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Anything to Save It!

(A Blast from the past…)

Anything but Repeal It!

The Democrats (And Establishment RINO’s) want Any “Fix” that keeps Obama Care on the Books…

President Clinton is the latest to offer up a “fix” to Obama Care by suggesting the Current President should champion a change in the law to allow Citizens to keep their current Health Insurance if they like it. “Allow”…

“Allow” me to bypass the obvious question as to who do these people think they are to “Allow” me to do anything… and get to the bigger issue at hand.

The Destruction of the Health Insurance Companies is analogous to Cortez burning his ships when he landed on the New World.

(Realize, the Government may tolerate a few Health Insurance companies to exist so long as they can be completely controlled via regulations… the Fascist flavor of Socialism.  It is what We have “Allowed” these people to do in almost every Industry.  This brand of Fascism is why the EPA and OSHA exist.  Without these agencies Insurance Companies, not to mention Self Interest, would be the mechanism for spreading Best Practices.  Get the connection?  Do you suddenly see why “Big Insurance” is the enemy of the Left?  They represent competition to Big Government.  Therefore the Left believes They must be removed, or at a minimum diminished to the point of uselessness.  And we’re witnessing it happen as I tap this out.)

There is no, nor will there be, any “fix” to the complete and total destruction of the Health Insurance Industry we are watching before our eyes. The only solution to what is an ill-advised attempt of Government to wrest control over 1/6th of the Economy while once again removing all Free-Market Competition, Voluntary Exchange and your Right to Choose is a complete Repeal of this Disastrous Law.

Anything else is simply an effort to preserve the Big Government, aka Socialist, gains achieved during the first two years of Democrat Control over The United States.

Anything else is just buying time while you “Get Used” to Government telling you what you must do when it comes to purchasing Health Insurance.  Then what you eat, and drive, and activities you pass time doing etc.  Because it all has to do with your Health.  The only “fix” Liberals want when it comes to Health Care is enough time for you to get your mind right and accept that Government is the Answer.

But they Need you to scream for them to “Fix” it.  Which is why they all seem to be standing around watching the Health System Implode.  An Implosion they caused.  All they’re waiting for is for you to blame the Insurance Companies and beg Government to step in… with Single Payer or what is otherwise known as Government Run Health Care.

It has been the goal from the beginning.  It is still the goal.

And, Once the deed is done there can be no turning back.

Social Security was supposed to be a temporary Insurance Safety Net.  Temporary… But given enough time you folks began counting on it and decided it should be permanent.  So permanent in fact that the politicians took your cue and spent all the money collected for it on other things because they knew you would never let that stream of income to Government go away.  But they didn’t spend it on important things, things we could have done without.  They wasted it.  They allowed their friends to have it.  They squandered it.  Because who needs discipline when the money just keeps rolling in?  And You gave them permission.  You are Still giving them permission.

This is no different.

Don’t let this happen again.

Demand Complete Repeal!

When Democrats stand up and say “Republicans have never liked this law and just want to get rid of it!”, you should stand up and say “You’re Right!”  “We Warned You!”  “In Fact, We Warned You with Plenty of Time not to let this Happen in the First Place!”  “Are You Listening?”

All this was bad from the beginning and it needs to be done away with, not preserved with some “fix” created to placate you until you “see the light” and concede your Freedoms to those in Washington.

It is no mystery that I’m not a fan of about 80% of the Republican Party.  But it is a Party that must move to Repeal this hideous legislation.  It is a Party that needs to step around the likes of John McCain, Chris Christy and Lindsey Graham to save this country from the mistakes of Democratic Socialists world over.  If there has ever been a rallying point, or issue, of our time it is this.  We were not there to fight against what we now know to be huge wastes of money and drags on productivity of the past.  But we are here now.

The push to Socialize Medicine must be stopped.

And in the future, Anyone who even suggests such a Scheme should be disqualified from serious consideration when it comes to holding power in this Country.

(Originally posted 111212)


Repeal Obama Care.

I’m trying to put this as simply as I can.

What we had before was far, far better than what is being forced upon us now by President Obama and elected Democrats.

No more time for “fixes”. In other words, no more time to try and get more people addicted to Government Handouts… Entitlements… your tax dollars… whatever you want to call it.

Repeal this Abortion of Law Now!

Repeal it, Repeal it, Repeal it!

Stop with the “adjustments”… “a little more time”… “we just need to get it right”… hogwash.

Obama Care is Socialism pure and simple. It will not, does not nor ever will work. It can not, has not and does not work anywhere in the world.

