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“When” has now become one of my least favorite words.

This has been building up in me for some time, but met the tipping point this morning while I was listening to Charlie Gasparino speak to the idiocy of President Obama’s promise to create a brand new bureaucracy called the Secretariat of Business. While I agree with Charlies’ overall assessment that bigger government being sold as ‘shrinking government” could only appeal to a fool and would be harmful to the economy, I have to take issue with how he prefaced it.
Charlie roughly said; “When the economy is doing so poorly we can’t afford to expand government.”

To the casual listener this might seem reasonable… it’s not.

We can’t afford to expand government… Ever.  Never.  Never.  Never.

If we are going to address the Overspending, Wasteful, Competition Killing, behemoth driving us into Fiscal Oblivion we must never again expand government. In fact, only reducing its scope and size will correct the massive mistake we have gradually made over the last 100 years.

We have heard Romney saying similar things such as; “We cannot afford to spend more than we take in…”

Well, no kidding. Again this may seem reasonable to the casual listener, but again it is not.

We cannot afford to spend half of what we take in. This is not about a “balanced” budget, this is about Debt reduction and the only way to reduce debt is to spend LESS than we take in. And, in our case… when facing a 16 Trillion Dollar Debt… WAY, WAY, WAY less than we take in. For a VERY , VERY, VERY long time.

So the Liberals will then offer up the urgent need for “Revenue Increases”… a snake oil phrase for “Tax Increases”.

We have more revenue going to the Leviathan than ever before… We do not have a Revenue Problem, we have a Spending Problem. Look at it this way… when you catch your neighborhood drug addict breaking into your house and stealing your stuff he looks at you and says “I don’t have a problem using drugs! I just don’t have enough money to buy them!”

Now replace him with “government” and you’re forced to let him go… with all your stuff!

The disconnect we seem to suffer here is intolerable. We need to call these people on this.  We need to confront our friends, family and most importantly our politicians.

You should be insulted every time you hear this pap, because they are relying on one of two things… either your poor listening skills or your poor education lending to you not understanding the meaning of words. Possibly both.

Why is this important?

It’s important because we are at the point in our history that it’s imperative to identify those Republicans who deep down believe the same things the Democrats do.  We have been fooled by these people for years and are now reaping the bitter harvest.

While we must defeat the Liberals in our government, don’t read that as only Democrats.  That statement should be read as ALL Democrats and a vast majority of Republicans.

This does not mean replacing Republicans with Democrats… It means replacing Republicans with BETTER Republicans.  It means paying attention and not just casting your vote every couple of years and ASSUMING that the person you voted for is actually doing anything other than angling for re-election.  Because re-election is not our concern… our concern is the health and primacy of the United States.  Our concern is our personal liberty and freedom which is diminished every time we abdicate our responsibilities to nameless, faceless, bureaucrats in government.  Those should be our first concerns, above all else.  If you make it clear that you will vote accordingly, then the poltiicians will act accordingly.

Because if it’s not… and getting someone else to take care of you is first on your list, you will always be a slave to those with money and power.  You will always be complaining about Big Oil, Big Banks, Big Whatever and impotent to do anything about it.  You will always find yourself voting for the very people who promise to “fight for you” while doing nothing.  You will be perpetually disatisfied and continue causing your own problems.

For those of you who fell for it again four-years ago, you might want to look and see what has been done… nothing.  In fact, it’s as if this current president never held office… it’s as if he never had Super Majorities in both Houses.  (For those of us who went to public school… it means he had two full years to do anything he wanted and nobody could stop him… and what did you get?  Socialized Medicine.  A New Entitlement to pile on top of the other elephants bankrupting this country.  That’s it…  I know you can’t be honest, but you shouldn’t feel too good about that.)

The point is…  It’s Spending… It’s the Leftists in both parties… It’s the lack of understanding Capitalism…

It’s the Debt, Dummy!

Am I making too big a deal about this?  Obviously I don’t think so… because the absence of a solid foundation in what the United States is all about always starts with a word like “When”.

Like; “When I have to go to lunch with the In-Laws I cannot start drinking beer at 6am.”


Stop Apologizing, Fool.

Mitt Romney told the truth. And he is now apologizing for it.

This is, and has been, my problem with Mitt Romney.
When you say something such as “there are people who feel entitled to handouts and do not pay taxes who will vote for President Obama no matter what…”, you are stating a fact. This is not up for debate. It is not an “opinion”. This is the truth.

You should not care who is offended by the truth.
So… you should not apologize. Ever. You don’t even think about it.

Yet, he does and did.

