We Must Destroy the Village in Order to Save it.

Hillary Clinton’s New Economic Policy proposal designed for the good of All Americans…

Hillary Clinton has abandoned “It Takes a Village” for “We Must Destroy the Village in Order to Save it”.

The Full Exchange between the Two Socialists, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is Here.

Well, it worked in Vietnam.  Right Libs?

Do you Leftists ever see the hilarity in your rhetoric?


Nor do they see the Irony…. Hypocrisy… or Sheer Stupidity.


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2 responses to “We Must Destroy the Village in Order to Save it.

  • David

    For a long time I wondered how the hell Hitler ever got all those people to go along with such an absurd plan.

    Now I’m beginning to understand as I watch Americans being manipulated and baited by those who promise fairness and equality…


    • Mike

      Point Taken… Lenin and Stalin may be better examples though. Hitler’s appeal was associated with making German’s feel superior to all those around them. You combine that Elitist mentality while identifying Jews as the root of all Evil in the world… it become easy to understand how he was able to do the things he did. (However, there was certainly an element of Pan-Slavism associated with Stalin as well.)


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