Repeal the “Affordable” Care Act Now!

Now! Now! Now!

And if you can’t, elect those who will!

That is the only criteria for their election… they do not need to offer up “an alternative” as what we had before worked. They do not need to propose “how to fix” this current Communist approach to the world. They do not need to do anything other than Repeal this POS and do everything they can to stop another 100 Million people from losing their Health Insurance.

Have I made my point John B.?


You Can’t Fix Stupid

The Idea that you can Fix The Single Piece of Legislation that is Destroying the Finest Health Care System in the World and replacing it with a Huge New, Expensive, Heartless, Nameless, Faceless Bureaucracy is Asinine.

But That’s Where the Establishment Republicans are.

There is no Fix to Obama Care.

The only Solution to the Catastrophe Obama Care has created is Full Out Repeal!

Nothing Less.

Once we have cleansed ourselves of this Leftist Scheme to wrest control of you and your Health Habits, not to mention your money, we can move forward with Free-Market remedies to Pre-Existing Conditions and Portability. Only Then.


This was Forced Upon Us.

The Majority of Us Never Wanted This in the First Place and that fact has Not Changed.

Not a single Republican Vote was cast in favor of this… if you recall the Republicans Were Shut Out of Committee Meetings regarding the Legislation!

Yet now we see Establishment Republicans supporting the idea it can be “Fixed”? It’s as if we have found ourselves in an alternative Universe.

At the head of this New Normal is none other than Karl Rove.

I have to confess, I am tired of hearing the intentional confusion being sown by “The Architect”.  I’m to the point of turning him off the moment I see him.  He is so disingenuous it is difficult to listen… and knowing that there are people out there accepting his subversion as guidance only serves to further my frustration.

Why am I focusing on Rove?

Because we can at least vote out Establishment Republicans who are members of Occupy Washington.  Rove however appears to be a favorite of both Democrats and ill-informed Republicans alike, and he can’t be dealt with at the ballot box.

It’s time to recognize the Affordable Care Act for what it is… an Epic Legislative Abortion.

Rove and his Ilk be damned.

Repealing Obama Care IS the Fix.

Repeal It, Repeal It, Repeal It!

When things are Really, Really bad,

Roll out the Percentages.

So today we are getting a barrage of percentages in relation to Obamacare.

We are being told, as of this morning, that 24% of the required 40% young adults have signed up for expensive insurance which no Doctors will be around to honor.

Now you KNOW it’s bad.

The current spin is this is Good.  We are supposed to think that we are almost at our goal… just 16% more to go!

The example being thrown out is the late sign up’s for Romneycare in Massachusetts.  (I’ll save you my repeated point that States, not the Federal Government, are allowed to do horrible things to their populations… read 10th Amendment.  The idea being that the people doing it to you were within reach and worst case you can always leave.)

Considering the public has no idea how percentages work, let alone what they represent when confronted with them… and they are absolutely the easiest statistics to manipulate in order to craft whatever message you want,

Let me try to put it in the simplest terms…

Using the Administration’s line of logic, if only TWO PEOPLE in the entire country signed up and one of them was a 70-year-old Herpes riddled Ex-President while the other was a 24-year-old Female White House Intern the Left would be jumping for joy because they would have met their goal of the 40% of participants being young adults!  In fact we would probably be hearing how extraordinary it is that 50% of the participants are young adults and how that represents the youth embracing this brilliant new Socialist Scheme.  Of course they would brow beat some campaign staffer to sign up too, which then we would hear that Obamacare has seen a 50% increase in enrollment!  It’s a Success!

In reality however,

The Liberals are not saying 24% of young adults have signed up…. No, no, no….  They are not even saying 24% of the final needed number of young adults for this debacle to work….. Nope.

What they are saying is that of those who have decided paying tons of money for something doomed to fail because they are not very smart, 24% of THOSE people are young adults.

The percentages are meaningless except for one thing, they communicate a message about Obamacare.

This thing is in Bad Shape.

And the Progressives are Once Again counting on the stupidity of the American People.  Sadly we never seem to disappoint them.

I’m not sure about you, but I’m a bit tired of hearing how We should Fix It.

As my Grandfather used to say; “There is a point when you stop feeding a sick horse, you shoot it.”  But those were different times.  Now days we set the horse up with a house, a car, a phone and Free food while making sure it get’s it’s Disability “Entitlement” along with Free Health Care.  (Health Care, by the way, which no Veterinarians will be around to administer.)

Isn’t it time we start hearing about Complete Repeal again?

It’s a simple message which 100% of the population understands with no horsing around.