Crony Balony

Stop insulting us!  Just because you’re afraid to call something what it is does not make it something else.  Words mean things here and Crony Capitalism means nothing as it is an oxymoronic attempt to dumb down a serious problem.  Just say Fascism.

Fascism was a term coined for the Italians during the 1930’s.  It is simply a slight, very slight, variation on Socialism/Communism (these two being kissing cousins) that earned its own name.  Fascists were willing to “allow” private ownership of property and business AS LONG AS THE OWNERS WERE MEMBERS OF THE PARTY AND FOLLOWED PARTY DICTATES which meant Mussolini was in control… as was Hitler in Germany… the idea spread throughout the middle east as well.  Fascism was just easier than jumping right to the Socialist model and seizing the factories etc.  A stepping stone to full control over all wealth.

Leftist love, because it preserves the “good” image of Socialism, to confuse this issue.  They will point out the hatred between Germany and Russia during World War Two as evidence that these were totally unique ideas and opposed to each other in every way.  It will never be said specifically how, as that might lead to further exploration… it is implied and left as fact in the students minds.  While there are reasons for this hatred they are largely monarchical in nature.  (This is for another time.)  These same people, often college professors who lean left, will also position the National Democratic Socialist Party (NAZI’s) as being “far right”… this can only be true if your paradigm consists solely of Statist political theory which theirs typically does.   Anyway, there is nothing “Far Right” about Fascism in American terms.  (If anything our “Far Right” is closer to Theocratic theory than Fascism.)  But the mission is to confuse our kids and have them believe anyone subscribing to fiscal responsibility and not redistribution are “NAZI’s”.  Stupid, but historically effective.

Enough history, back to the point… We do have a problem here and it’s not the separation of church and state.  At least not right now.  It is Fascism.  The separation of business and state.  There, I said it.  It is the control of the private sector through the Tax code, EPA and OSHA Regulations etc.  It is the reciprocal control of industry by large corporations erecting barriers to entry for competition by funding the campaigns, college educations, friends businesses etc. of elected officials. If you have enough money you can suggest (never force… only government can force) those officials to champion laws that prevent competitors from entering the market by making it too expensive.  This is not Capitalism!  It is Fascism!

It might not surprise you, but I don’t blame the businesses.  The businesses cannot force the politicians to do anything… this is where I let them off the hook.  Only the politicians can force the businesses to behave a certain way through the above mentioned methods.  Our system is beautiful in every way, but it requires the heavy burden of an electorate paying attention and a press being skeptical of all sides of the argument.  In the end, only the voters can apply force to the politicians.  What I mean is we should apply force by voting them out of office when they do not behave to our liking.  (Which we do not. As we don’t even spend the time to understand what political behavior best protects our individual freedom.)  We should force them to behave by insisting they be subject to the same laws as the rest of us.  (Which they are not. But, we do not care because “our guy” won. So what if he makes stock trades with insider information that would put you, and me, in jail.)

We have not been paying attention and have approached politics and economics as if they were separate issues.  (Which they are not.  Never have been.  The fact we think so is yet another victory for the Left.)  We have reduced our participation, in what is arguably our greatest responsibility, to something similar to rooting for our favorite football team.  Our great experiment is failing because of our neglect.  It’s pathetic and it’s our fault.  We have received what we have asked for.

Keep in mind, Fascism/Statism is always backed by those with only the best intentions, and a few with the worst.  We have all fallen for this for 100-years.

The accepted argument reads that “Greedy Capitalists will kill people in the pursuit of evil profits.”  And, “If it was not for the government stepping in, corporations would make products that kill innocent women and children.”  I offer that Socialists have won so many battles with this approach in the minds of our poorly educated population that it is the number one play in their playbook.  I would also offer that if one understands Capitalism it is not in the interest of corporations, or any business for that matter, to kill their consumers.  (I will enjoy the tobacco debate at a later time)  And finally, while we all can think of at least a couple of instances where a product has been dangerous… let us compare the sheer numbers of people killed by the private market versus those killed by the government “trying to do what is right for us because we’re too stupid to do it for ourselves”.   The road to hell is truly paved with good intentions and the Statists are busy keeping that infrastructure in good repair.

I am excited to see a more active participation in the last several years, but going from 5% of the population paying attention to 10% is not going to change our continued slide into Fascism and eventually Socialism, and the Statists know this.  Time is on their side and they know this too.  Look at it this way, Statism is a cute, purring,  furry little tiger cub and Free Market Capitalism is a cold black square drawn on plain white paper.  We need to hug, cuddle and feed the cold black square… because in time it will not grow up and eat us.



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