Blaming China

…for our failure to Embrace Capitalism?

I will remind you that China is the only reason we are doing as well as we are right now.

I know, I know.  They manipulate their currency!

Surprise! They always have.  I didn’t say trust them… But…

What do you think we, the U.S., are doing when The Fed Magically comes up with freshly printed money and pushes it into the market calling it “Quantitative Easing”?  Yes… that is currency manipulation.  And that’s just one of the ways WE do it.  Don’t act naive.

They take advantage of their workers!  Sometimes, yes.  That is a price they will have to pay down the road.  It’s the way it works, free-trade will always level the playing field without any planners help.  But for now, it is keeping them from an internal civil war… which would lead to the need to create a feeling of National Pride… and the quickest way to do that while keeping those currently in power, in power, is to… anyone, anyone?  Bueller?

Let’s spell this out in the simplest terms.

China makes stuff we like.  It’s often good stuff… because if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t buy it.  The Freedom to Choose is a beautiful thing.  It promotes the best products at the lowest prices making everyone’s lives better.

China is buying our Crappy Debt.  This keeps our economy going.  Nothing else.

China buys some of our stuff, just not as much as we would like. But who’s to blame for that when we don’t make much anymore…

And, drumroll please…… we don’t make much anymore because it too damn expensive to make stuff here.  The reason it’s too damn expensive to make stuff here is because labor costs too much.  (Gasp!) The reason labor costs too much is because of Unions.  The reason Unions are at fault is they prevent the market from determining the prevailing wage by bullying of business and promotion of minimum wage laws.  The Reason jobs go other places; from new York to new Jersey, from Texas to Monterrey, from the U.S. to China is because Living Wage/Minimum Wage laws and Unions make it too expensive to make whatever product it is in the previous place.  In other words, the outright denial and refusal to recognize basic rules of economics kills employment opportunity in one place and creates opportunity in the place the market is allowed to work…

We seem to be doing everything we can to destroy Capitalism.  We’ve been doing this for a very long time.  Given the American determination, when we set our minds to something… we get it done.

WE are destroying this country.

WE are responsible for the state of affairs we are in.

WE are overseeing the decline of the freest country on the planet.

And, by our continued support of Socialism… We are cheering all of it on.

So stop Blaming China for our Failure to Embrace that which made us Great.

If this hits too close to home and you simply can’t question your personal beliefs leaving you in a state to hate someone other than yourself…

Blame Iceland.

Blame Greenland.

Blame Malta.

Blame Tibet…

All are equally as guilty as China.  Actually, more so because they are not propping up what’s left of the U.S.

In the end it’s OUR failure to understand the only thing that makes, or made, the United States Unique in the World.


Bare in mind, I’m not a Sinophile.  There are plenty of things to blame China for, or at least to use as bright, shining, examples of “What Not to Do, Ever”.  But these things revolve around Socialism… and when you’re busy giving Socialism a big sloppy wet kiss… you’re just not interested in hearing about how the story always ends.

Besides… they make nothing worth drinking.

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2 responses to “Blaming China

  • zobop republic

    O.K. So let me get this straight. You want American citizens to be cheap, low-wage labor? …With no rights to call their own? Even people in China know they’re just cheap labor making stuff for overseas companies.

    Thanks for the moderation.


    • Mike

      Let me help you get it straight…

      We have caused our own problems as I point out in this post.

      If you get rid of the minimum wage, manufacturing will return to the United States. Working at lower wages has nothing to do with “rights”… as much as the Unions who got us here want you to believe.

      When wages decrease so follow prices… your buying power will ultimately remain the same. Actually the new jobs created will provide buying power to those who did not have it previously because they were unemployed. Unemployment helps no one.

      Hope that helps.


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