EU on the Rocks…

So… here we are again.

The Epic Failure of Socialism is being laid out on the world stage for all to see.

This time it’s the EU.

Let me line this out in the simplest terms;

The guy who is working and doing well for himself (Germany) is not interested in continuing to support the guys that are not working and don’t take care of themselves (Greece and Spain… soon Portugal followed by the rest of the group sooner than later.).

There you go.  That’s it.  And it’s always that simple.

Granted all are Socialist, and all consider themselves the smartest countries (people) in the room (world)… but isn’t that also how it always is?

Even Socialists don’t like Socialism when it comes right down to it… they just use the idea to stay in power.

How many times must we (U.S.) experience the first hand failure of Socialist ideas? We personally suffer from bankrupt brilliance such as Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.  We watch the total collapse of the workers paradise in the Soviet Union and Cuba… we see China moving as quickly as possible (possible meaning just fast enough for those in power to stay in power) and yet we double down on our current march to progressive utopia.

The reason we keep reliving this scenario is because the self assessed smartest people in the room do not like Individual Liberty, Capitalism, and the Free-Market that sustains both of them.  The reason they don’t like the above is that it doesn’t require their input… only their participation on their own behalf.

When President Bush was asked what the American people can do to rally themselves after the 9/11 attacks he said “Go shopping.”  There, of course, was laughter from the Left.  Then a shaking of their collective heads regarding how “stupid” or President was.  But this reaction was predictable, there is far more to this statement than any Liberal can comprehend… because they cannot envision a society that doesn’t need to be planned by them.  They have been taught that Adam Smith “created” free exchange rather than simply observing it as a state of nature. (The default state of economics)  Economic activity was exactly what we needed and it was exactly the way the common citizen could participate in fighting those who wished to destroy our way of life.  With not a small dose of ironic laughter… isn’t it funny that the current administration is chasing that very same desire,  that we all go shopping?

So, here we are again.  We will all be treated to front row seats to the total meltdown of European Socialism… live.  Hopefully some on this side of the pond will learn, finally, that Socialism sucks… the life out of everyone and everything.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking Leftists will go away anytime soon however, because those in control don’t easily leave the stage.  Like I just said, they can’t imagine a world that doesn’t need them planning it.

There is one benefit to all of this…

French wine should get cheaper before it’s all over.

(Originally Posted 053112)


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4 responses to “EU on the Rocks…

  • insanitybytes22

    I’ve come to the conclusion that what motivates them all is guilt and shame. Over and over again I hear how “it isn’t fair” that some have while others don’t. I never really got this until I was suddenly transformed into a great oppressor myself on the internet.

    It’s a bit amusing, but somebody this morning told me they hate Christians because they act like “they’re all that.” So, become a Christian and than you can be all that, too! Evil business owners got you down? Become an evil business owner! So much of what motivates these people is envy and guilt and shame. Politicians are probably motivated by money and a thirst for power, but I mean those who follow this ridiculous ideology. Trying to tear everybody else down so you will feel better, is not the solution. That really is the essence of socialism, a race to the bottom.


  • tanstaafl

    “Like I just said, (leftists) can’t imagine a world that doesn’t need them planning it.”

    From a George Will column a couple of years ago:

    “It has been well said that really up to date liberals don’t care what people do, as long as it is compulsory.”


  • Rattlesnake

    Some leftists really aren’t that bright, are they? Or maybe they’re just too preoccupied with calling conservatives stupid to think for themselves.

    As for the impending collapse of the EU, I’m looking forward to the schadenfreude I will be enjoying when that happens. Hopefully the Europeans learn something from it; otherwise, they are hopeless (assuming Europe is not a caliphate by then).


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