Flag Burning

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Mike Rowe
December 2 at 7:12pm ·

Off The Wall

Susanne McDaniel‎ writes…

“How did you become so blindly patriotic? First of all, the college you were referencing in your rant about the American flag is a private college and doesn’t receive federal funding. However…the very essence of freedom in this country is our right to speak out against the flag, which is a mere symbol. If you take away that right, then we have lost all freedom. You really need to take a civics course, Mike Rowe. I used to like you; but, you have really become very annoying to me in recent years. I thought you were more intelligent. But, I guess appearances aren’t everything.”

Hi Susanne

I’ve never thought of myself as “blindly patriotic,” but I am a fan of the United States, the founding fathers, and the men and women who have served on my behalf. I also confess to feeling lucky to live here. Having said that, I think you’re correct about the flag; it’s only a symbol. So too is the Crucifix. And the middle finger. And the Swastika. And the compressed chunks of carbon that millions wear on their ring fingers as expressions of timeless love and eternal devotion.

It’s easy to make anything feel small and silly by reducing it to its chemical composition or its various component parts. But if you really believe our flag is nothing but a “mere symbol,” equally suitable for flying or burning, ask yourself if you’d be comfortable if the people you work with suddenly started coming to the office in pointy white hats fashioned from bedsheets? Would that be a problem for you? Or how about The Rainbow Flag, favored by the LGBTQ community? Would it be OK if people started burning that? If not, why not? I mean, it’s only a symbol, right?

Years ago, an artist named Andres Serrano presented a charming piece called “Immersion.” It consisted of a Crucifix, immersed in a glass of the artist’s urine. Amazingly, some people were offended. Christians, in particular. They just couldn’t see that Andres was using a symbol to express himself. Silly Christians. Interesting though, that Andres didn’t submerge Mohammed in the same glass. I wonder why that is?

The thing about “mere symbols” Susanne, is that they represent “mere ideas,” and “mere ideas” are the backbone of “mere humanity.” In the case of the flag, we’re talking about ideas that are wrapped into the Constitution – a document that separates us from every other country on the planet.

Mere ideas are the reason people fight and die. Mere ideas are the reason we’re allowed to speak freely, protest publicly, bear arms, and burn the very symbol that represents those very freedoms. I didn’t suggest that you or anyone else be denied your right to fly or burn whatever flag you wish. What I failed to do, is quietly accept behavior I don’t care for. Which, if I’m not mistaken, is the same compulsion that motivates others to publicly express themselves in whatever ways they choose.

As for Hampshire College, I’m afraid you’re mistaken. If you check the link I provided in my original post, you’ll see that several forms of federal funding are readily available to their students. Also, according to their site, you’ll notice that the flag is once again flying at full staff. I’ll take no credit for this, if you offer no blame. Deal?

Finally, regarding my overall annoyance, you’re correct, and you’re not alone. I’ve been annoying people for years now. Just ask my mother. And yes, I too, once thought I was more intelligent than I actually am. I still remember the disappointment when the test results come back.

Anyway, thanks for your comments, Susanne. I do hope you’ll stick around.


While I agree with everything Mike says here, I’m going to stand up for Susanne.

My response is framed as a simple question to Mike;  Does the Flag still represent ‘…ideas that are wrapped into the Constitution – a document that separates us from every other country on the planet.’?

I would offer to Mr. Rowe that We have allowed the United States of America to wander so very far away from the Philosophically Enlightened Country born of an Age of Reason our Founders intended, and subsequently recorded in our Founding Documents, that Ms. McDaniel’s ignorance can be understood… if not accepted.  I would continue to offer that this has been an intentional effort championed by those who, while they profess the opposite, have no interest in Individual Rights and see the very Constitution cited above as an impediment… as… a limiting Document… when it comes to their ultimate aims.

Those of us who have taken the time to understand the Constitution know the intent is exactly as a limiting Document.  Our Founders applied a Governing Theory designed to elevate and protect the Individual above Government.

Mr. Rowe, does it?

And if not, what exactly is the symbolic value of the flag today?  Let me rephrase it, what is the symbolic value of the flag to the intentionally ignorant, usefully uniformed, such a Ms. McDaniel?

If Ms. McDaniel is assigning the flag symbolic value based on what she has been taught in our schools, and sees in daily demonstration, you are both speaking very different languages.

