Full Court Press

California is making a Mad Dash to Insolvency… This new push to keep LA County closed for business is nothing short of the prelude to a Demanded Bailout from the Federal Government (Read YOU and ME).

Governor Newsome (CA-D) and Mayor Garcetti (CA-D) see COVID-19 as their opportunity to demand a bailout from the American Taxpayers for almost 100-years of failed Socialist policies and Profoundly Wasteful Spending by a Corrupted State.  California is Everything that is Wrong with Democratic Socialism.

This move to completely destroy LA County is not about safety, it’s about driving the plane into the ground as fast and as hard as possible.  This closure extension is nothing more than a cynically opportunistic political ploy designed to remove any obstruction to a Massive Federal Bailout of what can only be considered Criminally Fiscal Behavior, approved then ignored by an Elitist Voting Base.  The ‘I’m Smarter than you Kids’ have dug a hole they can’t get out of… as we have been warning them they were doing.

Folks… we are being played for chumps.

So here we are… are we going to allow that to happen?



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3 responses to “Full Court Press

  • Tricia

    You are so dead on here Mike! If Nuisance Newsome could keep the whole state closed thru Augut he would for exactly the reasons you state. He knows other counties like mine in San Diego would completely revolt so he uses unreachable guidelines for opening up like no deaths in 2 consecutive weeks.

    He doesn’t know this yet but this is not the regular political bs stuff the D’s have always gotten away with in California and the pushback will be massive. It may nothappen as quickly as we’d like but it will happen.

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    • Mike

      I hope you’re right, Tricia. I’m so beaten down anymore… I can seem to see the train coming but all it does is give me plenty of time to watch it run over me.

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      • Tricia

        Nooo Mike, get up and get out of the way of the train. We know it’s bad, probably wrose than anything we’ve seen. Actually it’s been going on for quite some time and finally coming to a head after years of dysfuntional institutions; the press, Hollywood, the hard left, etc…teaming up against normal people. We have to fight back, it’s our only choice.

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