I Have Not Forgotten. I Will Not Forget.

This morning I had a flashback. I was arriving at a breakfast meeting I didn’t want to be at. I had the radio on. I was cold. Just before I turned the car off new broke of a plane hitting the World Trade Center. I immediately thought of terrorism, not world war as the target clearly had more psychological impact than military value, but also remembered that it was not the first time a plane had hit a tall building in New York. I held out that it could be a terrible accident.

The news had made it into the meeting and cut it short. That was the only good news I had that day.

Upon returning to the office someone had a monitor up with a news feed. Within a few minutes i watched live as another plane hit the second tower. There was no doubt left.

I called it a day and left to find my wife. Her parents were in town and when I arrived at the house they told me what I already knew. Once I determined everyone was safe and accounted for we took our cars out to fill up the tanks. We got back and hunkered down for the day listening intently as it all unfolded.

Our home at the time looked out over the city. I walked out back with my father-in-law and took in a empty sky. Not even jets from the local base were up as far as we could see. Truly a unique experience.

It seemed that the day progressed very slowly. We heard about the Pentagon being hit. We have relatives working there. One of our relatives survived to have her entire department killed. This would become a common story.

The rest of America had also woken up to death on our shores. They were spending the day the same as we were… watching it live.

Evil exists.

Let there be no doubt.

I haven’t Forgotten. I will not Forget.


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