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What’s in a name?

Apparently nothing.

So I’ve decided to change mine.  (Just like Mayor DeBlasio… or Mr. Wilhelm…whatever…)

People don’t like me.  I’ve taken an admittedly unscientific poll but the results are clear.  I’m despised.  There are many reasons for this… many, many reasons…

So, by changing my name I will wipe the slate clean.  I mean there are a bunch of people out there who haven’t met me yet and my reputation under my old name can’t precede me.  All I have to say is “That’s not me.”  It will be like being born again! (Kinda… actually very similar…)

And, as long as I don’t get too attached to my new name I can always change it again down the road if I screw it up a second or third time…

The Socialists have been doing this for a hundred years!  Once they were Socialists, then Communists, then Progressives, then Social Democrats, then Democratic Socialists, then Liberals just to be super confusing, then Leftists, back to Socialists and even Anarchists to render the term meaningless, then back to Progressives… anon, anon…  Just like the criminals they are.

Think about it, “Hillary Clinton” is a way better name than “Suicide Inducing Harpy” which is what she used to go by.

Come on!  It doesn’t matter what you call yourself.

Your name says it all… who cares about your actions.  Instant Indulgence, without having to purchase it.

We do it all the time.

All you have to do is pick something like Catholic, Conservative, or Liberal and that’s what you are.

You don’t even have to know what that moniker means because it means whatever you want it to. Brilliant!

So what if you only go to Mass at Midnight on Christmas Eve… and support abortion.  It doesn’t matter.  So what that when you’re confronted with Socialist principles you cringe in disgust… you’re “Liberal” and you’re going to continue to vote for “Liberals” no matter what.  You can even wear the mantle of “Conservative” though you couldn’t explain free-market capitalism if your life depended on it, and you support catastrophic spending by huge extra-constitutional government as long as it is “your guys” in charge…  NO problem!

We’re finally at the point where words have no meaning.

And never worry, if some malcontent tries to assign a definition, you can just combine a bunch of them like “conservative-liberal-pacifist or liberal-progressive-social democrat or left leaning-anarcho-capitalist”, there are no rules…go nuts!

So remember, as long as you keep changing what you call yourself nobody will ever challenge you.   And if nobody Challenges you, then even you will never have to genuinely understand what your new name means.  You’ll Never Feel Stupid Again!

So…  it’s time for me to make the change.

I’m going with “Omnipotent”.  (It says it all.)

I know, it’s a bit of a mouthful but “Enlightened” seemed a to feminine and I’m saving “Super Genius” for future use.

Oh… and it’s “Mr. Omnipotent” to you.  Or, possibly “Your Highness”.  I’ll have to think about that.



The Religious Left.

(This was originally posted Feb. 10 2012)

That drunk embarrassing in-law you never talk about has just grabbed the microphone at your wedding.

It’s tough to be a Socialist! It’s hard when you can’t just make “them” shut up and do what you want.  I almost feel sorry for the Obama administration after seeing the push back the Religious Left has handed them in regard to the special rights they thought they had. The betrayal the church must feel is palpable.
Apparently the Catholic hierarchy believed they had cut a deal with the Obama Administration regarding the mandate of providing contraception and abortion access within their insurance plans. In other words they were asking for the rights we should all have but are being denied us under Obamacare.
These same Priests were caught off guard when the guy they supported said there would be no exception. Ouch.
Here’s the problem; The Obama administration cannot cut deals with the church the same way they cut deals with the Unions. The Unions have no counterpart, the Religious Left does. Say hello to the Religious Right. Enter the conundrum… If the Obama Adminstration makes a deal with the Religious Left they must also make the same deal with the Religious Right. And, if they don’t they have a Constitutional challege on their hands with the Religious Left and the Religious Right rapping them on the knuckles with the 1st amendment.  If they do, then down the slippery slope of individual rights they slide as Americans of all faiths and non-faith will ask why any relilgious organization gets more rights than they do.  In other words, why does a church get a pass and I don’t?  Uh, oh.
Only time will tell, but wouldn’t it be ironic if the Religious Left saved our Individual liberties?

Meanwhile the Administration is quietly sitting with a grim look of despair hoping the battery in the microphone, or the guy holding it, dies.

Some animals are more equal than others…

Why is the Catholic Church arguing that they should have more rights than I get under Obamacare?  Fascinating…