priority.

Are we still at War?

Where are all of the “on location” correspondents?

Where are the pictures of body bags and flag draped coffins?

Why did we pass the 2000 dead  this week in Afghanistan without so much as a peep out of the media?

I seem to recall each one of the above “mile-stones” being headline news for the networks and “major” U.S. newspapers.  Why don’t they seem to care now?

Now that President Obama thoroughly owns the war in Afghanistan as well as military action around the world, where are the cries from the U.S. press regarding their ability to take pictures of caskets returning home? Where is the push to splash these photographs across the covers of Time and Newsweek?
Where is the outrage from the U.S. Leftists regarding the President having a “kill list”?
Where is the homegrown organized-offended when the President kills U.S. citizens with missiles from 10,000 feet above?
Where are the Leftists now that their leader is “spending money on senseless war”?

Why is there no anger over this Administration directly aiding the Egyptians to impose a Theocratic government positioned as an improvement to a dictatorship?  Just a decade ago such involvement would be considered “ignorance” regarding the nuances of foreign policy and issues of state.
I don’t seem to hear the constant drone of the Elitists when it comes to the tough talk and war drums being beaten in regard to Iran…
I guess we need a new, conservative, President so the media will again take interest in the horrors of war.
If there is any doubt in regard to bias of the press… there shouldn’t be.