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Some of you have Expressed Concern…

that I am drinking less lately.

I want to assure all of you this is not the case.

I am an Alcohol Enthusiast and intend to remain one.

Please put your concerns aside and focus on the issues at hand… you’re still being spied on by the NSA, you’re still being targeted by the IRS, your President is demonstrating his power to make your life miserable by shutting you out of the places your tax dollars paid to create and your country is about to solidify it’s conversion to Democratic Socialism with Obama Care.

Can I get you a drink?


Are Chemical Weapons still WMD’s?

So… Is Sarin a Chemical Weapon?  Are Chemical Weapons still considered Weapons of Mass Destruction?

I recall we found such weapons in Iraq… but were told they were “too old” to count.  That is when the Press taught me that Weapons of Mass Destruction have expiration dates, just like my hot dogs.

Now that we know that Assad used Sarin against his own people last year and several times this year, I’m waiting on the Press to educate me once again.  So far, it seems to be the amount used that matters.

Was it not a big deal because Assad only used a little bit?  So, just a tiny Nuke would be OK?  What if it was a really old Nuke… that we didn’t use much of?  How about then?

I guess The Press are waiting to be educated by the President… so they can then educate us.  At least that seems to be the Standard Operating Procedure.

Wiki might need some education too… I’m sure the editors will modify the entry accordingly.

I suppose the real question is “Does it matter if we all start using WMD’s?”

And, wouldn’t that be fun?