From whence it comes…

Here is where we discuss ignorance.  We talk about our opinions that we have spent no time developing but are brilliant simply because we have them.  We validate our position in the center of the universe.  We promote our poorly thought out ideas and faulty premises with vigor.  We employ platitudes like “fair”, “love” and “equality” so everyone recognizes us as caring more about everything than anybody else while at the same time relieving the bothersome necessity of defining what we mean.  We worry about all things and complain about perceived injustices more than humanely possible while offering no solutions… ever.  We relish and repeat coffee mug/bumper strip sayings that if thought about mean nothing.  We punish rational, reasoned thought with sarcasm because we have the latest cellphone which makes us smarter than you.  We deride those who came before us because if they were so smart they would still be alive.  We pour derision on those who think they are smart because if they were they would be participating on this blog.  We advocate any societal structure that puts us in charge because you are too stupid to make decisions for yourself.  Join our cabal of oxygen thieves… we hope you enjoy your experience.  We promise to treat you fairly and equally in our pursuit of world peace.  Like the only words on a hammer wielding monkey’s typewriter “Make love not war….”, in the end it will mean nothing.


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