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Anything to Save It!

(A Blast from the past…)

Anything but Repeal It!

The Democrats (And Establishment RINO’s) want Any “Fix” that keeps Obama Care on the Books…

President Clinton is the latest to offer up a “fix” to Obama Care by suggesting the Current President should champion a change in the law to allow Citizens to keep their current Health Insurance if they like it. “Allow”…

“Allow” me to bypass the obvious question as to who do these people think they are to “Allow” me to do anything… and get to the bigger issue at hand.

The Destruction of the Health Insurance Companies is analogous to Cortez burning his ships when he landed on the New World.

(Realize, the Government may tolerate a few Health Insurance companies to exist so long as they can be completely controlled via regulations… the Fascist flavor of Socialism.  It is what We have “Allowed” these people to do in almost every Industry.  This brand of Fascism is why the EPA and OSHA exist.  Without these agencies Insurance Companies, not to mention Self Interest, would be the mechanism for spreading Best Practices.  Get the connection?  Do you suddenly see why “Big Insurance” is the enemy of the Left?  They represent competition to Big Government.  Therefore the Left believes They must be removed, or at a minimum diminished to the point of uselessness.  And we’re witnessing it happen as I tap this out.)

There is no, nor will there be, any “fix” to the complete and total destruction of the Health Insurance Industry we are watching before our eyes. The only solution to what is an ill-advised attempt of Government to wrest control over 1/6th of the Economy while once again removing all Free-Market Competition, Voluntary Exchange and your Right to Choose is a complete Repeal of this Disastrous Law.

Anything else is simply an effort to preserve the Big Government, aka Socialist, gains achieved during the first two years of Democrat Control over The United States.

Anything else is just buying time while you “Get Used” to Government telling you what you must do when it comes to purchasing Health Insurance.  Then what you eat, and drive, and activities you pass time doing etc.  Because it all has to do with your Health.  The only “fix” Liberals want when it comes to Health Care is enough time for you to get your mind right and accept that Government is the Answer.

But they Need you to scream for them to “Fix” it.  Which is why they all seem to be standing around watching the Health System Implode.  An Implosion they caused.  All they’re waiting for is for you to blame the Insurance Companies and beg Government to step in… with Single Payer or what is otherwise known as Government Run Health Care.

It has been the goal from the beginning.  It is still the goal.

And, Once the deed is done there can be no turning back.

Social Security was supposed to be a temporary Insurance Safety Net.  Temporary… But given enough time you folks began counting on it and decided it should be permanent.  So permanent in fact that the politicians took your cue and spent all the money collected for it on other things because they knew you would never let that stream of income to Government go away.  But they didn’t spend it on important things, things we could have done without.  They wasted it.  They allowed their friends to have it.  They squandered it.  Because who needs discipline when the money just keeps rolling in?  And You gave them permission.  You are Still giving them permission.

This is no different.

Don’t let this happen again.

Demand Complete Repeal!

When Democrats stand up and say “Republicans have never liked this law and just want to get rid of it!”, you should stand up and say “You’re Right!”  “We Warned You!”  “In Fact, We Warned You with Plenty of Time not to let this Happen in the First Place!”  “Are You Listening?”

All this was bad from the beginning and it needs to be done away with, not preserved with some “fix” created to placate you until you “see the light” and concede your Freedoms to those in Washington.

It is no mystery that I’m not a fan of about 80% of the Republican Party.  But it is a Party that must move to Repeal this hideous legislation.  It is a Party that needs to step around the likes of John McCain, Chris Christy and Lindsey Graham to save this country from the mistakes of Democratic Socialists world over.  If there has ever been a rallying point, or issue, of our time it is this.  We were not there to fight against what we now know to be huge wastes of money and drags on productivity of the past.  But we are here now.

The push to Socialize Medicine must be stopped.

And in the future, Anyone who even suggests such a Scheme should be disqualified from serious consideration when it comes to holding power in this Country.

(Originally posted 111212)


Causing a Problem to Solve.

Don’t think that the sticker shock to both people able to get through to the exchange websites was an accident.

The Policy Prices were always supposed to be too high… and the exchanges were never intended to attract people to sign up.

In fact, the exchanges were simply supposed to scare the crap out of everyone so the Administration could step in and “solve” another crisis, with Single Payer.

