“Russia Lost 20 Million People…

During World War Two.” – This Statement Brought to you by the fine, Smarter then You, folks at NBC during their Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony Coverage 2014.

Holy Crap! Where Did They Go!?

(You might as well read this entire post as if I’m yelling…)

First:  The Russians didn’t lose anybody.  I Hate this… they were NOT LOST.  They were killed.  There is a Huge friggin’ difference.

Second:  The Russians at the time were calling themselves Soviets.  If you don’t know the difference please whip out your Googler… Seems too simple to be lost in translation.

Third:  The Soviets suffered War Casualties at the hands of the National Socialist Democratic Workers Party (NAZI’s) to the tune of 1.9 – 2.5 Million.  That is a very big number… outshined however by 20 MILLION.  For those of you playing at home… that’s a factor of 1010 x’s the other number.  10!

Inquiring minds, unlike those at NBC, might wonder what happened to the other 17.5 MILLION PEOPLE

The Soviets killed them.

The SOVIETS killed them.


Socialist on Socialist Violence does not stop at Nation States.  In fact, it is always far more prevelantly practiced once the Socialist Paradigm of Governing is solidified within a Nation.  Always.

“Why?”, you (except those of you at NBC apparently) might ask?

Because resistance to the State MUST BE DESTROYED.  Simple really.  The State is the top of the pyramid and governs down.  In contrast to what America used to be like where the People governed Up.  Very, very different.  Had The Russians embraced a Governing Theory placing the Individual before the group… in this specific example 17.5 MILLION PEOPLE WOULD HAVE LIVED!

I’m so appalled right now I can’t even address NBC’s declaration of Communism being a “PIVOTAL EXPERIMENT“… as far as I’m concerned it’s right up there with stating “Mengele’s “experiments were pivotal” in expanding the horizons of science.”” or “Jeffery Dahmer’s” PIVOTAL EXPERIMENTS took cooking to a Whole New Level…”

What makes it worse is the Elitists at NBC always had the option of keeping their Progressive Leftist Liberal Socialist Sympathizing pie holes shut.  They could have said NOTHING.

The only thing missing from this only slightly softer and gentler 1936 Olympic  reboot was the Internationale being belted out in Russian by a stadium full of standing “volunteers”.  Oh, and I thought the Hammer and Sickle was a nice touch…

Maybe the next time Germany has the Olympics they can proudly fly the Swastika and have NBC wonder what happened to 9 Million Jews who got lost


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7 responses to ““Russia Lost 20 Million People…

  • xPraetorius

    So well said! So well done! Your blog is chock-a-block to overflowing with on-the-nose observations and rapier-like skewerings of the linguistic nitwitteries of America’s left.

    I too lost that day’s and several previous days’ lunches at hearing “Pivotal Experiment.”

    Those lunches, unlike those 17.5 million people, were, indeed, lost.


    — x


  • david

    Did you expect anything less from BOB COSTAS? Remember his rambling diatribe about gun control at halftime of Monday Night Football? He and his minions have no interest in the truth!


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  • 1wanderingtruthseeker

    I so understand you wanting to scream, pound your head against the wall! I’m doing it now! It just amazes me just how stupid people can be.


    • Mike

      They can be so stupid because They don’t know, which has been the Socialist goal since the second revolution of 1917. You must control the pillars of Education…


      • 1wanderingtruthseeker

        Just like Hitler did. The common core teaching programs going on right now are simply propaganda. The United States has now made it legal for them to lie to us!


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