Ultimately, You are correct… and to some degree, and not in a way she would understand, so is she.

The illusion of Ownership

We like to think we own things…

But do we?

Do you have a car?  If so, do you owe money on it?  Can the person you owe money to take it away if you don’t pay them the money you owe?  So… who really owns the car?

Do you have a house?  If so, do you owe money on it?  Can the person you owe money to take it away if you don’t pay them the money you owe?  So… who really owns the car?

Do you have either of the above but owe no money on them?  If so, do you have to pay property taxes and or registration fees?  If so, can the agencies charged with collecting those take them away from you, or worse put you in jail, for not paying them?

So… who really owns your stuff?

I’ve long offered that Fascism is just a flavor of Socialism… because Fascism is exactly Socialism with the only difference being State Ownership and Control by ‘other’ means.

Am I wrong?

Why Hillary Lost…

No, It is not because Hillary reminded me of my X-Wife.

It’s because Hillary reminded my Current Wife of my X-Wife.

The Electoral College is Stupid!

The Electoral College is Stupid because it was created by Gun Toting, Slave owning, God Believing Syphilitic Old White Men with Bad Teeth over 200 years ago.  And, they wore wigs… men should not wear wigs.

Oh, and I have a college education but still don’t have any idea what it is or why we have it… because all explanation of it has been intentionally deleted from what was once called Academic Rigor.

Please allow me a few words of informal, drunken, ‘lower’ education…

First, we are a Democratic Republic. We are NOT a Democracy.  Democracy Sucks.

If you don’t understand the difference between A Representative Republic and a Democracy (aka Mob Rule) then stop here and spend a quality moment with your Googler.

Okay, now for the simplest explanation of the Electoral College I can attempt to convey.

The Electoral College are our representatives who gather to formally deliver each States will in regard to who is to be elected President of the United States.

This is about States Rights… something else you were intentionally not taught all through your ‘higher’ education. If needed, whip out your Googler again and search Federalism as well as the Tenth Amendment (That bothersome Inalienable Right which rounds out the Bill of Rights.)

So yes, your vote matters. But it only matters in the State in which you live.

Got it?

Now let me explain to you why you should like this whole Electoral College thing.

Let’s take just four states; Florida, California, Illinois and New York.

Florida has a current population estimated at 20,270,000 people, therefore the State is allotted 29 Electoral Votes.

California has a current population estimated at 39,140,000 people, therefore the State is allotted 55 Electoral Votes.

Illinois has a current population estimated at 12,860,000 people, therefore the State is allotted 20 Electoral Votes.

New York has a current population estimated at 19,800,000 people, therefore the State is allotted 29 Electoral Votes.

Still with me?

This gives just these four States an overall population of 92,070,000 people with a combined 133 Electoral Votes.

The Population of the United States is currently Estimated at 330,000,000 People.
Of those, Roughly 140,000,000 of them Vote in Presidential Elections.

If the Founders were Foolish enough to be into Mob Rule (aka Democracy), just these four States, assuming their populations all voted monolithically, would rule the entire country.

Just the 92,070,000 person “Popular Vote” of these four States create an Overwhelming Majority against the overall Voting population.

We could change our name to New Califlorinois.

But luckily for all of us… they were not Fools.

In the Electoral College these four States have 133 total Electoral Votes…

Not only did the Founders see the Danger of Democracy (aka Mob Rule) being exercised all over the World with Horrific results, they recognized that Centralized Governments only expand in size, scope and power over the people leading to oppression, death and destruction. Their Mission was to Protect You From Government.  This is exactly why we were created as a Representative Republic. (But you know this already because just a few moments ago you were busy with your Googler. By the way, it is a myth that Googling yourself will cause you to go blind or grow hair on your palms, I know this from a lot of personal experience. A lot.)

The Founders knew that just because one resided in a specific State it did not make that person Smarter, or Better, than the souls living outside of those States.

They wisely believed the rest of the United States should have at least some say in what direction the country moves in.

So, Do you Still Think the Electoral College is Stupid?



What if all four of those States “Popularly” voted Republican?

I suspect you wouldn’t be happy about that.

Smell the Fear…

I cannot find any evidence of the Jill Stein – Green Party asking the Clinton Camp for help with Wisconsin Recounts.

