Trick or Drink!

In our Undisclosed Location we have what most of us consider a “Charming” Tradition each October 31st.

‘Tis a time-honored Tradition passed down from generation to generation.

‘Tis a Tradition we would like to share with you…

So, The time has come.  Many Cycles of the Moon we have waited…  to collect our offerings…

As the Sun is low on All Hallows Eve we wrest our Ceremonial Goblets from the mantle and quietly traverse the path from Hut to Hut…

Trick… or Drinking.

With a slow approach nearing each new abode you can hear the merry jingle of glass decanters eagerly awaiting our impending arrival.

Rap, Rap, Rapping upon the threshold, bright excited eyes greet us and smiles break with the cheery peal of “Trick or Drink!”. 

Due enthusiasm erupts as our newly obliged hosts pour each and all a small helping of an alcoholic elixir meeting their fancy. Once all have imbibed, and rejoicing has been had, we set out anew with our merry troop growing by those last visited.

On a short time indeed, and many a dwelling set upon, the troop is now a hoard and the howl a battle cry needing supped.  We know no mercy and besiege all those not wary enough to douse their candles.

‘Tis Now, The Entire Village awakes and all are alight with the anticipation of bountiful distilled goodies.

All too are aware that as the twilight slips below the horizon, wee beggars donning the garb of ghouls and goblins shall arrive threatening us for different, far sweeter prizes…

And as soon as it had begun, it is over for a year on… until the next Day before All Saints.

Cheers to you all!  And, Happy Halloween!

(In case you’re wondering, the only trick any of us know is lighting your house on fire.  You’ve been warned.)


The Zombie Vote

Another reason Alex Sink’s loss in Florida Matters.

As early as 2pm EST yesterday We were hearing poll worker chatter regarding what appeared to be a decrease in Traditional Florida Voters.

According to Phyllis Simms-Hathcock, a local poll worker, the turn out of Serial, Tourist and Life-Challenged Voters was down, way down.  “We felt it early this morning and it never got better.  But it’s always hard to tell until the votes are counted and you’re short what you need.”

For most of us in the business this comes as no Surprise.  Pollsters have long known that Individuals are loath to identify themselves as Zombies or even Deceased, let alone Life Challenged.  So it is indeed difficult to tell if they intended to turn out for this election or not, making their participation impossible to gage.

We also asked Mrs. Simms-Hathcock about the Tourist Vote. “Well, you know, people come from all over to Vote in Florida Elections!  Usually we see hundreds of New York license Plates alone.  We just didn’t see that today.  But having sorted many of the Absentee ballots I know their still out there.” said Phyllis earnestly.

And the Serial Voters?  Shaking her head; “With the recent High-Profile prosecutions of Serial Voters it could be they’re Afraid to Make All Their Votes Count.  Such a Shame.  So Very Sad.”

Upon leaving the polling station we noticed a vehicle driving slowly past and flagged it down.  On the condition of anonymity a self-proclaimed “Zombie” Voter was willing to speak with us.  We asked him why he was just driving by.  “I wanted to see if it was all clear.  Since there’s only one race going on the Election People have been focusing all their resources on the Polling Stations.  A couple of my friends got busted just because they got confused, usually there’s only a “D” and an “R” on the ballot but this time there was an “L”.  Seriously!  You should have seen us trying to do that Chad thing… When it gets confusing it can take us a really long time to make a decision.  I guess that’s how they figured it out, because they were standing in the booth for like hours, just like standing there staring and moaning a little… and I’m just being careful.  Oh yeah.. And Supposedly they can tell I’m “Life-Challenged” by the way I walk.  What is That about!? It’s so wrong! Personally I think it’s just Profiling.”

Last night at the Sink for Congress Returns Party we were able to get off-the-record comments from Several of Sink’s Campaign Volunteers.  All of them said roughly the same thing; It’s difficult to turn out that extra 5-7% when your base is being oppressed and there’s a bunch of FBI types looking over your shoulder.  In their opinion’s it amounted to nothing less than Government Interference in Democrat Elections.  However, the consensus was it will be easier when there are more counties participating in larger elections.  The feeling is Election Officials just don’t have enough people to disenfranchise these important Progressive Voting Blocks.

While clearly this was a loss, the feeling we left with was Hope.


[VIDEO] Speaking Truth to Power: Chicago Activists Confront Their Oppressors


It’s time to move on from ‘Party’ and start talking again about Ideology. We MUST return to placing paramount importance on empowering the Individual regardless of Group Identity. Freedom and Liberty of the Individual must reign supreme… as all is protected if You are protected. This was the intent of the Founders. This must be our Intent Today.

Originally posted on pundit from another planet:

Chicago activists Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward recently went on the record with RebelPundit to deliver a message to black communities across the country.

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Set Sail the Bipartisanship!

If the Republicans pull out Majorities in Both Houses…

Expect a renewed Scream for Bipartisanship to be heard ’round the World.

If you listen closely it is already starting.

Here’s how this goes;

Leftists gain power in two or more Branches of Government and they do whatever they can to move the United States closer to the Socialist Utopia of their Dreams.

Once Opposition to the Liberal Left gains enough power to prevent the Socialists from Moving Forward… the Leftists cry for Compromise and ‘Working Together’.

(You must come to terms with the fact that Socialists make up the Entirety of the Democrat Party and a Majority of the Republican Party in order to fully understand what I’m saying here.)

