A Shot Across the Bow…

There was another moment that I and the 199 other viewers watching CNN shared last night with Mr. Weinstein and former President Bill Clinton that I did not mention in my previous post. It has made the circuit today, as I thought it might, so I didn’t address it.

I don’t think anyone is getting it.
Bill Clinton said Mitt Romneys’ Bain Capital tenure was “sterling”.
As explanations, I have heard everything from “the democrats are also in bed with Bain” to “Clinton is endorsing Romney”.

I think it is easier than any of this.
President Obama does not like the Clinton’s… never has. Hillary being Sec. State has more to do with Bill Richardson and Obama’s lack of infrastructure than with any kind of shared love.  (If anybody is remotely interested I can explain in comments.)
To me, this was clearly a shot across the bow. A thinly veiled warning to Obama that Bill Clinton can be a strong ally as well as a formidable adversary.
The Clinton’s want Hilary on that ticket. Either for the win, or for the next run. They also believe it is the only choice Obama has if he stands any chance of winning… so it is “for the good of the party”.  All their “moral” bases are covered.
President Clinton simply made a point on a barely watched network (except by Canadians apparently) that Obama really does not want him running around as a loose cannon.  God forbid he say something similar on Fox or, well Fox. People would actually see it.
So, in usual form, Bill and Hillary have made their demands behind closed doors and expect the desired response.  No foot dragging.  The time is now.

I figured someone would have picked up on this, which is why I left it alone.

Or, it could just be the absinthe.

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6 responses to “A Shot Across the Bow…

  • Rattlesnake

    I just have to ask, because I did mention that I was watching CNN on my blog, were you talking about me? I do know a few other people (Canadians) who do watch CNN, which is surprising because I don’t know all that many people. That must be statistically significant.

    How do you think Obama dropping Biden for Rodham would affect the election? I would think it would be a smart move for him since he seems not to be doing very well among women at the moment, and I’m sure Biden is a liability.


    • Mike

      Yep. That was a reference to you. I think your evaluation of Obama dropping Biden is solid. I too think it is his best option… which is good if that’s his BEST option.


      • Rattlesnake

        Okay, good. I wouldn’t want to look like one of those people who thinks everything is about them, but isn’t (even though I’m sure I do already). 🙂

        I’m glad Obama chose Biden in 2008, because now he is not in a great position. I still (obviously) hope he keeps him, though. Now that I think about it, Hillary Clinton seemed like the logical choice, so I think you’re on to something when you say there is some personal animosity between them.


  • Wayne

    Reblogged this on luvsiesous and commented:
    Crazy was my first thought.

    Then, I thought about what our fellow blogger wrote. Maybe it is not so crazy.

    What do you think? Is Clinton (Bill) bragging about Romney in an attempt to get his wife a spot as VP?



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