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Harry Reid’s Mushroom Cloud

This morning Senate Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) changed the rules of the Senate to allow for Mob Rule.  A simple Majority of Senators can now approve a Presidential Nominee for positions such as Judges.  While any nominee is now subject to simple majority vote for approval I’m going to stick with Judges… because that’s what really matters here.

I have tapped out my belief that the Progressive Liberal Socialists behind Obama Care will do anything… anything… anything to make sure this steaming pile of Elitist Social Engineering remains law.  Well, this is one of those “anything’s”.

There is a palpable sense of urgency emanating from the Democrats in Washington.

The Leftists are realizing that this whole destroy the insurance companies and force socialized medicine on the “stupid folks” thing just isn’t working out.  But they have waited too long and come to far to let it slip through their little commie fingers.

I posted a note some time back called the Benevolent Arsonist in which I proposed that Chief Justice John Roberts knew exactly what he was doing when he emasculated the Commerce Clause argument as applied to Obama Care (and pretty much anything else in the future) and instead forced it to be defined as a Tax.

Why is this important now?

It’s important because we are about to see Millions, possibly Hundreds of Millions of Americans forced to pay The Obama Care Penalty Tax because they have not enrolled in the brilliant Socialized Medicine Scheme thrust upon them.  They are going to be penalized for Not buying Something!  And once that happens… it constitutes “Harm”.  And once you’re “Harmed”… you can Sue, but not until then.

The Liberal Left Democrats in this country know full well the lawsuits are coming.  Harm is just over the Horizon.  In fact, it dawns in six weeks.

This is why those Big Unions, and Corporations, with armies of lawyers and the money to use them, all got waivers…  The Left hopes to slow down those who can make things happen Fast.  (Well, Big Labor is a different story… but let’s stay on topic.)

And because Small Businesses have neither money nor lawyers on staff they are left out to dry… just like the rest of the stupid Individuals who don’t know what’s good for us.

The Nuclear Option has been on the drawing boards behind those closed Red doors for some time.  And faced with a rapidly disintegrating Dream…

The Obama Administration and the Elitists who support Obama Care just need more time.

They need more time to create Government Addicts.  Just like the local Heroin Dealer… they are willing to give it to you right up until you Have to Have IT.  All these European Socialists who occupy the political offices of the United States want is enough time for there to be no way back to the way it was.  And while they don’t need to stack the courts forever, they absolutely need their people in place really friggin’ quick to fend off any legitimate lawsuits demonstrating the direct Harm being caused by this Soviet Style, Mean-Spirited and Overtly Oppressive Health Care legislation.

So the Nuclear Option was employed this morning because President Obama, Harry Reid and the rest of their Ilk see the writing on the wall.

This thing sucks.  You know it, I know it and even those blind Kool-Aid drinkers singing Obama songs before passing out at his campaign speeches now know it.  If they don’t, they’re starting to figure it out.  (The jury is still out in regard to what those people can actually figure out, but we’ll see as the weeks pass.)

Obama needs his Judges in Place.

Obama needs to be able to “expand”, in other words Stack, the courts in his favor.

Obama’s Legacy as the Man who Remade America into a Social Democracy depends on it.

And you fools are not playing along.

So they have no choice but to start pulling out the “anything’s”.


Why, really, are the Unions Mad?

Or… Why is everyone missing it?

This week the news has been how Union Leaders are upset about the debacle that is Obamacare.

Organized Labor’s James Hoffa, Joseph Hansen and Donald Taylor sent Democrat Leaders Reid and Pelosi a Nasty Gram.

Full Letter here.

So, after the small smile I return to my senses and wonder why.

Reading the entire missive it becomes clear it has nothing to do with any of the stated reasons.  The only impact the letter was intended to convey was the old “we’ll go public if we have to” warning.

What’s really at the crux of this little feud between Dwindling Labor and The White House?  It’s the delay of the Employer Mandate.  (And now possibly the Individual Mandate.)

All of the language about caring that we are all going to get crappy health care at exorbitant costs is hogwash and meant strictly for public consumption.

The Unions are angry because they were promised, and were counting on, the Employer Mandate resulting in the “kicking off” of millions of individuals from their current health insurance plans.  Which… would then leave the super caring folks at Atrophied Labor to ride in to the rescue with a very powerful recruiting tool… Health Insurance!  And, not just any health insurance… the Good Stuff.

But How you ask?  Well… don’t forget, they have received waivers.  As usual, The Unions are not required to follow the rules.

But, they’ve been Commie Blocked.  The Leftist Powers that Be have decided the preservation of the Crown Jewel of Socialism is far too important to allow it to implode of its own weight.

So the Mob of Three are pissed because they have prepped for a massive recruiting effort which now must be shelved until after the election.  They are pissed because their membership roles are shrinking along with their membership dues.  They are pissed that they had to write the Letter in the first place in order to, or at least attempt to, keep their positioning as caring for the membership, and buy some time.  They are pissed because they know they’ve been had and that they Must support Democrats, full force, to make sure they will be able to collect on the promise Obama made them.  They are pissed because they’ve been played by the Administration.

Hilariously, the Union Bosses have been beaten at their own game.

Don’t think for one second this matters.  Even the White House knows they will do nothing but be obedient servants for the Democrats come the 2014 elections, because if they’re not… they’ll get nothing.

This is reinforced by the Silence from the White House regarding the Letter.

Some people like Football and some like Baseball.  Personally I prefer watching Socialists fight with each other.

If nothing else, It makes me happy… even if it has the impact of an All-star Game.

I’m going to go grab a beer and keep watching.