And as I have stated in the past, any compromise with Socialism is a Win for Socialism.  And they’ve been Winning in America for over 100-years.

The Progressives will continue to Plea for Hand-shaking, Golf Outings and Communal Lunches with their supposed Opponents right up until they regain the Power they Previously possessed.

Then it Starts all over Again.

I will refer you to Bipartisanshitt for my full opinion on this ridiculous cycle.

When we support “Getting Along”, we are supporting the Whole Sale Destruction of America as it was Founded.  We are Abandoning your Freedom and Liberty.

Working ‘Across the Aisle’ only gives the Party of Socialism what it wants… just a little slower than it wants it.

Look for this Hogwash coming to a news broadcast near you.

And when you do, remember that Compromise is what got us here.

I might just start a Drinking Game revolving around the Cry for Compromise.  But being perpetually intoxicated could be a bit much even for me.  Although….

Un-American Amnesty?

So the head of the RNC was out ‘Rallying the Base’ by shouting how the Republicans will “Stop the Un-American Amnesty” planned by President Obama.

I have to ask…

What about the Un-American Socialization of Healthcare?

What about the Un-American use of the IRS to target Political Enemies?

What about the Un-American and unconstitutional invasion of Privacy actively being committed by the NSA when they archive every bit of information you receive and produce?

What about the Un-American embrace of myriad Socialist policies?

What about the Un-American education being forced upon our Children?

What about the Un-American support of voter fraud?

What about the Un-American attack on the Electoral College?

What about the Un-American neglect of honoring the Constitution?

What about the Un-American undermining of our Allies Abroad?

What about the Un-American forfeiture of Moral Superiority by abandoning our role as Champion of Individual Freedom and Liberty Worldwide in trade for Democratic Collectivism?

Unless Reince has an answer to these questions…

I think returning to silence is recommended.  It has worked for the Establishment so far.  (Our fight will begin again during the next set of Primaries…)

I have a friend who would offer Mr. Priebus a Steaming Hot Cup of Shut The F*ck Up.  I suggest the Head of the RNC try it.

Using a single issue to distract from a Much Larger Problem is an old tactic.  And using it implies one’s belief that the Voters are Stupid.

When your Entire Car is falling apart you don’t focus all of your attention on a low tire…

It’s time for us to stop being stupid.

Don’t Quarantine Me Bro!

A Medical Worker has been released from observation prior to the recognized Ebola incubation period after returning from West Africa.

Ms. Hickcox came back from West Africa and was quarantined for 7 days. During that period of time she secured a Lawyer.

The incubation period (as far as we can tell) for Ebola is currently at 21 days.

Ms. Hickcox has been released from the quarantine and ask politely to quarantine herself voluntarily at Home in Maine.

The White House believes this is the correct way to proceed.
The CDC, read White House, believes this is the correct way to proceed.

While Ms. Hickcox has said openly that she may, or may not, have Ebola… her treatment is uncalled for.

Clearly Nurse Hickcox believes the idea of quarantine for a disease that does not present for 21 days is inhumane… as she has stated.

And, She along with her lawyers promise to sue.

I would be lying if I said I was surprised…

However, isn’t her admission that she ‘may or may not’ have the disease exactly the reason for the quarantine?

I will ask all of you…

Is the inconvenience of an extra 14 days too much to ask if it saves the life of a single child?

Is the expectation that we treat rapidly fatal diseases for which we have no cure with extreme caution unreasonable if it could save the lives of our children?

Wouldn’t you expect Medical Personnel to ‘Do No Harm’ and err on the side of such caution?

And finally…

Wouldn’t you expect the White House to agree with such wisdom until we can get a better handle on a rapidly fatal disease… if not for us, for the children?

We have all heard this appeal for decades.  It has been used ad nauseam.

And yet, where are the hand wringing, bleeding heart, Liberal Leftists with their concern?

Are they too occupied with the latest, fresh from Latin America, killer of children called the Enterovirus D68?  Nope… not there either.

Is the Press voicing their concerns for the children?  Nope.

How about our President and his party who care about everything more than we do?  Nope.

So I guess “Equal Opportunity” now only applies to Deadly Communicable Diseases.

If not in America, then Where can a Killer Microbe get a Fair Shake?

History: 50th Anniversary of ‘The Speech’


I am a proud member of the Cult of Reagan. We should be so lucky to find another individual with the same beliefs to lead this country and fill the halls of Congress. It has been far too long since American has embraced the identity of it’s founding. To our detriment.

Originally posted on pundit from another planet:


“Government is beholden to the people, that it has no other source of power except the sovereign people.”

– Ronald Reagan, 1964

For the LA TimesCraig Shirley and Laura Ingram write:

Today marks the 50th anniversary of private citizen Ronald Reagan’s landmark speech in behalf of Barry Goldwater‘s presidential candidacy in 1964. Reagan’s remarks gave meaning to a campaign the establishment had said was a fool’s errand, and offered a response to those who said conservatism was not sophisticated or viable as a governing force.

The facts have proved otherwise, and that speech made Reagan the leading conservative in America. Years after his passing, he still holds that title. Who calls himself a Nixon Republican or a Bush Republican? Most call themselves Reagan Republicans, even if they don’t know the true meaning of Reaganism….(read more) LA Times

“I’ve spent most of my adult life as a…

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