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Why I happen to Agree with Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy…

I subscribe to the idea that when you hand someone BILLIONS of American Taxpayer’s dollars they should be OVERTLY on board with whatever it is America Wants… and that’s before the BIG WET SLOPPY KISS they should be giving all of us ON THE NATIONAL STAGE.

I too happen to believe that those countries who Beg for our money should also get on board with the Supremacy of the Individual over the Group… in others words, American Exceptionalism. They should not only speak highly of us, but we should expect them to reform, change, modify or whatever you want to call it, their behavior when it comes to their individual citizens.

This applies to ALL forms of assistance as far as I’m concerned.  Military… Food… Financial… Technological…

No more accepting our Billion’s in hand-outs then running to the microphone and screaming “Death to America”.  No more taking our money and then using it to dig tunnels into Israel… or buying stones to throw at your women… or duct tape to strap gays in a chair so you can throw them from a rooftop… or spending it on subversive marxist campaigns on college campus’ inside the U.S… etc… etc…

Enough is Enough.

You want our Sugar… Get on Board.

Here’s the Rub…

When we have abandoned that which made us Exceptional, namely our Enlightened approach to government which placed the Individual First, we have no moral high ground upon which to stand.

We must change things here at home before we can reclaim the lofty position of Leader of the Free World.  Because right now we are indeed just another Democratic Socialist Nation among many…

And, there is absolutely nothing exceptional about that except being absolutely horrible.

So there you go.

It’s not “Isolationist”… It’s “Anti-A-holist”.

On this subject Rand is Right. Cruz is Close and Rubio is… well… Rubio.


The Perfect Secretary of State!

Senator John Kerry will make a Perfect Secretary of State.  (This was posted upon his selection announcement…)

Not only will the Leftists in this country find him more than qualified, so will the Leftists around the world… for the same reasons.

He has an innate disdain of the United States, which he has made clear…
He’s married to an avowed Socialist, who is very, very rich through inheritance…
He considers himself Elite and Enlightened, just ask him…

And finally, he believes the Masses are too ignorant to know what’s right for them.

All of this he shares with Progressives World Wide.  They speak His language.  He speaks their language…  He just does it in an extremely slow, relentless, never-ending, painfully monotonous drone…  even in French.

And, that’s the best part.

John Kerry will put much-needed Teeth back into our Foreign Policy.

While every Socialist door in the world will be Wide Open to a Fellow Traveler…  once in that door he will destroy their will to challenge U.S. policy because they will be overwhelmed by the very rational fear of being Bored to Death.

I predict that in less than a year just the Threat of a visit from our Secretary of State will bring the most obstinate countries into line.

This might be the best pick President Obama has made yet…


(Originally posted 011413.  Yet again seems relevant… in a sad, funny, sad kind of way.)

CONOP 8888


What if They’re not really joking?

Well, They’re not.

Behold… the Zombie Apocalypse contingency plan.

Our Government has a very real plan to handle, or more accurately “address”, a Zombie Apocalypse.

CONOP 8888

We’ve seen The CDC confront Zombies in the past, but they held fast that they were “joking”, kind of.

In an age where Germ Warfare is Alive and Well… the idea of the Walking Dead is not so far-fetched.

Think more in terms of the Walking Terminally Ill and Hyper-Contagious.

This is the scenario the Government is currently working to confront.  The old “What do you do?”

This planning falls in line with other “revelations” like the United States Military having Invasion Plans drawn up, and regularly updated, to Invade Canada… and Mexico.  Only those have haven’t spent much time thinking about it are surprised.  (If you are one of them, We Do and We Do.)

All the more Reason to be a Living, Breathing, Virulent, Second Amendment Supporter!

Anyway, I can’t resist a good Zombie Story… because there are so many bad ones.

Well, time to hit the Rot Gut…

Fun with Inane Quotes…

“If he drops sarin on his own people, what’s that got to do with us?”

This was a comment attributed to “an anonymous Obama aide” by the Weekly Standard. Full Article here.

OK… first off we don’t know exactly who said it.  But for my point I don’t care, because it’s an interesting question.  However I would LOVE to know…

Secondly, we need a few definitions here so all of us understand what is being said.

I will handle this with a couple of links:

Sarin (Gas)

Weapons of Mass Destruction


“his own people”

Now let’s explore this…

“If he drops sarin  gases on his own people in showers, what’s that got to do with us?”  (Hmmm…. seems like we don’t like that sort of thing.)

“If he Obama drops sarin on his own people, what’s that got to do with us up here in Canada?”  (Do you think we might want some help?)

“If he Yugoslavians drop sarin kill their on his own people, what’s that got to do with us?”  (Apparently a lot.)