So why would the Hillary folks overtly state that They will be assisting Stein with a vote recount in a traditionally Democrat State?


It’s worth noting that the Green Party was witness to DNC scheming and tilting the field in favor of a Clinton Presidency… as were the Bernie supporters.

It’s also worth noting that Bernie made a Deal with the Clintons, Stein did not.

Finally, it’s important to understand if you want something not to succeed… get involved with the effort.

All that being said…

Both parties, Stein and Hill, know that regardless of the outcome of such a recount the results will not change.

So what is this Wisconsin Recount about?

It’s about voter fraud, just not Republican.

The Green Party is fully aware of the types of Voter Fraud as well as the kind of Energy dedicated to organizing and conducting it.  Many members of the Green Party, and Bernie Supporters, participated in it over the years on behalf of the Democrats they previously championed.  They know where to look.  They know what they’ll find.  They know it was Rigged in more ways than one.  They know They were Robbed.  And, They’re Pissed.

This isn’t about the millions in donations…

This is about exposing Fraud.

This is about exposing Corruption.

This is about a revolution within the Democrat Party.

The only recourse the Democrat Establishment has to stop this coming Sh*t Storm is to get involved.

They clearly see where this is going and they don’t have anyone inside to spy on the process and derail it once it finds what everyone knows is there.

So the Clinton Camp sends out their Lawyers to assert they will be ‘helping’ the Stein folks with the recount, just to be “fair”.  What ‘Reasonable’ Democrat Socialist would refuse such ‘help’?


She doesn’t want the help of the very people who she is on a mission to expose.

I suspect one of two outcomes.

Stein will fold and accept the sabotage from the Clintons in exchange for a Deal similar to the one Bernie took or The Liberal Media, at the direction of the DNC, will turn on Stein and paint her as a crazy tilting at windmills who is ultimately just ‘in it for the money’.

The fuse is lit, and you can smell the fear coming from the Progressive Establishment.

Trump should sit back and grab the popcorn.




Michael J. Totten: A Visit to the Dystopian Havana that Tourists Never See — pundit from another planet

(H/T Butcher)

Does the “Deeply Sorrowful” Canadian Prime Minister, and Socialist Democrat Progressive, Justin Trudeau know about this?

Of course he does… but it’s a small cosmic price to pay for universal education and universal health care.  Forward Socialism! – Or whatever.

Michael J. Totten continues: …I’ve always wanted to visit Cuba—not because I’m nostalgic for a botched utopian fantasy but because I wanted to experience Communism firsthand. When I finally got my chance several months ago, I was startled to discover how much the Cuban reality lines up with Blomkamp’s dystopia. In Cuba, as in Elysium, a […]

via Michael J. Totten: A Visit to the Dystopian Havana that Tourists Never See — pundit from another planet

Over the Hill and Through the Woods…

…to the Drunk Uncle’s House we go.

It’s that time of year again. Seems like it was just last year…

Occasionally I like to share certain things allowing a brief glimpse into my exceptionally average life. This year it will be the formula for my Turkey… which is my responsibility. I’m not complaining, it allows me to support some sense of sanity.

(Note: I have no issue killing Turkey’s.  It’s the heinous acts perpetrated upon them after they’re dead that I’m trying to stop.  You people are sick.)


So Easy it Should be Illegal Turkey, Stuffing and Gravy.

Start gathering the below crap together FIRST…

Day before ingredients:


2 cups Salt

½ cup Sugar

Thing to put Turkey in overnight:

(1) Large portable, sealable container

Day of Turkey ingredients:

(1) 12-15 pound Turkey w/giblets


BIG Roasting Pan – the Aluminum throw away ones are fine. You typically get 3 to a pack… so you can make hats out of the other two. Perfect!

3 – 12oz. cans Chicken Stock, or bullion, or make your own from the chicken in your neighbor’s yard. I’ve done all three and other than time… effort… and years of lying about what happened to the chickens, it’s all about the same.

1-stick butter (soft)

½ cup O.J.

1-sliced apple

5-sprigs Thyme

5-sprigs Rosemary

5-sprigs Sage

3-sprigs Savory

5-peeled carrots

2-medium onions or 4 large shallots chopped

2-cups chopped Celery

6-slices bacon

Day of Gravy ingredients:

2-shot’s Dry Sherry

1-pint whipping/heavy cream (optional)

2-tablespoon’s Corn Starch or a “cold rue” which is just equal parts butter and flour mashed together until you get a paste. I find the rue easier to use.

