Lenin was Big on Allowing Votes…

So long as they went his way.

He also advocated doing exactly what you intended to do prior to asking permission… if that permission was not granted.  The Obama Administration has demonstrated this with Obama Care, Private Schools for Minority kids, EPA regs, etc. etc.

So now the RINO Republican Establishment has also decided to take their ball and go home.

Why?  Because we don’t like them.

When John Boehner announced he would resign from Congress at the end of October there were cheers throughout the land by those who believe in the Constitution as it is written and the rule of law for which it is the foundation.

But the ‘election’ of a new speaker was to be gamed.

The Establishment wanted to replace Boehner with yet another controllable Republican. It was thought that shuffling the deck chairs would fool the American Public into thinking they were the beneficiaries of change.

We the People didn’t fall for it.

The few genuine Republicans we have been able to send to DC made our feelings known by not supporting this RINO rehash.

So what is the result?

Boehner has decided to call off the election for the Speakership.


Because he can’t control the outcome.

So he is electing to stick around for a while until he and his cronies can get the result they want.

I think there are some of the Establishment RINO types that truly don’t understand why we despise them.

The only thing They should be wondering about is why wouldn’t we?

Europe’s Socialist Descent into Hatefulness


The Hatred has always been there… Socialism, and all it’s flavors, requires Force and Violence. It’s the rule.

Originally posted on pundit from another planet:

Socialism in Europe is increasingly defined by hatred

Tom Rogantom-rogan writes: As enlightened arbiters of human interest and morality, socialists get angry when they don’t get their way. This unpleasant truth has been on very public display in Europe this week.

First, France. On Monday, infuriated by Air France’s necessary reforms to reduce costs and improve productivity, hundreds of airline employees attacked two of the company’s executives. Video of the incident shows the executives throwing themselves over a fence to escape.

[Read the full text here, at Opportunity Lives]

While the French government has condemned the violence, it is not an isolated incident. Just a few weeks ago, Parisian taxi drivers waged a violent uprising against competition — smashing Uber cars and assaulting drivers. The cabbies couldn’t bear the possibility of passengers choosing lower fares, and they got their way. Uber is now banned in France.

Then there’s the…

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I’m gonna Yelp Your A**!

So, apparently, ‘Yelping’ people is a thing.  Considering the Narcisstick made it big… an app that let’s others know how you feel about them… anonymously… seems obvious.  Why?  Because you’re important.

Clearly this calls for me to get ahead of the curve.

If I’m lucky enough to garner the attention of underwear clad, basement dwelling, porn surfing, 30-year-old success stories still living with their parents…

You should all know that whatever score they have assigned me on Yelp, is too high.

For those of you who have read even one of my foolish missives, you realized immediately that I am an Energetic Idiot with a Shriveled Black Heart. I’m an Hyper-Opinionated-Oxygen-Thief who cannot spell. I’m cruel to a level rarely seen outside of small Socialist Dictatorships and American Public Schools. (Both exceptionally cruel, just in slightly different ways.)  I’m the Sad Drunk Clown at the State Fair who reeks from a mixture of Dark Eyes, Cigarettes, Funnel Cake and Diesel Fuel. I’m that guy on the Motorcycle you never wanted your daughter, and now your son, to marry… but may be your ex-wife. I’m that Creepy Wrinkled Ice Cream Man that’s refreshed by Screaming Children’s Tears. I’m that Shadowy Corner where all the rotten garbage collects and the Heroin Addicts sleep.  And I revel in bringing everyone I meet to my level, because I champion the abysmal.

In the End, I’m the guy who doesn’t have a Facebook page because refusing a friend request doesn’t result in an auto-generated reply containing multiple profanity laced insults. (It’s worth noting years ago I tried the MyFace and simply sent my own original and uniquely degrading friend refusals… but after a couple of days, and several hundred replies, the enjoyment starting wearing off and the ever-increasing work load took its toll.)

So Yelp You, you Mother Yelpers!

Take your new People Yelping app and shove it straight up your Yelp Hole.

Not really…

Frankly, I think this Yelping People thing will be an enormous amount of fun, for me at least…

And if you see me rated…  whatever it is it’s too high.

The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd tends to his Flock.

He heals their wounds.
He assures those who wander do not get lost.
He leads them to the greenest pastures he can find.

Then He Eats them.


Because He’s the Shepard, and They’re the Sheep.

The War on Weiner

From the NY Post:

Weiner is Out!

Big time PR firm tosses Weiner.

And this happens just a couple of weeks after Hillary Bans Weiner from her campaign Rallies!

How long can Weiner last!?

At what point does Weiner lose it?

When will Weiner Stand Up in the face of this direct assault?

It takes a hard Man to weather such discrimination.

