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Is America Profiling Middle Eastern Men

What was once considered anathema to a civilized society by the Left is now the new standard upon which we can start killing people.

Why is President Obama profiling Bashar Al-Assad?  Where is the ACLU when you need them?  If Bashar was trying to get on an airplane would the criteria be the same?

“It’s most likely… we’re pretty confident, Assad used chemical weapons.” – President Barack Obama in St. Petersburg Russia 090613

Well darn it… if we’re pretty confident that it’s most likely, then let’s start dropping bombs on them.

The current Administration’s approach to Syria continues to defy reason.

But when you’re a Liberal, who needs reason?

“…400 of them (casualties of the gas attack) were children!” – President Barack Obama again in St. Petersburg Russia 090613

Yes, no debate there.  (Ignore the paradox of our actions in the Middle East and the loss of children’s lives.)

A quick review of hot spots around the world presents over 150 active areas of conflict where men, women and CHILDREN are being killed.  Right now.

If this is now the threshold we are using to get involved in violent conflicts world over it is going to be a busy few years.  It will also be expensive in terms of man and material… not to mention money, all of which we are short of.  But that aside, it would be a genuinely historic launch of the very “American Imperialism” the Left has accused their opposition of for decades.  This is the work of policeman… unless there is a national interest I am unaware of.  Bueller?   Bueller?  Anyone?


Welcome to the party.

Progressives have gotten away with saying whatever you want to hear for 100 years.  The problem they now face is our memories have been enhanced by the ability to store and retrieve information.  (LexisNexis)  Don’t think that this is a lesson lost on them, or only known to the NSA.  They are feeling the pain of their previously successful manipulation of the American public.  It’s tough for a John Kerry to state in his monotone drone that he didn’t say something he knows he indeed said when 30 seconds later some jackass like me finds it and posts it for all to see.  If there were ever a revolution that could be pointed to in 100 years from now it is that.  (The Media has lost editorial control over what information you see… and they HATE it.)

What you are watching is a direct result of Elitists in control.

The mindset is that you are too stupid to understand so those who deem themselves superior to you don’t owe you the truth.  They honestly believe that even if you were told the truth you wouldn’t get it anyway.  So sit down, shut up and vote the way they tell you to.  Otherwise they’ll have their comedians on the late night shows make fun of you, and their friends in the media take every opportunity to make you look foolish.  Get it!  Good.

Well here we are.

Another military adventure in the Middle East… and this one isn’t even for Oil.

Has anyone asked the question “Why are we not targeting Bashar directly, or at a minimum his command and control staff?”

(And frankly, what better way to get some quick defections and degrade Syria’s war fighting capability.)

If “A lesson” needs to be taught, to Whom are you teaching it?  The Chemical Weapons didn’t launch themselves.  The WMDS didn’t decide of their own volition to kill 1200 people.  There are plenty of these weapons being made as I tap this out.  They’re not going away anytime soon… so what is really going on?

If the evidence is unequivocal… sorry… if we’re pretty confident… then why not just come out and present it to the public?  What possible security concern could exist?  Why the need to keep all of the briefings behind closed doors?  I understand the protection of assets… but this was done right out in the open.  I’m “pretty confident” that this is a straight forward use of banned weapons.  Or it’s at least “likely”.  Or is it as clear as that?


Bumper Nation

(I love the word “Jalopy”.  Originally posted… a while back.)

I’d like to offer up a few suggestions for the Republicans… at least the Republicans that I would vote for, so Fiscal Conservatives… to consider.

I’m a Huge believer in “Simple, Powerful and Direct” when it comes to communicating ideas. The following are what I call “Bumper Strip” statements and could be used as such. Frankly, these could be handed out across the nation and many folks “across party lines” would slap them on their 1980 Volvo. Anyway…

There is a stark difference between a “clever” or “smart” bumper strip and an inane one.

Here are some examples of inane bumper strips you have probably seen on a jalopy in front of you…

“Who would Jesus bomb?” – Well, aside from Sodom and Gomorrah… how about the NAZI’s to stop them from burning Jews?  Stalin, to stop him for killing tens of Millions of his own people?  Mao, for doing the same?  Pol Pot for fertilizing the fields of Cambodia with anyone who could read?  While I could go on I hope I don’t have to.  So are we to read this bumper strip that Jesus would have tolerated such behavior… aside from Sodom and Gomorrah of course.  (May be when he did that he was his Dad?  A different manifestation of himself?  Not around yet, so that was just his Dad?  Around but not in human form?  Better rely on the theologians here… I get so confused.)

“Peace not War” – OK… define Peace.  This one is so stupid it hurts my head.  Who’s definition should we use?  Ghengis Khan’s? Hitler’s? Stalin’s? Kim Jung Un’s?  Bashar Al Assad?  Quadaffi?  Saddam?  Obama?  Bush?  Mine?

“Coexist” – Again… OK.  Even when we fight for the protection of the life and liberty of humans we are “coexisting”, so WTF does this mean?  If it means “Can’t we all just get along?” then “NO… we can’t.”  I will not get along with people like Hitler… Mao… Nasrallah… or anyone else who wishes to subjugate, enslave and/or murder people.

“No Blood for Oil.” – This is ridiculous because the premise is we have an alternative… which we do not.  We’re working on it though.  So, let’s assume we were just a Solar nation… if a bunch of A-holes figured out a way to block out the Sun from shining on our country do you really think we would not go to war?  Of course we would… and of course there will be blood for oil, right up until we have other viable options and then there will be blood for energy.

Again, I hope I’ve made my point here.

A “smart” bumper strip should lead to solid, easy to define, well thought out arguments that can be implemented and are not based on some utopian fantasy.  They should be statements that can easily lead to a conversation based in reality should you walk out to your car and be confronted by an Occupier… assuming you parked in the middle of a drum circle.