2-clove’s Garlic

1-teaspoon Ground Paprika, deepens the flavor and helps make the gravy yellow.

Day of Stuffing ingredients:

2-bags Pepperidge Farms Stuffing (Any variety… I like Country) I know it’s cheating… and? (If you want to dry out your own bread, OK. Cube it and dust it with garlic salt and Sage/Thyme/Rosemary then bake till hard, dry and slightly brown.) By the time you’re done with the above cubing, dusting and baking you could have bought the bags, spent less money and time with nobody being any wiser. There’s plenty of work ahead for everybody to be impressed.

Gather all of this stuff around you within easy reach FIRST. It will go much faster and you’ll remember everything when you need to remember it.

Day before instructions:

Step 1.  Pour 2 cups Salt and ½ cup Sugar into the container. Add water to dissolve.

Step 2. Place thawed Turkey (with giblets still in neck cavity) into the container.

Step 3.  Cover with water completely and seal/close the container. (Yes, I know it floats.)

Step 4. Place the container outside, if not below freezing, overnight. If it’s freezing, then put it in the garage. The object is to keep the Turkey COLD so nobody dies… there is no point in killing anybody, at least on Thanksgiving. Don’t worry too much, I’ve done this for 20 years and never killed anybody, yet… on Thanksgiving… day… before 5pm… except that once…

Day of Turkey Instructions:

Step 1.  Remove all but a lower rack in Oven. Pre-heat to 250 degrees.

Step 2.  Remove Turkey from container and drain well. Remove giblets (That’s all the gut’s stuffed inside which they have helpfully enclosed in a blood soaked bag.) and put into pot on stove. (We’ll come back to them) Pat dry the Turkey with paper towels. This will make it crisp. I’ve seen people use a hair-dryer… if you’re so inclined. If you choose to do this, adopt a 1000-yard stare and don’t explain it to anybody.  It makes Thanksgiving so much more fun when they think you’re insane.

Step 3. In large Roasting Pan add onion, then celery and place carrots at an angle lengthwise in pan. (i.e./////) The Turkey will sit on them keeping the Turkey off the bottom of the pan. OR, just buy a roasting rack. But that costs money and all of this was designed to just throw it away when you’re done. Your choice.

Step 4.  Add 3 cans of Chicken Stock to pan.

Step 5.  Place Turkey in pan on top of carrots.

Step 6.  Insert/shove/massage apple slices and herb sprigs (saving a sprig of each for gravy) into Turkey cavities front and back, tie legs together with string. (The TURKEY LEGS… seriously… I worry about you people. Sometimes I think you’re being funny, other times not so much.) Now for the gourmet secret; I like bacon wrapped around the wing and leg tips to keep them from burning or browning too much. This is easier than using string that is difficult to tie and leaves marks on your bird. USE THE STRING ON THE LEGS, but then take strips of bacon and wrap it around the tips of the wing and lay directly on top of the legs. You’ll amaze your in-laws by being sooooo smart.

Step 7. Mix butter and O.J. together in a bowl. Wash your hands. (You probably should have done this earlier… but I know how you are.) Now apply mixture to the Turkey with your fingers. It should be gooey/messy but I haven’t found a better way yet. Rub it all over the Turkey. It’s very therapeutic, and you know your done when the other people in the kitchen begin to feel a bit uncomfortable. It shouldn’t take but a couple of minutes. I like a little extra salt and pepper on the outside too, but it’s up to you.

Step 8. Place it all into preheated oven. Set a timer for 1 hour for each 3-1/2 pounds of bird. Remember, this isn’t your mothers bird. We are NOT taking all this time to burn the crap out of it or dehydrate it for future generations. There is NO stuffing on the inside, thus it will cook faster at lower temperatures than usual. If anyone tries to argue with you, stab them. (Be careful not to kill them… refer to Day Before; step #4)

Step 9.  Baste this thing about every 30 minutes until the last 2 hours and while you’re in there make sure the fluid level is OK. Then, LEAVE IT ALONE. This will make it crispy. I did say leave it alone, didn’t I?

