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Why I, of all people, am Glad this crappy Health Care Bill did Not Pass.

I’m going to keep this simple.

1. This Bill was not a Repeal of Obama Care.
2. Weasel Leftist Republicans were ready to wash their hands of it claiming they delivered on what we demanded with their Yea vote.
3. There is no option but to do away with, destroy, demolish, crush, this Socialist Keystone completing the take-over of The United States. None. And this didn’t do it.
4. Weasel Republicans in general want to keep their ability to extort money from Insurance Companies in order for those companies to do business in their State. (If you’re unaware of this, it’s extraordinary.  Take a little time to look into it.)  Portability does away with that… as it should.  I’m pretty sure we have something called the Commerce Clause.  But I’m also pretty sure we only employ that to take away your personal liberties.
5. This “Disaster” is really a “Triumph”. Liberal Republicans must be outed, clearly identified, and replaced as quickly as possible… with worn out tools.

This defeat of a crappy bill doing nothing but providing cover for a bunch of Socialists hiding in the Republican Party is extremely valuable. We must now remember who these people are and replace them with fiscally conservative, but most importantly constitutionally originalist, Republicans who understand and embrace the Enlightenment Ideology our Founders crafted this country upon.

We have wandered far from our Founders creation.

Now is time for Big, Bold Moves returning us to the Freest Country on Earth.

That means getting Government Out of the Way and letting us, the free market, deal with it.

In a World of Compromise, some Men Don’t.

We Need Those Men.


Obama Care needs a DNR

Why… why… why…
are we allowing the Current Administration, and the Democrat Party, to spend our Tax Dollars (Which we don’t have by the way.) on trying to fix something that was DOA?

The idea Obama Care was a good idea in the beginning is absurd no matter how “fair” it seemed, how warm your heart got or how far up your leg that tingle ran, and a vast Majority of Americans agree.  They have agreed from the beginning. But Liberals only like Majorities when they support whatever new social experiment their agenda says it’s time to implement, sorry, force upon us.  (Next time instead of voting for Socialists… just drink their Vodka.)

So here we are… in need of a death panel.

It’s worth Remembering that there has been only one Party who tried to head this debacle off before it got started, and even after it began rolling downhill, over 30 times. And, it’s not the Democrat Party.

It’s also worth Remembering that the Democrats Controlled Both Houses and the Presidency, manipulated the rules, went against public wishes and excluded all Republicans from any participation to Force this upon Us for two solid years.

Finally… one should look as far back as a couple of months ago to realize the system we had in place Worked!

Were there a couple of problems? Yes. Pre-existing and Portability, both of which could have been… and still can be… dealt with should we all be smart enough to demand the Government remove itself from the gigantic mess they have made and repeal this ridiculous piece of steaming excrement ironically called The Affordable Care Act. Obama Care must Go!

Stop Giving My Money to the Bureaucrats, and the very Contractors, who screwed up what was destined to be screwed up in the first place.

There is no fix!

(Certainly removing all competition from the system and going to single payer is not a serious solution?  The complaint for years was that there wasn’t ENOUGH competition… And now there are useful idiots out there suggesting removing all of it and giving Government the monopoly over the entire health care industry is a good idea?  I’m currently reading a book on all the things Government runs efficiently… it has no pages.  Can there be any question left that this whole thing has been an Ideologically Socialist driven escapade hoping to realize their Communal Utopia?  Really?  Anyone?  I’m right here… I’ll gladly post your comments and whatever defense you are willing to provide.)

And… for those of you “Surprised” by any of this…




There, I said it. I’ve wanted to say it for months.  I feel better.


Are you going to start listening to us finally?

I know… that would be as ridiculous as Obama Care.

The Ongoing Conservative Propaganda Campaign to Destroy Obama Care…

And the Unrelenting Effort to convince people The President, and the Democrat Party, are only trying to impose some kind of Socialistic Single Payer Health Care.


In their own Outrageous words…

Their transparency is undeniable.

Obama – Public Remarks

“Nobody is talking about some government take over of health care.”

Obi Wan Kenobi – Public Remarks

“These are not the Droids you’re looking for.”

How to Speak Progressive

All of you are about to enjoy the opportunity to learn “Progressive”.

The language of Progressive has been used for a 100 years. And for most of us, because it is difficult to use in everyday life, we have not learned it.

So now is your chance!

It will be demonstrated right in front of you on your television so you can see what it sounds like and how it is used.

Here’s what to look for…

Government run Health Care is a Progressive idea.

The evolution of this concept is what we are interested in here.

Let me illustrate and then you can turn on your television and witness it for yourself.

“Socialized Medicine”

Folks started to realize that Democratic Socialism was what Lenin wrote about profusely and lovingly, so it evolved to:

“Government Provided Health Care”

Government run anything, deservedly so, gets a negative connotation, so it evolves to:

“Single Payer Health Care”

Opponents to Socialized Medicine saw through this and attached the appropriate definition turning the focus groups against the term, so it evolves to:

“Universal Health Care”

But those same opponents to Socialized Medicine again show up and ruin this redefinition, so it evolves to:

“Medicare for All”

This one has yet to go south in the minds of the rigorous focus grouping as it is relatively “new” re-labeling of Socialized Medicine…

There is one question, and one take away, following this brief lesson in Progressive.

The question is “What will they call it next when folks like you figure out what it really is?”

The takeaway is that Socialists never give up… they know they’ll never get you to like what they want to do to you, they just make every effort to confuse you until you Beg them to do it.

Enjoy watching this for yourself!

Class dismissed.