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When a President of The United States says He Claims Responsibility, What Does That Mean?

Seriously, What Does That Mean?

I Don’t Care what Party He’s in. I Don’t Care what Ideology he believes in. (I do, of course, but not in this case.)  I Couldn’t Care less about his Gender, Race, Height, Shoe Size or preferred Breakfast Cereal.

This isn’t about not liking the man…  I genuinely curious.

What Does it Mean when Someone “Claim’s Full Responsibility” for something which is destructive, yet does nothing about it?

By claiming responsibility is he trying to deflect negative repercussions falling upon those around him…  But why would a person do this unless one believes they’re above any consequences or penalty?

In other words, Falling on one’s sword requires a sword.

So is He above any consequences for his actions?

Yes?  Then all of this makes sense.

No?  Then what consequences should he suffer?

Again, What Does it Mean when he say’s he Claims Responsibility?


I Take Responsibility!

I’ve decided I’m going to use it for everything, kind of like salt.

I did not have sexual relations with your daughter, okay I did but it was just sex and depends on what the meaning of “is” is… never mind…  “I Take Responsibility!”

I wrecked your car after I hot wired it so I could go buy drugs and have people think it was you… “I Take Responsibility!”

I burned down your house, because, well just because… “I Take Responsibility!”

And, your baby’s ugly… “I Take Responsibility!”

And right after I say these magic words, I walk off.

The reason I can walk off is because everything is OK… I took responsibility.  End of discussion.  Everyone involved or affected can now move on.

If I had only known it was this easy years ago!

But in case you don’t believe me…

Kathleen Sibelius is just the latest example of how powerful “Taking Responsibility” really is.

That whole Destroying the Health Insurance Industry thing… well, Kathleen has taken responsibility, just move on.  It’s over… there is nothing left to be said.  Unless, of course, you’re an ideologically driven partisan hack.  I mean the only people still upset about the Socialization of Medicine in the United States are the crazies who said it would never work and would only make it worse… but they were spouting that hokum as far back as the 90’s when Hillary tried it.  And, They were out there yelling their heads off just 5 years ago over Obama Care… what idiots!  Those fools have no idea what they’re talking about.

So, in Solidarity with those who know better for you than you do, I will take full responsibility for President Obama saying over and over again that “You can keep you Doctor and Medical Insurance Plan if you like them.  Period!”  That was my Fault.

Oh, and your premiums plus deductibles sky-rocketing?  Also my Fault.  I Take Full Responsibility.

Congress getting their plans subsidized by You, the taxpayer?  Yep… That was Me.  Put the Blame squarely on my shoulders.

Unions and Big Business who donated heavily to Democrats getting Waivers?  That was me… sorry.

There you go.  I’m glad we were able to get that out-of-the-way.

Now… we can all move on.

Feel’s good doesn’t it?