“If he the Prime Minister of Britain drops sarin on his own people, what’s that got to do with us?”  (Would we have anything to say about it?)

“If he drops sarin  a nuke on his own people, what’s that got to do with us?”  (I wonder if this policy position has more to do with bunker buster bombs than anything else… we want to use them, they are nukes, we would need to “loosen” the definition of “weapons of mass destruction” in the minds of the people.  Just a very small thought.)

Aside from the embarrassingly stupid meaning of such a sentence, no matter the context, as using such weapons always “means something to us” it is illustrative of the current administrations foreign policy.  In other words, there really isn’t one.  We are all lucky our Presidents have terms limits of two terms.  If they didn’t, who knows how much damage one could do?

Final 2012 Presidential Debate Results

The overall Theme Last Night seemed to be MSU.  (Make Sh*t Up)

For those unfamiliar with this term it is a cousin of CRS. (Can’t Remember Sh#t)

Typically we see MSU during the campaign seasons followed by CRS once we’ve elected our representative whomever that might be.  We also see CRS when our politicians find themselves testifying before congress, investigative panels, commissions or traffic judges.  One of my favorite examples was Hillary Clinton during the White Water investigations.  Reagan also comes to mind, but he was at the edge of seriously ill at that point.

Anyway, it appeared the The President was willing to provide new “facts” regarding our foreign policy knowing he could not be challenged on them.  He also seemed to offer assessments of our standing in the world that seemed counter to what we are seeing with our own eyes… he must know more than we do.  Or, it’s a case of MSU.  You decide.

We did, however, get to hear a little honesty from our President.  He let us all know in no uncertain terms, that HE is The Country.  That is a soundbite that should live forever.

As Far as Romney’s performance… it was bland.  But bland was what it appeared they were going for.  “Just try to look like you wont mess yourself when you get into office”.  Mission Accomplished.  So, Bravo!

The next best things going on last night were Chris Wallace’s suit, and Chris Mathews getting to play the race card again…  Someone should follow Mathews around with a hidden camera for a day, that would have to be entertaining.

In the End, this debate had little influence.  We were all watching for a crash and burn… and got nothing.

Early voting has started over much of the country, so fewer and fewer minds are left to change at this point.  Short of Romney showing up at a campaign rally and slapping Obama, or the other way around, nothing new will come of this election.  At this point it is what it is.

I did have to drink quite a bit last night though.  They wandered all over the domestic issues… I think they got word of the rules.  I might have missed something important, but I’m having a case of CRS this morning.

I’m Going to Lose!

“I’m going to lose, I’m going to lose, I’m going to lose…” – President Obama

“He’s going to lose, he’s going to lose, he’s going to lose…” – Democratic Strategists

“Yes he is.” – Random Guy at Makeaneffort

But this isn’t just about Managing Debate Expectations of a President that is tethered to a teleprompter…

Let me ask you when in your lifetime can you recall a President, or any elected official for that matter, publically stating he may not do well in upcoming debates?  Take your time.

That’s what I thought.

This is about writing history before you can write it for yourself. This is about telling us why we think Barack Obama lost.  The Democrats, and their Media outlets, must control why you and the rest of the world believe the President was defeated.

After watching the last 72 hours of the news cycles I’m convinced that the President knows he is going to lose.  I don’t mean lose the debates, although he knows that too, I mean the entire election.  And, not only does he know that, the Democratic Party elites know that as well.

As we’ve talked about before, the Democrat Party will support Obama right up until they feel he will be defeated… and that time has come.  The long knives are out and this President will be thrust upon his failed foreign policy by his previously loyal Liberal allies… for the sake of the party.

You must understand why this is happening.  The Democrat party cannot allow this president to be defeated on the basis of his socialist economic views or his socialist approach to foreign policy.  In other words, yes, he will lose… but not because he is a Socialist.  That can simply never happen.

If the Democrats fail to control the narrative and the conversation turns to one of ideology, they know they will lose not only the presidency but their entire philosophical foundation.  That can also never happen.

So the full court press of message control and damage control is on.  It starts with this run up to the debates.

Obama will lose the debates… all of them.

You will be told he lost them because the Middle East has erupted into a cauldron of hatred and deeply seeded wish for the destruction of “the west”.  It will be positioned carefully that the situation “while outside of his control” occurred on his watch and the American people are holding him responsible because they just don’t understand.  (read: not smart enough to see what great president he is.)

The talking heads will do everything they can to move the economy to the back burner if not off of the stove completely.

Obama must be cast as a victim, in this case, of the world.

