A co-founder of Greenpeace tells the truth on CO2


Moore and I would still disagree on a great many things… but this is not one of them. If you’re interested in Moore he has a book called Tales of a Green Peace Dropout. There is a lot of Green Peace History in it. Absolutely worth the read.

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Dr. Patrick Moore, who was one of the original founders of Greenpeace who left the organization in disgust of their current political zealotry, and Greenpeace is now trying to have him erased from history for daring to do that. He has now produced this interesting video in conjunction with with Prager University that is sure to put some people into conniption fits.

Global Warming activists will tell you that CO2 is bad and dangerous. The EPA has even classified it as a pollutant. But is it? Patrick Moore provides some surprising facts about the benefits of CO2 that you won’t hear in the current debate. 

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‘I’m No Longer Afraid’: 35 Women Tell Their Stories About Being Assaulted by Bill Clinton, and the Culture That Wouldn’t Listen

Mr. Trump, Take Blue Back!

You’re Just the Man to do It…

Back in 2000 during a ridiculous, and I still believe contrived, Media Argument over how to depict States on Electoral maps during Elections, The Leftists decided to seize the opportunity to sow yet more confusion where there was previously none to be found.

The Liberal Media all came together and ‘voted’ that instead of what had been colors traditionally, and more important historically, associated with the two primary U.S. political parties, Red for Democrats and Blue for Republicans, the colors should be reversed.

Believe it or not, up to that point there was no confusion.

RED was the color of The Democrat Party


BLUE was the color of The Republican Party

But the Liberal Media knew this was their chance to help their Party crawl out from underneath the accurate label, and color, of Socialism.

So they ‘voted’ to make Republicans RED and Democrats BLUE.

That’s all it took. The Media revised what History had already determined to be true.

Well, I for one am tired of this glaring revisionism to be accepted by anyone… let alone those of us who know what “RED” means.

RED remains the color of Socialism. 

It is the color of Oppression, Destruction and Death Worldwide. 

It is the color of Lying Populism intended to placate the Masses while cementing the Power of the Few over the Many.

It is the color of creating the Government Addicted.

It is the color of Slavery.

It is the color of Racial and Ethnic Division fomented for Political Gain.

It is the color of Blood shed in the name of Tyranny.

It is the color of Social Democracy and the Democrat Party.


Mr. Trump,

During your run for the Presidency, please do me this one favor if you do nothing else, Take Blue Back.

And while you’re at it, remind the American People, and the myriad fools in the Republican Leadership, why Democrats are RED.

Thank You in Advance,

Mike at makeaneffort

Let’s Talk About Trump Baby…

Let’s Talk About You and Me…
Let’s Talk About All the Good Things and the Bad Things that Can Be…
Let’s Talk About Trump..

Here’s the thing about Trump, he doesn’t care.

So let’s review the latest episodes of P.T. Barnum’s run for the Presidency 2.0. shall we?

He said John McCain was not a Hero. (Yes, I know he quickly thereafter said McCain WAS a Hero… Four times… but he still said it.)

One might wonder why McCain isn’t picking up the ball on defending his status.

Well, McCain was the one who picked the fight with Trump. Bet you didn’t know that part.

Trump had a rally in Phoenix and around 15,000 people showed up.

McCain called those people “Crazies”.

Trump was asked how he felt about a War Hero calling His Supporters, and His Policy Proposals, “Crazy”.

Trump returned the personal insult.

Now, Tuesday July 21st 2015, Trump is being accused of calling Lyndsey Graham and “Idiot”.  (He did.)  He also gave out Graham’s personal cell phone number.

Well, Lyndsey picked a fight with P.T. when he called him a “Jackass”.  Bet you didn’t know that part.

And… Trump returned the insult.

(For full disclosure, I happen to think both McCain and Graham are Ass Clowns.  And both of them are posters boys for what’s wrong with this country.  One is just a bit more heroic than the other.  As to which, you decide.)