The colors should be “black and white”… because the answers to these problems are indeed, black and white.

“Stop Spending, Stop Spending, Stop Spending!”

“We Have No Money!”

“Nobody Owes you Anything.”

“Don’t Like China? Stop Asking Them For Money.”

“Don’t Like Big Oil? Stop Buying It.”

“It’s the Debt Dummy.”

The above should also be used for every interview and essay for the next 10 years.

Just for fun, and just for the rest of us…  If you really want to be provocative in an intelligent way here are some ideas:

“There’s no such thing as a bad teacher, apparently they all are equally inept.”  Which should be in close proximity to “Thank a College Professor if you can read that.”

“I insist on rules for other people.”

“I only vote for people who give me things.”

“I’m your responsibility.”

“Self-sufficiency takes effort, and I’m just not interested.”

“You owe me everything because I’m old.”

“I’m living off of your money!  Ha, ha, ha…”

“I’m not in a hurry… so I’ve decided it’s my job to make sure you’re not either.”

“I’m the person who stops in the middle of the aisle, because I’m important.”

“You’re an idiot!”  (This one is brilliant because if you are an idiot you certainly don’t think you are… and if you’re not you wont be offended.)

“I’m the kind of special that requires a helmet.”  (Not really relevant, I just like it.  And it’s true.)

So fire up Cafe Press and let’s get these out to the masses!  With enough of these we should be able to make sure no-one parks next to us.  Might be just in time for the Holidays!

Of Course the Floor is Open to any ideas you all might have.  I’ll list them all as updates.  Have fun.

Promote an Energetic Future!

During the State of the Union President Obama asked if it wasn’t unreasonable to “take” some of the money “we” spend on energy and create a new program promoting Alternative Energy, or Green Energy, sources.

First, as I have stated before… No, it is not unreasonable to ask.  But taking is another subject.

That being said… Yes, a new program to promote alternative energy that sends taxpayer dollars to private companies is unreasonable.

I can hear some of you now; “But, but, but we need to promote alternative energy!”

If you fall into this category you might want to sit down for the next line.

We already do… it’s called Military Research.

In fact, from my undisclosed location I can see one of the most expensive alternative energy projects our Military has. I can also see Russia… no, not really… okay, maybe.  Do the Kuril Islands still count, or is it Japan that I see now? Anyway…

The point is that once again this Administration is relying on your blissful ignorance in order to create a slush fund to spiff their friends and donors. You would think that we all would see this for what it is given the ever-growing list of Green Energy Failures and their direct connections to this Administration. But, alas, many of you don’t.  Actually, many of you refuse to.  This failure to think is prevalent on both sides of the aisle… so don’t think I’m only insulting you.  The list on non-thinkers is long, and diverse.

Let me point out again that if there was ever an institution that would gladly drone strike your least favorite family member if you could show them a way to not be “enslaved” by fossil fuels it’s the Military.  This isn’t supposition.  They, the Department of Defense/Department of Energy/et al, are doing as much research as possible as I type this.  And, hold on to your seats, they’re doing it with your tax dollars.  That’s right!  “We”, as President Obama put it, are already sending Billions of Dollars to exactly such schemes.

I will bypass the obvious argument that the Government should never be sending your tax dollars to private companies in the name of “investing“.  If they want something from the private sector they should buy it… with your tax dollars.  Leave the gambling to us, as individuals.  The Government doesn’t need to create new ways to waste taxpayer dollars, particularly when it requires fibbing to an ignorant public with the intent of sending their friends your money.  They’ve figured out plenty of ways to do that.

So let’s put this one to rest.  Enough of these “New” feel good programs… especially the ones that already exist, just not in a form that directly benefits the President’s contributors.

Stop clapping when these people propose exciting and fresh ways of Destroying our Country by growing our Crushing Debt.

One caveat – If we are willing to redefine “Green Energy” the way we have “Green Jobs”, in other words any job you can do stoned, then I might reconsider.  May be it would be something like manically running in circles after eating a bunch of your kids Ritalin.  Now that’s something I could get behind wasting your money on.

Socialists Admitting Socialism Doesn’t Work?

Waiving the Jones Act.

On the heels of Hurricane Sandy, the Administration wants to lift rules that restrict fuel delivery to the storm stricken areas.

Why is the idea of getting government interference out of the way only a good idea during times of disaster?

The Obama Administration is admitting that Socialism, as codified in The Jones Act, is a hinderance to the recovery process following Hurricane Sandy.

The Jones Act forbids non-union tankers to make deliveries into certain ports.

Why isn’t this a “hinderance” all the time?  The dirty little secret the Leftists are hoping you skip over in your thinking is… IT IS.

What the Obama Administration is saying is “Socialism does not work”.

When the chips are down Socialist policies must be removed because they are so bad…  in fact, they’re bad ALL THE TIME, but our tolerance of them is slightly higher when times are “good’.  But think about the progress we could be making in this country if we removed all artificial barriers such as this one.  There are THOUSANDS of them out there…

Right after we permanently get rid of this crap we should be asking ourselves why we ever let it happen in the first place!

Somehow these Charlatans convinced us that ideas like this were “good”.  Somehow they got us to fall for it.  The responsiblity is ours that it happened.  Take responsibility, get rid of these people, and don’t let it happen again.

In the face of true need and despair our Liberal Politicians are forced to admit for all to see that not only do their ideas not work… they have never worked.  (History is replete with examples of such failed thought.  The consequences vary from bad, to abhorrent.)

It has always been about favors… and money… and power.  Never has it been about you.

If you’re not amazed, you’re not paying attention.