Donna Brazile Auditions for MSNBC


Donna Brazile sees an Opening at MSNBC for her own show.

With the Sudden Departure of Chris Mathews, Ms. Brazile takes an opportunity on Fox News to Audition for her own show.  (Does she remember Ed Schultz?)

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2 responses to “Donna Brazile Auditions for MSNBC

  • David

    What’s that ol’ saying that goes something like, “the lady doth protest too much”? She just convinced me that they sure ass hell ARE plotting against Crazy Bernie.

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    • Mike

      There’s no question. The Democrats cannot, cannot, cannot, allow an open debate of their ideas and that’s what Bernie will do. They know they’re going to lose either way so the Best way is to be able to blame it on an old white guy and not Socialism. In other words, if Bernie were not representing what they truly believe behind closed doors or was smart enough not to speak it out loud they’d be fine losing with him. But he brings decades of destruction to the leftist a-holes in the country if he wins the nomination… and they know it.

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