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How to Speak Progressive

All of you are about to enjoy the opportunity to learn “Progressive”.

The language of Progressive has been used for a 100 years. And for most of us, because it is difficult to use in everyday life, we have not learned it.

So now is your chance!

It will be demonstrated right in front of you on your television so you can see what it sounds like and how it is used.

Here’s what to look for…

Government run Health Care is a Progressive idea.

The evolution of this concept is what we are interested in here.

Let me illustrate and then you can turn on your television and witness it for yourself.

“Socialized Medicine”

Folks started to realize that Democratic Socialism was what Lenin wrote about profusely and lovingly, so it evolved to:

“Government Provided Health Care”

Government run anything, deservedly so, gets a negative connotation, so it evolves to:

“Single Payer Health Care”

Opponents to Socialized Medicine saw through this and attached the appropriate definition turning the focus groups against the term, so it evolves to:

“Universal Health Care”

But those same opponents to Socialized Medicine again show up and ruin this redefinition, so it evolves to:

“Medicare for All”

This one has yet to go south in the minds of the rigorous focus grouping as it is relatively “new” re-labeling of Socialized Medicine…

There is one question, and one take away, following this brief lesson in Progressive.

The question is “What will they call it next when folks like you figure out what it really is?”

The takeaway is that Socialists never give up… they know they’ll never get you to like what they want to do to you, they just make every effort to confuse you until you Beg them to do it.

Enjoy watching this for yourself!

Class dismissed.