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When things are Really, Really bad,

Roll out the Percentages.

So today we are getting a barrage of percentages in relation to Obamacare.

We are being told, as of this morning, that 24% of the required 40% young adults have signed up for expensive insurance which no Doctors will be around to honor.

Now you KNOW it’s bad.

The current spin is this is Good.  We are supposed to think that we are almost at our goal… just 16% more to go!

The example being thrown out is the late sign up’s for Romneycare in Massachusetts.  (I’ll save you my repeated point that States, not the Federal Government, are allowed to do horrible things to their populations… read 10th Amendment.  The idea being that the people doing it to you were within reach and worst case you can always leave.)

Considering the public has no idea how percentages work, let alone what they represent when confronted with them… and they are absolutely the easiest statistics to manipulate in order to craft whatever message you want,

Let me try to put it in the simplest terms…

Using the Administration’s line of logic, if only TWO PEOPLE in the entire country signed up and one of them was a 70-year-old Herpes riddled Ex-President while the other was a 24-year-old Female White House Intern the Left would be jumping for joy because they would have met their goal of the 40% of participants being young adults!  In fact we would probably be hearing how extraordinary it is that 50% of the participants are young adults and how that represents the youth embracing this brilliant new Socialist Scheme.  Of course they would brow beat some campaign staffer to sign up too, which then we would hear that Obamacare has seen a 50% increase in enrollment!  It’s a Success!

In reality however,

The Liberals are not saying 24% of young adults have signed up…. No, no, no….  They are not even saying 24% of the final needed number of young adults for this debacle to work….. Nope.

What they are saying is that of those who have decided paying tons of money for something doomed to fail because they are not very smart, 24% of THOSE people are young adults.

The percentages are meaningless except for one thing, they communicate a message about Obamacare.

This thing is in Bad Shape.

And the Progressives are Once Again counting on the stupidity of the American People.  Sadly we never seem to disappoint them.

I’m not sure about you, but I’m a bit tired of hearing how We should Fix It.

As my Grandfather used to say; “There is a point when you stop feeding a sick horse, you shoot it.”  But those were different times.  Now days we set the horse up with a house, a car, a phone and Free food while making sure it get’s it’s Disability “Entitlement” along with Free Health Care.  (Health Care, by the way, which no Veterinarians will be around to administer.)

Isn’t it time we start hearing about Complete Repeal again?

It’s a simple message which 100% of the population understands with no horsing around.


Harry Reid’s Mushroom Cloud

This morning Senate Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) changed the rules of the Senate to allow for Mob Rule.  A simple Majority of Senators can now approve a Presidential Nominee for positions such as Judges.  While any nominee is now subject to simple majority vote for approval I’m going to stick with Judges… because that’s what really matters here.

I have tapped out my belief that the Progressive Liberal Socialists behind Obama Care will do anything… anything… anything to make sure this steaming pile of Elitist Social Engineering remains law.  Well, this is one of those “anything’s”.

There is a palpable sense of urgency emanating from the Democrats in Washington.

The Leftists are realizing that this whole destroy the insurance companies and force socialized medicine on the “stupid folks” thing just isn’t working out.  But they have waited too long and come to far to let it slip through their little commie fingers.

I posted a note some time back called the Benevolent Arsonist in which I proposed that Chief Justice John Roberts knew exactly what he was doing when he emasculated the Commerce Clause argument as applied to Obama Care (and pretty much anything else in the future) and instead forced it to be defined as a Tax.

Why is this important now?

It’s important because we are about to see Millions, possibly Hundreds of Millions of Americans forced to pay The Obama Care Penalty Tax because they have not enrolled in the brilliant Socialized Medicine Scheme thrust upon them.  They are going to be penalized for Not buying Something!  And once that happens… it constitutes “Harm”.  And once you’re “Harmed”… you can Sue, but not until then.

The Liberal Left Democrats in this country know full well the lawsuits are coming.  Harm is just over the Horizon.  In fact, it dawns in six weeks.

This is why those Big Unions, and Corporations, with armies of lawyers and the money to use them, all got waivers…  The Left hopes to slow down those who can make things happen Fast.  (Well, Big Labor is a different story… but let’s stay on topic.)

And because Small Businesses have neither money nor lawyers on staff they are left out to dry… just like the rest of the stupid Individuals who don’t know what’s good for us.

The Nuclear Option has been on the drawing boards behind those closed Red doors for some time.  And faced with a rapidly disintegrating Dream…

The Obama Administration and the Elitists who support Obama Care just need more time.

They need more time to create Government Addicts.  Just like the local Heroin Dealer… they are willing to give it to you right up until you Have to Have IT.  All these European Socialists who occupy the political offices of the United States want is enough time for there to be no way back to the way it was.  And while they don’t need to stack the courts forever, they absolutely need their people in place really friggin’ quick to fend off any legitimate lawsuits demonstrating the direct Harm being caused by this Soviet Style, Mean-Spirited and Overtly Oppressive Health Care legislation.

So the Nuclear Option was employed this morning because President Obama, Harry Reid and the rest of their Ilk see the writing on the wall.

This thing sucks.  You know it, I know it and even those blind Kool-Aid drinkers singing Obama songs before passing out at his campaign speeches now know it.  If they don’t, they’re starting to figure it out.  (The jury is still out in regard to what those people can actually figure out, but we’ll see as the weeks pass.)

Obama needs his Judges in Place.

Obama needs to be able to “expand”, in other words Stack, the courts in his favor.

Obama’s Legacy as the Man who Remade America into a Social Democracy depends on it.

And you fools are not playing along.

So they have no choice but to start pulling out the “anything’s”.

I Take Responsibility!

I’ve decided I’m going to use it for everything, kind of like salt.

I did not have sexual relations with your daughter, okay I did but it was just sex and depends on what the meaning of “is” is… never mind…  “I Take Responsibility!”

I wrecked your car after I hot wired it so I could go buy drugs and have people think it was you… “I Take Responsibility!”

I burned down your house, because, well just because… “I Take Responsibility!”

And, your baby’s ugly… “I Take Responsibility!”

And right after I say these magic words, I walk off.

The reason I can walk off is because everything is OK… I took responsibility.  End of discussion.  Everyone involved or affected can now move on.

If I had only known it was this easy years ago!

But in case you don’t believe me…

Kathleen Sibelius is just the latest example of how powerful “Taking Responsibility” really is.

That whole Destroying the Health Insurance Industry thing… well, Kathleen has taken responsibility, just move on.  It’s over… there is nothing left to be said.  Unless, of course, you’re an ideologically driven partisan hack.  I mean the only people still upset about the Socialization of Medicine in the United States are the crazies who said it would never work and would only make it worse… but they were spouting that hokum as far back as the 90’s when Hillary tried it.  And, They were out there yelling their heads off just 5 years ago over Obama Care… what idiots!  Those fools have no idea what they’re talking about.

So, in Solidarity with those who know better for you than you do, I will take full responsibility for President Obama saying over and over again that “You can keep you Doctor and Medical Insurance Plan if you like them.  Period!”  That was my Fault.

Oh, and your premiums plus deductibles sky-rocketing?  Also my Fault.  I Take Full Responsibility.

Congress getting their plans subsidized by You, the taxpayer?  Yep… That was Me.  Put the Blame squarely on my shoulders.

Unions and Big Business who donated heavily to Democrats getting Waivers?  That was me… sorry.

There you go.  I’m glad we were able to get that out-of-the-way.

Now… we can all move on.

Feel’s good doesn’t it?