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Socialism is Dead!

Or is it?

The Wu-Tang Flu has parted the clouds which have long darkened our skies and shined the bright light of Truth upon us! Hallelujah!
Here’s what we know:

Don’t use Public Transportation.
Don’t use Public Education.
Don’t use Public Restrooms.
Don’t use Public Streets.
Don’t use Public Facilities of Any Kind… and Certainly Don’t Count on them to work as Promised.

Why? Because you’ll DIE. 

And, if in the off chance you don’t die, you’ll kill Granny just by visiting her…  you selfish, murdering, toilet paper hoarding A-Hole!

The lesson here is, buy your own car, own your own home, cook your own food, don’t pick your nose, poop in your own bathroom, home-school your kids or use private schools with small class sizes, take ownership of the streets and roads around you as well as your communities like… we… used… to.  Live at your own risk.

Of course, the “Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste” crowd is screaming for MORE GOVERNMENT! But I ask you, how is that Universal Health Care working for the Italians, Germans, French, Indians, Iranians, Chinese, etc. etc? Do the Mass Grave/Burn Pits come ‘free of charge’ because of their ‘amazing’ health schemes?  Yes, yes they do.  Cool! We definitely need some of that…

In the end here’s what the takeaway is, we might as well have been attacked.  Look at this like WWIII.  This virus appears to have been crafted intentionally if not released intentionally. 

We as a nation are more vulnerable now than ever in history exactly because we have abdicated our personal responsibility to nameless, faceless, bureaucrats who happily accept that power over us.  We have chosen via the people we have elected to live at everyone else’s risk.  You all know the old adage, “When Everyone Owns It, Nobody Owns It.”  Look around… it’s true.  This very horrible, bad, terrible idea is being demonstrated for all the world in real-time.  

Now there is no time.

So the Socialism that has permeated modern America should now be dead for all time.

Or, will we collectively beg for more of what got us here?

And, hoard Toilet Paper…

(As an aside, you might also note that living in a Big City is a bad idea.  Pushing your Grandparents into a Nursing Home is a bad idea.  Using Public Schools as Baby Sitters is a bad idea.  Not Saving a Dime is a bad idea.  Taking your sh*tty politics to places that are doing just fine and changing them into the sh*thole you just had to escape from is just Bad.  Hoarding Sh*t you can’t eat or has a short Shelf Life is also Ba… no, that’s just stupid.  I hope you enjoy every spoonful of your piping hot bowl of toilet paper.  As I tap this out it becomes clear how we got here.)

[For Karen.]


Socialists Admitting Socialism Doesn’t Work?

Waiving the Jones Act.

On the heels of Hurricane Sandy, the Administration wants to lift rules that restrict fuel delivery to the storm stricken areas.

Why is the idea of getting government interference out of the way only a good idea during times of disaster?

The Obama Administration is admitting that Socialism, as codified in The Jones Act, is a hinderance to the recovery process following Hurricane Sandy.

The Jones Act forbids non-union tankers to make deliveries into certain ports.

Why isn’t this a “hinderance” all the time?  The dirty little secret the Leftists are hoping you skip over in your thinking is… IT IS.

What the Obama Administration is saying is “Socialism does not work”.

When the chips are down Socialist policies must be removed because they are so bad…  in fact, they’re bad ALL THE TIME, but our tolerance of them is slightly higher when times are “good’.  But think about the progress we could be making in this country if we removed all artificial barriers such as this one.  There are THOUSANDS of them out there…

Right after we permanently get rid of this crap we should be asking ourselves why we ever let it happen in the first place!

Somehow these Charlatans convinced us that ideas like this were “good”.  Somehow they got us to fall for it.  The responsiblity is ours that it happened.  Take responsibility, get rid of these people, and don’t let it happen again.

In the face of true need and despair our Liberal Politicians are forced to admit for all to see that not only do their ideas not work… they have never worked.  (History is replete with examples of such failed thought.  The consequences vary from bad, to abhorrent.)

It has always been about favors… and money… and power.  Never has it been about you.

If you’re not amazed, you’re not paying attention.