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Political Theater!

It dawned on me this morning that I’m qualified to be a contributor on any of the Cable News Networks.

I have some credentials… while meager, apparently that doesn’t matter.

What matters is that I use certain phrases that may be true but are completely meaningless… and that I use them over and over and over.

So there I was, watching Juan Williams, of Fox News Fame, describe the VA Scandal as “Political Theater”. The point he was trying to make, the point he is always trying to make, the reason Fox writes him a check… is that any investigation into anything, ever, which originates from Anyone Opposing Democratic Socialists in our Government and Their Schemes is… “Political Theater”.

The brilliance is Juan, et al., have used this ad nauseam and remained employed.

While Juan’s phrase “Political Theater” is simple, and apparently powerful (they are paying him to do it) it lacks a directness. In fact, it is so vague as to be void of substance.

ALL activity in Government is Political Theater.

Every Word spoken, every Action taken. The phrase is Omni-Applicable… thus meaningless.

And yet, Mr. Williams gets a check.

So I’m going to try it out;

The VA Scandal… “Political Theater!”
The IRS Targeting Scandal… “Political Theater!”
The NSA Domestic Spying Scandal… “Political Theater!”
The Benghazi Murder Scandal… “Political Theater!”
The Fast and Furious Scandal… “Political Theater!”
The You Didn’t Build That and Spread the Wealth Around outrage… “Political Theater!”
The Socialist Nationalization of General Motors Outrage… “Political Theater!”
The Drive to Repeal the Socialization of Medicine through Obama Care… “Political Theater!”
The Outrage over Killing of American Citizens with Drones… “Political Theater!”
The Drive to make America Energy Independent by the “Right”… “Political Theater!”

Bill Clinton Lying under Oath… “Political Theater!”
The Cold War… “Political Theater!”
World War II… “Political Theater!”
World War I… “Political Theater!”
The Civil War… “Political Theater!”

My Wife think’s I drink too much… “Political Theater!”

Fun huh?  I think I’m pretty good at this!

Please send checks directly to me.. I will also accept anything Fit for Human consumption with an alcohol content greater than 5%.


Obama meets the Omnipotent Paradox?

Such seems the Destiny of those who seek The Power of Control over Others.

There has been much talk lately that Progressive Liberals in both parties will take serious hits this Election cycle.  I, as you, have learned to not believe anything until it’s over… and it’s never over.  I will proudly remain a Cynic.  So I’ll reserve any hopeful prognostication as it has been 50/50 for me in the past.  But there is an interesting phenomena occurring before our eyes.

It appears that the Socialists in the U.S. have found themselves face-to-face with the Omnipotent Paradox.

By Creating and then placing Socialized Medicine before all other concerns they may be facing a Stone they cannot lift.

But let’s look at it from their point of view.

Single Payer, Government Run, Medicine is the Crown Jewel of Socialism.  And, considering they have achieved All of the other goals lined out by Marx, Lenin and their Fellow Travelers it makes sense everything else should be set aside in favor of installing and then protecting this Enormous Victory.  One must also weigh the level of success Leftists have enjoyed over the last 100-years to fully understand the confidence they exhibit.  Not only have they been able to reach every goal they set their sights on, but the “loyal opposition” has become the Concession Party… Opposition in Name Only.  Their supposed enemies are differentiated not by Ideology, but by the color of their Tie.

So… Why shouldn’t they believe they are Omnipotent?

Given this History, who wouldn’t “take the shot” to close the deal on a Socialist United States?  If I were a Marxist, I would…

The result, however, seems to have been the creating of something larger than the Progressives can control.  And they may be rethinking their Omnipotence and wondering if Hubris hasn’t raised its ugly head.

Obama Care, AKA the Affordable Care Act, is finding no quarter, in any Quarter.  In fact, it is fomenting the closest thing to a Pitchfork Rebellion the U.S. has seen.

Is The Forgotten Man learning, or re-learning, what this Country was Founded Upon and Why?

If so, it could be the beginning of the end for the Red Menace.  It could signal the unwinding of over 100 years of Progressive thought and code.

It might be the thread sticking out of the Ugly Sweater… waiting to be pulled.

The only question is Who is going to pull it?

It Certainly will not be the Democrats.

It Certainly will not be The Establishment Republicans.

So Who?

Let’s pretend Someone is Brave enough to pull it, will those pulling fall victim to Hubris resulting from a perception of Omnipotence?

They surely will if we grow complacent again…

Because we are All Human.

And I’m a Proud Cynic.

Drunk, but Proud.

How to Speak Progressive

All of you are about to enjoy the opportunity to learn “Progressive”.

The language of Progressive has been used for a 100 years. And for most of us, because it is difficult to use in everyday life, we have not learned it.

So now is your chance!

It will be demonstrated right in front of you on your television so you can see what it sounds like and how it is used.

Here’s what to look for…

Government run Health Care is a Progressive idea.

The evolution of this concept is what we are interested in here.

Let me illustrate and then you can turn on your television and witness it for yourself.

“Socialized Medicine”

Folks started to realize that Democratic Socialism was what Lenin wrote about profusely and lovingly, so it evolved to:

“Government Provided Health Care”

Government run anything, deservedly so, gets a negative connotation, so it evolves to:

“Single Payer Health Care”

Opponents to Socialized Medicine saw through this and attached the appropriate definition turning the focus groups against the term, so it evolves to:

“Universal Health Care”

But those same opponents to Socialized Medicine again show up and ruin this redefinition, so it evolves to:

“Medicare for All”

This one has yet to go south in the minds of the rigorous focus grouping as it is relatively “new” re-labeling of Socialized Medicine…

There is one question, and one take away, following this brief lesson in Progressive.

The question is “What will they call it next when folks like you figure out what it really is?”

The takeaway is that Socialists never give up… they know they’ll never get you to like what they want to do to you, they just make every effort to confuse you until you Beg them to do it.

Enjoy watching this for yourself!

Class dismissed.