The Democrats Saved Detroit!


This could be the Big Lie.

The truth is GM should have gone bankrupt. And, if the Liberals were serious about “green” cars and job creation, they would have cheered it… assuming of course they had a remedial understanding of economics.

Had GM folded completely it would have released a flood of skilled workers, engineers and equipment not to mention production space suddenly available to the burgeoning “green” carmakers like Fisker and Tesla, two darlings of the Left.
If anything, the idea that nationalizing GM “saved Detroit” at the detriment of electric vehicle makers should make Liberal heads explode. But that would require them to have a working concept of how the markets function.
Detroit would have been far better off with the immediate influx of new jobs and high salaries associated with these new carmakers.
However, the Unions would not have.

The auto bail-out was about nothing more than saving the Unions.

So important is this message that “Detroit was saved” versus the truth about it being a Union bail-out, the Democrat party handed out signs at their convention with “Ford” on them. I will remind you that Ford did not take the bail-out. They continue to produce products people want… all on their own.

In the end, if you think all things good come from the Unions… you must vote for the Socialist.

If you are the other 94% of us, you need to think very seriously about your vote and be a cynic about what you are actually hearing instead of accepting all of it as truth.

Cheers to thinking!

Oh, by the way… the other “Big” accomplishment touted by the Left was killing Bin Laden.  (I should not have to explain the long, seemingly proud, history the Left has with successfully killing people…) But when John Kerry asked if Osama thought he was better off now than four years ago – my immediate reaction was “yes, he does”.  This illustrated for me the profound disconnect the Left nurtures in regard to an enemy that desires to die in the name of their cause.

PSS… if this is all they got then Capt. Mediocre should have no problem finding himself in the White House – he has my vote.


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One response to “The Democrats Saved Detroit!

  • Richard

    So true. Who is buying those cars they make. I see tons of Fords on the road. No Chevy volt unless it is on fire! Union Bail -Out. Like Joe Biden said Bin-laden is dead and GM is alive. That’s all they got?


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