The Next Shoe

What happens when you have struggled through a website designed by the worlds most inept, and expensive, web designers…

You’ve decided that paying three times more for insurance is a “good deal”.

When you come to your senses and being covered for a Pap Smear, while your wife is being covered for her Prostate Exam. is logical, reasonable and rational.

While accepting that dog food probably won’t taste so bad… since that’s what you’ll be eating just so you can pay the tripling of your out-of-pocket deductible.

And, finally, hoping whatever subsidy you might qualify for is continued FOREVER out of government generosity with money they don’t have…

Only to find out,

Nobody takes it.

Well, it’s the Next Shoe.

Those Damned Greedy Doctors are doing a number of things, none of which is embracing the brilliance of getting paid even less with the advent of Government enforced Private Insurance Monopolies which will eventually turn into the Mother of all Government Monopolies known as Single Payer Health Care.

Aside from Retiring, choosing other professions or opening clinics which rely almost exclusively on Nurse Practitioners…  They are Not taking the Obama Care insurance.

But Wait! There’s More!

Those few who are smart enough to be Damned Greedy Doctors are seriously considering other career paths which can capitalize on their intelligence and attention to detail in order to earn wealth for themselves and their families… instead of Medicine.

Those who are Currently Competent Doctors, and decide to stick with the only profession they know instead of retiring, will move into “boutique” medicine.  In other words cash for service.

For those of you out there who believe the word “fair” has a definition and think Obama Care is a good idea, the “rich” you seem to despise with all your heart will get the best treatment and the “poor” who are the richest poor on the face of the planet will get far less than what you thought they were getting just a few months ago.

While the old saying is “You get what you deserve”, I just don’t want what You deserve.

If you think you Deserve More Government… you have the Rest of The World.  There’s 194 other countries to select from.

I have a question for you.  Are you honest enough with yourself to ask why you don’t live in one of those now?  Heck, Mexico is beautiful!  So is Jamaica… and parts of Cuba!  The skiing in Canada is World Class…

If your answer is “Because this is the greatest country on the planet.”, then why are you trying to change it into a place you would not choose to live?

I have an idea, stop voting and start smoking your medicine.

We’ll pick up the shoes.


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