Look, as far as I’m concerned Trump is enjoying attention right now because the GOP Establishment has Flooded the Field with Mediocre Candidates in Order to dilute the available Oxygen in the room for Conservatarians like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz of whom they are very, very afraid. The Establishment knows full well that in the off-chance you might actually listen to either of these men first hand, and not what is fed to you by the Leftist and Establishment Media, you might agree with them.  But their tactic to distract you from serious candidates has opened up a Huge Hole with a Comb Over.  So here comes Trump saying what the people want to hear and simply doesn’t care how the media feels about it.

There are two interesting aspects to Barnum’s circus.

First, the Liberal Media believe they are harming the GOP by playing Trumps words in endless loops while pouring derision upon him.

(I think this is having the exact opposite effect.)

Second, the Liberal Republicans believe Trump is Harming them, Liberal Establishment RINO’s not the GOP, by saying what is on everyone’s mind but the PC bullies have successfully been able to silence.

(They are correct.)

In the end Trump will run his course. But before that happens he will have moved the window back to where reasoned minds can debate. That is if the Leftist Media keep pushing the microphone into his face and the Establishment keeps reacting in fear.

Let’s hope so.

In the end, is Trump an A-Hole?  Yep.

But he’s a useful A-Hole.

However, he is not a Presidential A-Hole.


Meghan McCain is a Fox News Contributor.

Just totally, like, sayin’, right?…

I think I now qualify as a Fox News Contributor.  Well, at least when I’m drunk.

(One of my favorite Meghan McCain moments was when, in her 2012 book, she criticized Bill Clinton for his Adultery… while seeming to forget that she is a product of her Father’s.  All that hard thinkin’ stuff is hard.)

I Have not yet Begun to Defile Myself…

So… Today I’m declaring my run for the Presidency of these United States of America!

For those of you who know me, this will come as no surprise.  I have declared myself President of a number of Countries throughout the Western Hemisphere.  Canada was fun because I smoked a bunch of crack, rubbed limp bacon all over my body, dressed up like Chris Farley then didn’t say anything but “I’m the President, eh.” and everyone I met believed me.  It was awesome!  But, as usual, it appears there’s a ‘Formal Process’ here in the U.S. which one must abide by,  so whaaaatever.

I should also tell you, Out of respect I have waited for the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to announce her run.  However, since it seems she is not going to do this anytime soon I felt like I needed to get on with it.  I also wanted to jump in before there was any risk of the Republican field becoming crowded.  I think my timing is pretty good.

At this point in my announcement I’ve been instructed by my Campaign manager to illustrate some of the differences I have with the other candidates as well as those areas where we find common ground.

Here goes:

Area’s of agreement…

I too think every Nation in the Middle East should have a Nuclear Weapon, or two.  Two is better, that way after they use the first one the other nations still have to think twice.  So TWO Nuclear Weapons.  Yes, even the Palestinians.  They just need to figure out whose running things.  We could use the Nuclear Weapon thing as a kind of carrot… “Hey! You guys figure out whose running things, and we’ll send you a couple of Nuclear Weapons!”  Talk about ‘getting things done in the Middle East!  I’d get a Nobel Peace Prize just like the guy in the White House now.  And I also Smoke!  We’re practically brothers.

I think everyone who doesn’t do anything should get a check from the government.  I mean come on!  How else are they going have any money to buy stuff when they don’t do anything.  I feel the same way for people who make really, really, super-stupid decisions.  There’s too many of these types of decisions to list them all, and I know I’d forget a few if I tried.  And it’s just nicer to send them all a check than to make them feel bad.

Since we’re on the subject of Free Stuff, I think everyone who can’t afford to buy stuff should get it for Free.  Even if they just don’t want to pay for it… they should get it for Free.  Free is totally Cool!

Everyone should get Free College!  That way a College Education will be worth as much as an Elementary and High School one.  This way Everybody will be way smart.  Awesome!

Oh, and just like Hillary’s husband, everybody should be Pro-Choice.  That way no one can ever be a rapist.  Never!  Because rape is bad.  So be Pro-Choice so you can’t be one.

