You Couldn’t Possibly Understand…

Unless you’ve walked a mile in My Shoes.

Once again I have encountered this tired, clichéd, rhetorical device employed when a person’s argument is either weak or non-existent.

This statement is so absurd if it were to be taken seriously our entire legal system, and every legal system world over, would necessarily cease to exist.  No Jury, No Judge, No Court of any kind could render any verdict regarding any question put before it.

If this assertion were the basic requirement of decision-making, read judgment, no decisions could or would be made as none of us knows what it’s like to “walk in the others shoes”.  In fact, it is impossible to convey a lifetime of experience to another person so they may find themselves equipped to “judge” as this statement implies is mandatory.

Frankly, our ability to make judgments regarding situations we have no experience with keeps most of us from taking a slow walk in the middle of the Highway.

It’s inane and used by those with nowhere else to go.

My response to the Question “Who are To Judge?!” remains the same…

“Who else is there?”


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