This now becomes all about Statist Party Preservation. While this presidents Ego is so large, and he has surrounded himself with just the right number of sycophants that tell him he can win, I do not think he is stupid.  He sees, just as I do, members of his party hitting the news nets and openly questioning his policies.  As I stated at the beginning of this key pounding, I have watched the press carefully this week.  It is clear to me that the rats are running down the ropes.

I invite you to do the same.  Begin to watch closely.  We effectively have 4-weeks until decision 2012… start looking for the Democrat Elder Statesmen, as well as random Liberal Spokespersons, to condemn this administration for its handling of the Benghazi attack and the current Middle East situation. Look for the same behavior on Fast and Furious which is back on the table thanks to Univision, not exactly a  bastion of conservation thought.  Remember, Obama will lose because of ANYTHING but being a Socialist.  (Pay no attention to the Republicans as I expect it from them… but specifically the Democrats who if not cheerleading should be very, very quiet this close to a Presidential election where their guy needs their support.)

Don’t miss the Debate on Wednesday night.  It should be worth it.  I’m going to count the “uh’s” and “um’s” as well as any other guttural pauses which may occur.  My record for a Obama speaking event is currently 161.  It keeps it interesting when they’re busy saying nothing.  Warning… do not make this a drinking game unless you plan to take the rest of the week off.

Ref: Throwing Obama from the Train

Obama’s Arafat Moment

Presidents Obama and Clinton now share a common experience.

No, not growing up in the old racist south… Obama grew up in Hawaii.

I’m talking about betrayal.

During his presidency Bill Clinton set out to solve one of the world problems.  He was determined to bring peace to the Middle East.  With what President Clinton believed to be righteousness on his side and an incredible ego to go with it he began extensive meetings with the Israelis and the Palestinians.

After pleading, cajoling and outright threats President Clinton was able to get the Israelis to agree to 90% of the demands made by the Palestinians and their Leader Yassar Arafat.  If peace at any cost was the goal… this was truly an amazing achievement and one President Clinton was excited to have as his legacy.

At the last-minute, Arafat refused to accept the terms.  Apparently, just the existence of Israel was simply too much for him and his PLO to agree to.

As Bill Clinton has subsequently written about in his memoirs, this was one of the greatest feelings of failure and betrayal he experienced during his tenure.

Fast forward 10 years…

With all the Ego and none of the effort, President Obama embarked on a similar mission in the Middle East.  As Barack Obama has publicly stated, our problems in the Middle East would be remedied because of his election and his ability to “understand” their situation.

In his first term, President Obama met with more Middle Eastern leaders than any president before him… then suddenly stopped.  In the years to follow he oversaw massive in-flows of foreign aid to various Middle Eastern countries and finally claimed credit for the downfall of a number of  Middle Eastern leaders.  So the “throw money at it and act like we’re not involved strategy” was pushed full throttle.

While it is understandable that President Obama would want to claim credit for the overthrow of these dictators considering it was U.S. tax dollars funding the rebellions, it came as a surprise to those on the ground as demonstrated by multiple interviews conducted from places like Tahrir Square.  The rebels did not see the U.S. as their saviors and did not see President Obama having anything to do with what was being labeled as “The Arab Spring”.

This was the beginning…  of the melt down.

Whatever agreements Barack Obama signed off on to maintain an arm’s length appearance from the happenings in the Middle East became difficult to honor for a couple of reasons.  What Ego can resist not taking credit when they think they deserve it?  And, Obama’s re-election campaign needed that credit to show he was the foreign policy president nobody thought he could be.

Well, the Muslim Brotherhood, just like the rebels on the street, were not interested in giving President Obama credit.  In truth, even if they wanted to they couldn’t. The Brotherhood’s desire to wrest control over the outcomes in the disparate countries relies on an external enemy, specifically the U.S.  So they continue to manage the rebels and guide them to the outcome which lends to the ultimate control over the region.  (What would you expect them to do?)  While doing all of this, the Brotherhood simultaneously pays lip service to “helping” the U.S. find those responsible for the very violence they are orchestrating.  This leaves the U.S. in a difficult position as calling the Brotherhood “liars” plays into their hands not to mention criticizing “democratically elected leaders”… “Democracy” being the only positive the Administration has left to cling to and try to take credit for.  Certainly it’s no longer “peace”.

So, if Obama was the Brotherhood’s keeper… the Brotherhood was having none of it.

Just as President Clinton’s legacy was to be built around peace in the Middle East… so was President Obama’s.

Unfortunately for both men, those in the Middle East don’t seem to care what these Presidents wanted…

This is Obama’s Arafat moment.

For Obama, the betrayal by the Brotherhood must be palpable.  His colossal failure in the Middle East must be bitter.  Obama’s legacy is being written and it will resemble President Clintons sans the positives.