King of the Hill

I know the Clinton’s are upset about Weiner.

Can you Blame them!?

Hillary has never liked Weiner, but Bill is threatened.

While Hillary’s mind will most likely not change…

Bill Clinton shouldn’t be so concerned.  He needs to relax… may be “put some ice on it“.

The former President will remain King of the Hill.

As it stands now Weiner has 7 women he showed his Shwantz to. Those numbers appear firm but could be rising.

Clinton on the other hand has had 15 different women on the harassment list… that we know of.  I’m sure if needed he could produce more.

And frankly, Weiner is a Piker when it comes to getting his kicks.  Clinton did all of his “up-close and personal” with the phone sex just thrown in for spice.

So don’t worry Bill… you didn’t need to release the New tape of you and Monica talking about getting naked just to prove you’re still ‘da Man.

As far as I’m concerned your Forceful Philandering will remain unmatched.

(In regard to Filner, while forcing himself on a myriad of women he fails the “I’m married” test.  Similar… just not the same.  Don’t worry about him either Mr. President!  You Da Man!)


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2 responses to “King of the Hill

  • thirdnews

    Ultimately, President Clinton will be remembered for his 1998 “blowjob” educational program – elementary school playgrounds were never the same


    • Mike

      IT’S JUST SEX!… unless it’s not sex… ‘cuz it depends on what the meaning of “is” is… hundred dollar bill through a trailer park… back to the business the American people sent me here to do… I still can’t believe I lost my Law License…

      Who knew that HPV could be passed around without having to have sex? Thanks President Clinton and Michael Douglas! Sexting is the future!


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