What they didn’t plan on, however, was attention being brought to the cause of these high prices and this dysfunctional Socialized Health Care Scheme.

The Obama Administration is about to be forced to begin their War on “Big” Insurance Companies Early.

Obama Care is bad, bad, bad, and too many people are realizing it. (Many of us understood this when it was tried under Clinton… but I digress.)  The President has been forced to own his Socialist Healthcare Scheme by the likes of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, et al.

But Remember!  The Folks in the White House cannot allow the Holy Grail of Socialism to be crushed… no matter what!

They need someone to Blame. (Pull out your copy of The Prince. I’ll wait.)

Machiavelli made the important point to his Prince that you need an enemy. That Enemy becomes particularly important when you are doing something to the population they don’t like. While you’re doing it you point the finger of blame at your Enemy… in this case, the Insurance Companies.

Niccolo also told his Prince to say whatever it took… whatever the peasants wanted to hear, and then do whatever you needed to get what you wanted even if it was the exact opposite of what you said five minutes ago.  (We are seeing that right now with “We Will Not Negotiate!”, “I’m Willing to Negotiate.”, “We Will Not Negotiate!”.)

This was recommended because the Peasants, it was thought, were too Stupid to see the truth.  Sound Familiar?

The Administration must begin telling everyone who will listen, that Big Insurance is responsible for all the ills they are experiencing with their Health Care.  Particularly sky-rocketing Premiums, when in fact it is coverage mandates resulting from Obama Care which is the culprit.

Blaming Big Insurance will find a home with the Useful Idiots… without any question. But it could ring true with others as well, which is why it will be somewhat effective in diverting the attention and blame from the Presidents Hallmark piece of Legislation.

But this is all to Plan!

Because, this is all about Single Payer.

And, you can’t get there until you put the Insurance Companies out of business.

The Socialists have created the problem so they can Solve it the Way they Want to… Because it’s just not Fair until we all have Crappy Health Care.

So get ready…

Ice the Beer…

Here we go!

(It’s also worth noting that Socialists have enjoyed huge success ‘Creating Problems to Solve’.  The Housing Bubble… Congressional Insider Trading… Pay Inequality… Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace… Enviornmental Apocalypse… The Right to a Phone… on and on…)


The Next Shoe

What happens when you have struggled through a website designed by the worlds most inept, and expensive, web designers…

You’ve decided that paying three times more for insurance is a “good deal”.

When you come to your senses and being covered for a Pap Smear, while your wife is being covered for her Prostate Exam. is logical, reasonable and rational.

While accepting that dog food probably won’t taste so bad… since that’s what you’ll be eating just so you can pay the tripling of your out-of-pocket deductible.

And, finally, hoping whatever subsidy you might qualify for is continued FOREVER out of government generosity with money they don’t have…

Only to find out,

Nobody takes it.

Well, it’s the Next Shoe.

Those Damned Greedy Doctors are doing a number of things, none of which is embracing the brilliance of getting paid even less with the advent of Government enforced Private Insurance Monopolies which will eventually turn into the Mother of all Government Monopolies known as Single Payer Health Care.

Aside from Retiring, choosing other professions or opening clinics which rely almost exclusively on Nurse Practitioners…  They are Not taking the Obama Care insurance.

But Wait! There’s More!

Those few who are smart enough to be Damned Greedy Doctors are seriously considering other career paths which can capitalize on their intelligence and attention to detail in order to earn wealth for themselves and their families… instead of Medicine.

Those who are Currently Competent Doctors, and decide to stick with the only profession they know instead of retiring, will move into “boutique” medicine.  In other words cash for service.

For those of you out there who believe the word “fair” has a definition and think Obama Care is a good idea, the “rich” you seem to despise with all your heart will get the best treatment and the “poor” who are the richest poor on the face of the planet will get far less than what you thought they were getting just a few months ago.

While the old saying is “You get what you deserve”, I just don’t want what You deserve.

If you think you Deserve More Government… you have the Rest of The World.  There’s 194 other countries to select from.

I have a question for you.  Are you honest enough with yourself to ask why you don’t live in one of those now?  Heck, Mexico is beautiful!  So is Jamaica… and parts of Cuba!  The skiing in Canada is World Class…

If your answer is “Because this is the greatest country on the planet.”, then why are you trying to change it into a place you would not choose to live?