Finally, I think you can be whatever you want to be!  Just say out loud that you ‘identify’ as that ‘whatever’ it is.  For me it’s being Presidents… but find your own ‘thing’, my ‘thing’ is taken.  I don’t like Competition.

OK, now for some Differences:

I think everyone should get Free Booze!  We will build a separate Interstate system for Drunks.  We’ll call it the Intoxicated Services Interstate System.  Or, ISIS for short.  It’s very simple.  You’ll have to have a certain Blood Alcohol Level BEFORE you can drive on them.  They’ve already been doing  this in Alaska and New Mexico for decades.  It works!  Genius.

I believe if you decide to ‘identify’ with any minority, of any kind, you should Never Have to Go to Jail! Ever!  For Anything!

For instance, I ‘identify’ as being President of no less than 7 countries.  You have to admit, that’s a pretty small group.  And I can tell you, my life has been difficult because of Non-President Bias.  There are a lot of Haters out there.  But you know Hater’s gonna Hate.

Everyone needs more Money!  So the United States should print as much of it as we can, and mail it out to Everyone.  Everyday we should be able to go to the mailbox and get more money.  That way we can buy stuff.  You don’t have a mailbox?  No problem.  We’ll give police Huge Bags of Money to pass out to anyone who asks for it.  That way the Police can stop being a bunch of mean dudes enforcing stupid laws to Hella Cool guys, and girls too.

Oh… same as above for Health Care.  That should all be Free and we can have the Firemen hand that out!

We Should get to sleep in everyone else’s house whenever we want!  How cool would that be?!  You have a bedroom you’re not using?  I just might decide to stop by and hang with you guys for a while!  This would go a long way to getting rid of Racism, Homophobia, and all the other Bigotry that exists in the horrible country.  Think about how a couple of months with me in your house would improve your life.  And it would totally cure the homeless problem.  I know what you’re thinking… SOME PEOPLE, we all those types, won’t want to do this.  That’s OK!  I will have The Government make them do it.  It’ll be AWESOME!

Now I’m supposed to be totally Honest with you about my past.

No problem…

1.  I’ve done all the drugs.  Well, there are probably some new ones that I don’t know about, but I’ll get to those.

2.  I’ve had sex with millions of Women, and probably some Men.  I don’t remember any of their names.  Refer to #1.

3.  I’ve illegally made Billions of Dollars.  I don’t remember how.  Refer to #1.

4.  I’m an Alcoholic.  Well, not really… I have NO Problem Drinking!  Ha!  Get it!  no problem… man, that never get’s old.

5.  I’m totally into Solar, because when the Sun expands we’ll have the Energy we could ever need.

6.  I’ve got 28 kids… from 19 different women.  But I haven’t married more than one of them!  So it’s totally legal!

11.  I just now totally found a drug I haven’ dood ysnal’mxw  Refer to #1.



Isn’t it time Iraq gets a Nuke?

It seems only Fair…

The Obama Administration has allowed North Korea to develop theirs.
And now we’re allowing Iran to develop theirs.

To any Objective Progressive Observer, the calm, peaceful and reasoned approach to government exhibited by both North Korea and Iran is clearly mirrored by the Government of Iraq.

So let’s just cut to the chase and send the technology directly. That way the Iraqi’s are not faced with having to play ‘catch up’ with the other Nations in the Region.

Shoot… why not just give them the Nukes?

As I listen to myself tap this out it seems almost silly to place such a development burden on the Iraqi people. The expense alone would hinder their ability to compete with their neighbors.  And the allocation of the funds necessary would create an undue hardship for the citizens who would not have access to basic needs and services.

I say we just start shipping them directly out of our stockpile. We can promote the reduction of our weapons while ‘keeping the playing field even’ for an area of the world known for its stability.

Problem Solved.  (Just like in Benghazi.)
(Hey John, go ahead and use my idea. I won’t tell anyone. You can buy me a beer at your bosses next summit.)


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