Humble Juice.

A New, Much Needed, Diet for the American People…  not to address the obesity epidemic, but rather the Entitlement Epidemic.

Humble Juice.

This is not about our standing in the world…  this is about our standing with each other.

A watershed moment of growing up is when you suddenly realize you’re not nearly as special as you think you are.  Not only does the Universe not revolve around you… you find out the Universe doesn’t care about you at all.  And it should never be expected to.

This typically coincides with the realization that your parents are not as brilliant and infallible as you thought they were, pets come and go and nothing is free as someone somewhere is paying for it.  But far, far, too many of us never seem to grow up.  And this is a problem because those individuals pose as adults… doing adult things like raising children, buying stuff they can’t afford and voting.  All of these actions effect the rest of us, thus making it our problem.

It’s time for you, and you know who you are whether you want to admit it or not, to drink a full gallon of Humble Juice each and every day while reminding yourself you’re not entitled to anything.  Nothing.  Nobody “owes” you anything… Ever.  You are amazingly unique… just like EVERY other person that is ,or ever has been, alive.

Look in the mirror and repeat the following every morning…

“I am not entitled to a certain standard of living.  My desired standard of living is mine and mine alone.  Because of this, it is mine to support.  If I cannot maintain my desired standard of living it will fall on only my shoulders to answer any debts I accumulated and adjust accordingly my level of what is acceptable.  It is no one else’s problem unless I owe them money.

I am not Entitled to a Loan.  Nobody is obligated to hand me a bunch of money to go buy stuff.  It doesn’t matter what I want to buy… could be a house, could be a horse… it’s not my money and I don’t have a right to it.  When begging for a loan I will respect this fact.  I might bring along a shot of Humble Juice for that moment when I inevitably forget.

I am not entitled to the services of Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, Farmers, Real Estate Agents, Cashiers, Waitresses, Sanitation Workers, Etc. Etc. Etc.  I pay for these… because they don’t “owe” me anything.

I am not entitled to a retirement provided by someone else, such as my family, the government (read: Taxpayers), my children, neighbors, employers, “Rich People” etc.  Note: Social Security is Bankrupt… it was a promise that could never be kept… and those who made it knew this… those collecting Social Security have, or will have, collected far more than they ever put in.  I don’t expect to see dime.

I am not entitled to have my stuff replaced if it is lost, stolen or destroyed.  If I pay insurance, I have a contract with a business… not an entitlement.  If I didn’t pay for insurance… I have my savings.  If I have no savings… I have broken stuff.  I will think ahead and prepare for such possibilities.

I am not entitled to the love and devotion of my spouse, partner, dating chum… whatever.  This entitlement leads to some of the most unhealthy people on earth.  Symptoms of this misconception include but are not limited to Depression, Anxiety, Obesity, Isolation and the collateral damage to children, family and friends.

I am not entitled to my parents money… as a loan, gift, inheritance etc.  I will grow up!  It’s not my money.  I will earn my own money, then spend it as I see fit.  If I want to give it to my kids, then fine… if not, that’s fine too.  Any hurt feelings are the responsiblity of the person whose feelings are hurt.  No one has the right to force me to hand out my property to anyone.  If I do so, it will be by my choice.

Nobody is obligated to me.  Not my friends, associates, parents, children, neighbors, employees, employers, et al.  I enjoy helping others VOLUNTARILY… and I expect nothing in return.  If I get my feelings hurt it is because I expected something, and that’s my fault.  I will learn to get over it by not projecting my expectations onto others.

I will only receive the voluntary kindness of those who can tolerate me… and there will be precious few who will choose to do so.  And, that’s the way it goes.  Because of this, I appreciate those tolerant enough to be my friend… whatever flavor of friend that might be.

It is my responsibility to understand the decisions I make and take responsibility for the outcomes.  It is my responsibility because that is what is required to remain free.  My Liberty depends on it.

I will work every moment of my life to remind myself of this by choking down my personal gallon of Humble Juice each and every day.”  (In my case, chased with two fingers of single malt scotch.)

(One of my personal favorites… mainly because of the underwear comment.  Originally posted 102912)


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27 responses to “Humble Juice.

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  • twistnpout

    Absolute TRUTH. I have been thinking about all of this lately. I’d also like to expand on it and add that life is HARD, full of tragedy, stress and discomfort. It is like this for every one of us. But life is also full of really great moments as well. I have about had it with people (specifically those twenty somethings) who feel they have to ‘self medicate’ in order to cope with their “stressful” lives, much of it brought on by their own sense of entitlement and complete lack of personal responsibility in creating their own happiness.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mike

      I’ve always wondered how you recognize the really great times without the contrast of the really crappy times? IN other words, All chocolate (in my case Vodka), all the time, always sucks.


  • xPraetorius


    Humble juice! As you can probably tell, though, I certainly have no need for it! I’m really, really humble already. And doggoned proud of it! 🙂


    — x


  • insanitybytes22

    LOL, perfect, Mike. Humble juice, I like it. There seems to be shortage of that in the world right now and it really is the root of so many of our problems.


  • Chris

    Reblogged this on nextdoortostevengoddard and commented:
    Bravo mike!


  • Sobpol

    I don’t know what you’re talking about Mike with the “you’re not entitled to anything” bitching.  I saw the ‘First Time – Lena Dunham For Obama on Voting First Time’ and women are entitled to free orgasm when they cast their ballots


  • joe

    lol, get a job Mike, join the anti-entitlement movement and contribute, instead of swilling scotch in ur undies and blogging about it! I am entitled! I am entitled to not being fucked in the ass by Big banks, big oil and big Pharma! They seem to be entitled to all of our tax dollars for the next 20 years, they seem pretty entitled?


  • Rattlesnake

    I think this is something I learned when I was about 10. I suppose that is a consequence of having terrible “self-esteem” all the time, which I am grateful for (and that is probably a reason I am a conservative). That isn’t to say I’ve been very mature and wise since then; I’ve learned many lessons and I continue to do so (and I admit that I often take what assistance I can get, particularly when my options are limited. I’m mostly referring to student loans, which I am certainly going to pay back). I just don’t remember ever thinking that “the universe revolved around me” or that I was entitled to anything (I would probably prefer the government not giving out money to students, but rather students having to convince some private firm that it is a good investment to grant them a loan, which is what I’m pretty sure basically happens when banks give loans to entrepreneurs) (and a caveat is that I used to think post-secondary education should be paid for by taxpayers with the assumption that students would later return the value they took from society back to society, although I realize how stupid that position is now).


    • Mike

      Well you left behind a growing number of people who think post secondary education should be “free”. Unfortunately, the quickest way to make something worthless is to make it “free”. It was not long ago when Elementary and Highschool educations had value. I fear we are going to create a society where all our able-bodied individuals do during their most productive years is go to school… and wait for the government to redistribute our property so they can continue to do so. What else can they do when they can’t find the perfect, high paying, job they think they were promised.


  • Justin

    Stumbled across FDR’s bill of rights the other day. It about floored me.


  • David

    three chears to Humble Juice!


  • rebecca2000

    LOL the single malt scotch. I feel entitled is a strong word. I don’t use that. I say, I am going to out give others. If someone shows me love, I will love them more. If someone has not love to give, I still will love them. If the streets have holes and the tax dollars are fixing them, I will be grateful to the people that it took to happen. If I see a stranger I will share a smile.


    • Mike

      Perfect… but never forget that it is your decision how you present yourself and what you give. That is Liberty. Choice… if you want to take a day off and be extra crappy, so be it as long as you accept the consequences. Freedom is being able to make the wrong decision even when you know what the right one is… like drinking too much.


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