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From the “Duh.” File

If only someone had warned you… — TheOnceandFutureKing (@Mattfobrien) June 26, 2017 Why didn’t anyone warn about this!!??? Oh, that’s right, anyone w/ a lick of sense DID warn about exactly this. — (((WitCoHE))) (@E__Strobel) June 26, 2017 how many times did people try to tell you this would happen, and your response was that…

via ‘We told you’! Jill Filipovic is shocked — SHOCKED! — at this minimum wage hike failure —

Laying Flowers at Stalin’s Grave

A Russian Communist party activist carries a portrait of late Soviet leader Joseph Stalin during a May Day rally in Moscow on May 1, 2017


I have spoken before about personally witnessing Babushkii laying flowers upon Stalin’s grave.

I’ll post the below article without additional comment…

Moscow (AFP) – Russians have picked Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin as the greatest figure in history, a new poll said Monday, beating President Vladimir Putin into joint second alongside poet Alexander Pushkin.

In the poll conducted in April by the Levada Centre independent pollster, Russians were asked to pick the ten greatest individuals of all time.

Stalin came out on top with 38 percent, while Putin shared second place on 34 percent with Russia’s beloved national bard Pushkin.

Revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, Tsar Peter the Great and first man in space Yury Gagarin came next in the list of 20 people, with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in last place on six percent.

The list includes famed statesmen, writers and scientists but only three foreigners: Napoleon Bonaparte, Albert Einstein, and Isaac Newton.

Stalin topped a similar poll back in 2012 with an even higher score as Russians focus on his role in winning World War II rather the millions who were executed or sent to prison camps under his rule.

Putin’s percentage was the highest since he began appearing in the poll in 2003.

Just another Act of Socialist Terrorism

This morning Rep. Steve Scalise was shot along with an aide and several others attempting to defend them.

The Shooter is one Jim Hodgkinson… a proud Socialist.

I am indeed supporting the idea that “crazy people” who shoot others are Liberal/Progressive/Socialists.

There are so few exceptions to the above that it fails to be worth mentioning, ever. Yet we never want to state the obvious because we are conditioned to believe ‘it could be one of “us”, a Free-Market, Individual Liberty Loving Capitalists’… well it can’t be. Because to be a Patriot you would necessarily not commit such an atrocity against another individual as a political act.

But we live in world where the Liberal Press salivates at the possibility of such Terrorist A-Holes being ‘Tea Party’ members or ‘Government Hating Conservatives’.  It is no wonder we feel conditioned to remain quiet when these things happen.


It’s time to admit the obvious and be loud about it.  The ‘Crazy’ shooters reside squarely on The Left.

These shooters are always Socialist Terrorists, not Freedom Loving Americans who love and understand how and why this country was founded. World History, as well as our own, is replete with such individuals from The Black Hand to James Earl Ray, Squeeky Fromme, John Hinckley Jr. etc… etc… etc…

The only defense Leftists can mount for their deadly adherents is to point at Fascists… yes Fascists, a flavor of, wait for it, Socialism. For those of you who don’t know, or haven’t made an effort to understand, Fascists rest soundly on the “Right” side of The Socialist Ideological Spectrum.  When that rings hollow in the face of the facts, they scream CRAZY.  Both specious claims attempting to deflect responsibility for the oppression, death and destruction of humanity that is inherently tied to every flavor Socialism.

At the end of the day, we must all recognize that in The United States an individual cannot be a Patriot and a Socialist. To claim to be so is either ignorance or insanity… both of which are clearly dangerous.

So once again I will come out for Gun Control… to be determined on Ideological grounds.

Liberals, of any flavor, must not be allowed weapons of any kind.

It always ends badly.  Always.

(Think the above claim that Liberals commit the vast, vast, vast, majority of Gun Crimes is complete BS?  Let’s take a simple, and easy to execute, survey of those individuals who used guns to commit acts of violence and see where they place themselves on the ideological spectrum.  We have plenty of them in jail right now… I would guess they don’t have anything to lose or anything better to do than answer a few questions.  We just need a consensus for it to be “science”, right?)

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!

Adam West dead at 88.

There are certain Iconic figures that shape all of us… Adam West influenced my love of Doing the Right Thing, Making Sound Effects and Wearing Tights, particularly when I didn’t want to… and always when I Did.

Thank you, Sir.

To the Bat Cave!

I Think D.C. should consider a mascot along the same lines…

Just not as cute… or clean… or pink…


The unofficial ambassador for Shibuya and Harajuku makes sure to keep the statue of famously loyal dog Hachiko clean. Japan’s insatiable appetite for cuteness means that there’s a constant demand for new mascot characters. But just like human beings need a hook to compete in show business, so too do yurukyara, as such characters are…

via Tokyo’s newest mascot character: a smiling bright pink turd laid by Japan’s most famous dog【Vid】 — SoraNews24

Relax, It’s All Good.

I think there needs to be a collective deep breath from those few of us remaining who believe in the way this country was founded.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.
Look at it this way…
If the Socialist Democrats weren’t freaking out, then something must be wrong. The fact that they Are Freaking Out means it’s all good.
Folks, these ‘Progressive’ A-Holes will get even louder and more idiotic as they watch their carefully laid foundation of Socialist Utopia dismantled. They will continue to point their fingers at you and scream “Fascist” while beating up your friends, breaking glass and burning books.

The time to worry is if they suddenly become charming and calm.

So buck up campers, grab your tea bags and settle in for the ride.

The show is just beginning.

Guaranteed Weight Loss!

Butcher Beat me to it…