But no Man should be expected to take such a beating.

It’s time to end the War on Weiner!

The Slap Diet!

Diet Series Part V…

“Slap Down that extra Pound!”

This Revolutionary Diet Program offers multiple benefits with our primary goal being quick, and often permanent, weight loss.

The Slap Diet! is comprised of two fundamental components.  First being a historically proven reinforcement method.  Second being a sudden cardio-vascular fitness workout ranging from simply raising your heart rate to full muscle confusion.

Both of these are timed carefully to correspond with YOUR eating habits!

Don’t worry, this Program does not require any modification in the types of food you consume.  (Great for “picky” eaters!)

Here’s how it works:

You sign up with our qualified staff who follow you throughout the day.  (An additional night-time monitoring can be obtained with a slightly higher fee.  Contact your consultant for details.)

Just when you are about to put Food, Drink, Candy etc. into your mouth your dietary consultant will Slap the Crap out of you!

This New and Exciting approach to dietary health will provide you with the time-tested reinforcement historically shown to change your eating habits in a very positive way.  (Technically the reinforcement methods are “negative” but the results are Positive!  Very Positive!)

We have, as the second ancillary benefit, witnessed this progress into full contact fighting! If you have watched any MMA, or Ultimate Fighting, match you immediately realize the cardio-vascular benefit gained through such exercise.

It’s a double-edged approach to your physical health.  This Program is guaranteed to transform you!  It just doesn’t get any better!

Once you have experienced several iterations of the Slap Diet you may want to upgrade your experience…  and we’re here for you.

We offer an enhanced Slap Diet Program for a small, reasonable, Premium.

This Upgraded Program replaces your dietary consultant with anonymous individuals who we have outsourced the responsibility to help keep you on course.

Instead of a single person accompanying you throughout the day, and/or night, there will be complete strangers tasked with “Slapping Down that extra Pound” at the exact moment of your poor decision-making.  The bonus associated with this Premium Package is not having to feel the oppression tied to a single person following you around all the time.  Remarkably, the benefits remain the same… and in many cases become even more effective!  This is because the Premium Slap Package offers you the excitement of spontaneity.  Your Dietary Consultant could be a family member, a close friend or even the guy who just served you that double dip of Mint Chip Ice Cream… You’ll just never know!  It’s our Promise to You!

If you’re interested in this Brand New fully Guaranteed approach to your dietary health, please contact us through the comments section and we’ll customize a plan based specifically on your needs.

If you’re interested in joining our team you are also invited to contact us directly through the comments section.  Applicants compensation will be evaluated based on need and qualifications.  Please be advised, many of our Dietary Consultants work pro-bono and compete for jobs within this program.

Our Motto:  It’s fun for You!  It’s fun for Us!

It’s not just a Snap, it’s a Slap!

So get Slapped Happy today!

Slap Diet!

(“Slap the Crap out of You”, “Slap Diet”, “It’s Fun for You!  It’s Fun for Us!”, “It’s not just a Snap, it’s a Slap!” and “Slap Down that extra Pound!” are all pending Trademarks of DESFM LLC.  All interested parties are required to sign liability waivers absolving DESFM LLC and our Dietary Consulates from any responsibility, harm or permanent mental damage associated with any aspect of employment or participation in the Slap Diet Program.)

A small tradition…

You will be reminded today that on 9/11 2001 Terrorist A-Holes drove airplanes full of innocent people into buildings full of innocent people, killing over 3000.

These 19 Rich, Well Educated, Islamist Radicals who grew up with all the benefits of what we consider the middle and upper classes in their respective countries decided that they would make a point by striking at the symbolic heart of American economic prosperity and military prowess.
This reminder is appropriate and should serve to illustrate the stark, fundamental differences between those who strive to support equal rights for every individual versus those who wish to subject others to an oppressive mindset designed by elitists to secure their positions of power and create permanent class structures.
We may find ourselves feeling somewhat impotent when it comes to 9/11. You will, at some point, somewhere in the back of your mind ask yourself what can I do that really matters today in recognition of this horrible attack on economic freedom and liberty?
I have for the last 11 years had a simple way to say FU to those who would attack us this way. I look for one thing I do not need, and I buy it.  It’s purposely gratuitous.
It doesn’t have to be expensive… it simply has to be unneeded. It’s my small, simple way of supporting the free economy these a-holes wish to destroy.
So, just once a year in the honor of those who died due to a very twisted ideology framed around the oppression of mankind I go out and spend…  Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little… but never on something I need.
I hope all of you will find a small, affordable, easy, way to recognize this day.

Cheers to Freedom and Liberty.  Cheers to knowing what those words really mean.  And Cheers to knowing who those are that wish to deny you those Natural Rights.


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