I have an idea, stop voting and start smoking your medicine.

We’ll pick up the shoes.

Why are Democrats Angry over Obama Care?

Yesterday the President of the United States felt it necessary to address the public regarding the failures of Obama Care… well, actually the failure of the Website.

Why do I draw the difference?

Because the Website was supposed to work.

You, however, were still supposed to be Angry.

But here’s the rub… your anger was supposed to be directed at the Big Greedy Insurance Companies, not the Government.  (This was Demonstrated when a young women realized everything she thought she stood for was hogwash, then almost feinted behind the President of the United States during his address.)


If you listen carefully it’s not the predictable incompetence of Government to run anything, ever, that the Democrats are upset about. This colossal failure instead is blamed on nameless, faceless “contractors”.  And just to be sure, the Dem’s are making every effort and taking every opportunity not to allow blame to be cast on any aspect of Government… and certainly not their Ideology.

So yes, they are Mad. But they are Mad because you are not following the script. You “idiots” are not climbing on the Blame Wagon headed for the Insurance Companies. Instead, you are coming to the correct assessment of Government’s inability to run things better than you in the private sector.

The plan was to start “selling” Obama Care to you in July.  The Mainstream Media was ready… they even have Obama Care written into the fall TV scripts.  This effort was to run for six months keeping you on board until it was too late to do anything about the taxes, fines and 1% penalties directed at You.  They were hoping when you finally figured it out it would be well into 2014.  By then they were hoping to have so many dependents attached to Government Health Care they could position you opposing it as Mean Spirited and Cruel.  They were ready to trot out the tired old propaganda of the past in order to Demonize anyone who opposes Socialized Medicine.  The idea being that you would be so riled up at the Insurance Companies you would swallow that crap without thinking about it… and some of you would even quit bathing, go get a Starbucks Double Mochiatto with extra Whip, misspell a sign and occupy a park.


They didn’t count on you getting upset about all the special favors and subsidies provided to the Democrats’ friends in Big Labor, Congress and Big Business.  They did not count on People like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and others keeping the TEA Party folks informed.  They did not count on Their Website melting down and You being too stupid to blame the Insurance Companies.  Darn it.

They have fumbled the ball.


Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their Ideology…

You should look carefully at who is still standing in opposition to Socialized Medicine.  You should look carefully at who is representing a strong ideological foundation by standing up for the protections of Individual Liberty and Freedom the Founders intended when establishing this most unique Country in the world.  You should think clearly about what you believe and why.

This can be stopped… dismantled… and relegated to the ash heap of history.

It must be.

For our Health.

We Need More Time!

We just need more time to get Obama Care right.

And by right I mean removing any possibility of getting rid of it.

I know you might have thought I meant for it to work…

But just like Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, Obama Care is never supposed to “work” in the traditional sense. Of course what I mean by that is in terms of efficiency and solvency, let alone improving Health Care.  No, no, no…

Obama Care is about creating a brand new Massive Black Hole of debt with which we can use as a Over Righteous Moral Hammer to demand more taxpayer “revenue” to throw into it enriching ourselves and our friends.

So please bare with us while we ramp up the Fickle Finger of Blame we, and our friends in the Media, are going to point at the “Big” Insurance Companies. First because anything we put the word “Big” in front of must be bad… except for Government.  But most importantly because if it’s not their fault it’s ours… and how can we incite you to clamor for Single-Payer Health Care if all this is our fault!?  I mean, if we can screw up something as simple as a website that we’ve had over 3-years to develop, why on Earth would you want us to make decisions regarding what surgeries we’ll allow you to have?  We just can’t have you asking that question… so please don’t.

Anyway, just erase that the “old” system, even having a couple of problems, was far better, and protected your Freedom to Choose.  For God sakes… it’s the “Old” system!  Old!  Who wants Old stuff?  Old!  old…. and whatever you do don’t listen to those crazies who told you this was a debacle in the 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and while this was forced through Congress a few short years ago.  They’re Crazy, Terrorist, Extremist Kidnappers who hate Puppies.  Seriously!  They Hate Puppies… and They Hate You!  They want You, and Puppies, to Die Faster!

Please, Please, Please…

We Need Time!

Just a tiny, tiny bit more… whenever, and as frequently, as we ask for it.

Thank You,

– The Administration that Cares More about you than You do.