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Don’t Forget Single Payer was always the Goal

It’s time to remind ourselves that Government Run, Single Payer Health Care was the true goal of Obama Care in the first place. We must remember that Obama Care was never designed to work. In fact, it was designed to fail from the outset.

But here’s the Rub for Democrats:

Obama Care was Supposed to position the Insurance Companies as Evil Bad Guys trying to make sure you’re sick and dying. (I know… that would seem to be self-defeating as the Insurance Companies would be the ones having to pony up for your care, but don;t let reason get between you and the Socialization of Medicine.) Needless to say, We are not blaming the Insurance Companies. We are Blaming the most destructive Law Forced upon all of us in our lifetimes. We are Blaming Obama Care, and by connection Obama and the Democrat party.


But… we’re Stupid. Right Jonathan?

I want to bring this back up because you will be hearing from many of those Community Organizer types suddenly conceding the argument that the Affordable Care Act is not Affordable and those who crafted it are Acting as if they don’t Care.

There is a reason for this.

These Diehard Democrats are the same people who were ready, when the time was right, to scream about Obama Care from the very beginning. They have been waiting for You.  They have been waiting for you to Blame the Insurance Companies.  They have been briefed by the Elitists, such as Gruber et al, on the plan and were told to wait to create a disturbance until You were the angriest.  And while they flamed the fire of your discontent, they would be carrying the Banner of Government Run, Single Payer, “Universal” Healthcare as the ONLY solution.

Well, they are seeing the writing on the wall, And instead of waiting for Godot, they are coming out in opposition to Obama Care now, because the threat to the Crown Jewel of Socialism is very real after the latest mid-term elections and Republican takeover of the Senate.

These sudden ‘revelations’ are last ditch efforts to achieve the Dream.

This amounts to running out of ammunition and loading up the silverware into the cannon.

So pay attention…

The problem is you will be offered up these Democrat voices as turn-coats to the cause of permanently nationalizing our Health Care System.

They are not.

In reality they are true believers in the Social Utopia dreamt of by all Democrats.

In closing I offer you the impetus for this post.

Meet Burke Beu and the article titled “This Democrat is Giving up on Obama Care”.

The above linked article illustrates exactly what we need to remember while we work to repeal Obama Care. Be wary of those who at first blush seem to be on the same side of this issue.  The comments associated with this article serve to illustrate the trap we face if these people are embraced as allies.

They are not.


Obama meets the Omnipotent Paradox?

Such seems the Destiny of those who seek The Power of Control over Others.

There has been much talk lately that Progressive Liberals in both parties will take serious hits this Election cycle.  I, as you, have learned to not believe anything until it’s over… and it’s never over.  I will proudly remain a Cynic.  So I’ll reserve any hopeful prognostication as it has been 50/50 for me in the past.  But there is an interesting phenomena occurring before our eyes.

It appears that the Socialists in the U.S. have found themselves face-to-face with the Omnipotent Paradox.

By Creating and then placing Socialized Medicine before all other concerns they may be facing a Stone they cannot lift.

But let’s look at it from their point of view.

Single Payer, Government Run, Medicine is the Crown Jewel of Socialism.  And, considering they have achieved All of the other goals lined out by Marx, Lenin and their Fellow Travelers it makes sense everything else should be set aside in favor of installing and then protecting this Enormous Victory.  One must also weigh the level of success Leftists have enjoyed over the last 100-years to fully understand the confidence they exhibit.  Not only have they been able to reach every goal they set their sights on, but the “loyal opposition” has become the Concession Party… Opposition in Name Only.  Their supposed enemies are differentiated not by Ideology, but by the color of their Tie.

So… Why shouldn’t they believe they are Omnipotent?

Given this History, who wouldn’t “take the shot” to close the deal on a Socialist United States?  If I were a Marxist, I would…

The result, however, seems to have been the creating of something larger than the Progressives can control.  And they may be rethinking their Omnipotence and wondering if Hubris hasn’t raised its ugly head.

Obama Care, AKA the Affordable Care Act, is finding no quarter, in any Quarter.  In fact, it is fomenting the closest thing to a Pitchfork Rebellion the U.S. has seen.

Is The Forgotten Man learning, or re-learning, what this Country was Founded Upon and Why?

If so, it could be the beginning of the end for the Red Menace.  It could signal the unwinding of over 100 years of Progressive thought and code.

It might be the thread sticking out of the Ugly Sweater… waiting to be pulled.

The only question is Who is going to pull it?

It Certainly will not be the Democrats.

It Certainly will not be The Establishment Republicans.

So Who?

Let’s pretend Someone is Brave enough to pull it, will those pulling fall victim to Hubris resulting from a perception of Omnipotence?

They surely will if we grow complacent again…

Because we are All Human.

And I’m a Proud Cynic.

Drunk, but Proud.

Will Harry Reid Shut down the Government?!

Looks like it.

It looks like the Progressives will fall on their sword to save the Crown Jewel of Socialism… even though the majority of Americans Don’t want it.

At this point one has to ask “Why?”

Why are the Democrats so ideologically bound to a Universal Health Care scheme that not only raises prices and reduces the quality of services for everyone, but will end in bankruptcy just like the past Socialist schemes such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

It seems to escape all of our leaders, every minute of every day that We are Out of Money.

So is that their goal?

Could it be the End Game is to bankrupt the entire country?

Is there a “sane” person anywhere in the United States who would advocate such a plan?

Well… yes.  Many of them in fact.  But the ones who put it on paper were

Two Liberal Progressive Professors who are still around and quite influential… Cloward and Piven.

“The  duo taught that if you flooded the welfare rolls and bankrupted the cities and  ultimately the nation, it would foster economic collapse, which would lead to  political turmoil so severe that socialism would be accepted as a fix to an  out-of-control set of circumstances.”

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/08/cloward-piven_paradise_now.html#ixzz2gO76NmwQ

It all makes sense once you realize that there truly are people out there that hate the way this country was created.  They’ll look right at the camera and say unequivocally “I Love America!”, but the America they love is a location, a place on the map, a place they happen to reside… but absolutely not an idea.

In the End, They fully intend to spend us into oblivion.  And, Everything is Going according to Plan…