Step 10. Remove Bird and transfer to Turkey plate (the giant plate with fancy crap on it that is located in the very back of your cupboard because you haven’t used it in years… if ever. Typically a gift from much older relatives given to you when you got married with the idea that you would be possessed by Norman Rockwell and don the June Cleaver pumps and pearls. (That goes for the guys too, you know who you are.)) Remove any bits of bacon and toss back into pan. Just kind of gaze upon the bird… gently/lovingly. If you act this way the in-laws will either think you’re “in the zone” or dipping into the sherry and pain killers. Either way they will leave you alone, which can be nice during the Holidays.

Day of Gravy instructions:

Step 1.  Add water to giblets (guts) sitting on stove. Turn on to medium heat at the same time you put the Turkey in the oven and bring to a boil. You will have to periodically add water, as you are boiling these things to death. That’s the point, we are making a stock for gravy. Boil, boil, boil.

Step 2. Add left over sprigs to the pot.

Step 3. Add crushed or chopped Garlic.

Step 4. Add Dry Sherry. If you have purchased a bottle for this occasion, we’ll use relatively little of it. So go ahead and have a shot… that’s right… from the bottle. It’s OK, nobody’s looking! They do it at home too, go ahead… OK, that’s enough, put it down. PUT IT DOWN.

Step 5.  I like to add my salt here, to taste, so I don’t have to worry about it later. It also saves lives… as I don’t have to hear anybody bitch about how much salt I choose to use or not use, and then be forced to challenge Day Before; step #4.

Step 6.  Time the boiling process for it.  It should be reduced to about half of the pot when the Turkey has 30-minutes left. When the timer hits 30 minutes left on the Oven, strain the liquid and giblets (guts) from the stock. Again, set the giblets (guts) aside to cool, as you will use these for their “meat” and put it back into the gravy.

Step 7.  Put the liquid back on to boil.. Allow to simmer until it just barely starts to taste right.

Step 8.  Add Paprika and stir. It should turn yellow… right?   (No?  Throw everything away.  Just kidding… it will turn yellow.. er.)

Step 9. Dissolve cornstarch well in 1/4 cup of very cold water. Pour quickly into lightly boiling liquid. Bring back to a boil. The gravy should begin to thicken immediately with NO LUMPS. Follow my directions and NO LUMPS. If you’re using the “cold rue” then stir it in gradually with a whisk. (If you have a hand blender then screw it and dump it all in, just blend it in the pot till smooth. Then have a shot of sherry celebrating your ingenuity.)

Step 10. If satisfied with texture (if not, you can add a little more cornstarch, or rue, but don’t over do it) and the flavor, turn it to low and check occasionally. It’s ready to serve.

Step 11. (Optional) I like to peel the meat from the neck bone and chop up the giblets very small then put back into gravy. It adds a great flavor as well as texture, and improves the appearance. It’s up to you, but I recommend it.

Step 12. (Optional) If you find the relatives wanting to “share the spirit of the season” with you troubling… you may want to consider hurling the now empty Dry Sherry bottle through the closest window in a brief but explosive fit of inexplicable rage. Nothing says “Happy Thanksgiving” like the jolly sound of a loud, lone, angry voice and the merry tinkle of shattering glass. If this hits too close to home, feel free to ad-lib, just don’t mess up the food.

Day of Stuffing instructions:

Step 1.  Locate all the good stuff in the now still warm, but Turkey-less roasting pan. Remove carrots and chop. Yes I know their hot, if you can’t stand the heat get out of… I can’t remember how this quote goes but I think it ends with Sherry.  Throw chopped carrots back into pan.

Step 2.  Open packages of stuffing bread and throw (THE BREAD, NOT THE BAGS) into pan. STIR WELL ONCE! Cover with foil and leave it alone. If you fiddle with it, it will turn to mush.

I SAID NO FIDDLING. It will be ready to stir again in five minutes and serve in about 10 minutes. (I like to add an entire stick of butter and allowing it to melt prior to throwing in the bags of bread, but it’s your call.)

Well all right then… you’re finished!

Serve it up however you would like. I no longer care.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  or, whatever…

IF IT’S STILL IN YOUR HAND, PUT THE SHERRY DOWN AND GO TALK TO THE RELATIVES, or open another bottle of Sherry and don’t talk to the relatives.  Either way is a path to something unhealthy.

We could go over potatoes but everybody has their own way of doing it and they all equally suck.

Cheers! – Mike