Keep in mind, he has my vote… but he was not my first choice exactly because of situations like this. His ideological foundation that his premises are built upon is questionable at best. I believe Romney will win this election, but he will need to be watched closely throughout his term.  (This reality will also require many “limited government conservatives” to ride his coat-tails into office. The down ticket matters immensely.)

So why does this man need to have a very strong grounding in Limited Government and Free-Markets?

Because if he wins he will have to extricate government interference from the markets and employ simple, predictable tax law so we can figure out how to invest.  He will have to communicate this clearly and often… almost daily.  He will have to communicate at every step.  He will have to understand, genuinely know, that this is what must be done in order to save the U.S. from fiscal collapse.

So what does that mean?

It means that there will be a ton of pain quickly.  Interest rates will need to skyrocket in order to begin undoing the ridiculous amount of newly printed money that has been pushed into the market. There will be at least a full year of ugliness before economic numbers can begin to improve.   Romney will have Socialists screaming “SEE, SEE, SEE, he’s no better!  He’s even WORSE!  And if the Republicans have any desire to retain the House and Senate in 2014 they will have to be prepared for this, starting at the top.  Retaining both houses will be integral to any possible success, this eventuality will force a very accelerated and painful 2013.  But the up-front pain is only the first step of recovery from our addiction to government and the Socialist paradigm.  This will be a decades long process.

So back to my original point… if this guy is apologizing for making a factual statement, where is he going to be when things get hard?  If he can’t stand by the truth, what will he do when the population needs an explanation, and a lot of them, not an apology?

The covert tape of this Boca Raton fundraiser where he states the facts he is now apologizing for should instead be turned into a campaign ad.  It could only add some clarity to a person best described as Mr. Gray Area.

Mitt Romney does not yet know why he thinks what he thinks.  We can not assume he ever will.  We must surround him with people in the House and Senate who do.

His Fear of truth is unacceptable.

Somebody buy this guy a shot.

The Democrats Saved Detroit!


This could be the Big Lie.

The truth is GM should have gone bankrupt. And, if the Liberals were serious about “green” cars and job creation, they would have cheered it… assuming of course they had a remedial understanding of economics.

Had GM folded completely it would have released a flood of skilled workers, engineers and equipment not to mention production space suddenly available to the burgeoning “green” carmakers like Fisker and Tesla, two darlings of the Left.
If anything, the idea that nationalizing GM “saved Detroit” at the detriment of electric vehicle makers should make Liberal heads explode. But that would require them to have a working concept of how the markets function.
Detroit would have been far better off with the immediate influx of new jobs and high salaries associated with these new carmakers.
However, the Unions would not have.

The auto bail-out was about nothing more than saving the Unions.

So important is this message that “Detroit was saved” versus the truth about it being a Union bail-out, the Democrat party handed out signs at their convention with “Ford” on them. I will remind you that Ford did not take the bail-out. They continue to produce products people want… all on their own.

In the end, if you think all things good come from the Unions… you must vote for the Socialist.

If you are the other 94% of us, you need to think very seriously about your vote and be a cynic about what you are actually hearing instead of accepting all of it as truth.

Cheers to thinking!

Oh, by the way… the other “Big” accomplishment touted by the Left was killing Bin Laden.  (I should not have to explain the long, seemingly proud, history the Left has with successfully killing people…) But when John Kerry asked if Osama thought he was better off now than four years ago – my immediate reaction was “yes, he does”.  This illustrated for me the profound disconnect the Left nurtures in regard to an enemy that desires to die in the name of their cause.

PSS… if this is all they got then Capt. Mediocre should have no problem finding himself in the White House – he has my vote.

Romney-Plan for 2012

It’s official.

Mitt Romney has chosen the Ryan Plan for his running mate.
The Romney-Plan ticket will have great success if offered boldly to the American Public.

This is a commitment of the highest degree.

The choice makes sense when you consider the other major choices.. for instance Tim Pawlenty or Paul Ryan. Either of these tickets would have provided the formerly uneducated U.S. Citizenry with men the CIA would be proud to have on staff. In other words, men who without any effort are fundamentally invisible even when they are standing right next to you.

Instead, Mitt has picked a Message. Brilliant. And, in my opinion, long overdue. I have promoted, screamed, pleaded even for an argument based on ideology since ideology, quietly over decades, is what has brought us to the brink of collapse.

To me, picking Plan is a complete endorsement of everything I think is right and an indictment of everything I think is wrong with the country. For me it is as perfect as the ticket can get given that Romney is on it.

However, I’m always careful to not give too much credit as we have all seen campaigns throw away elections in the past. If the Romney camp tries to run this ticket primarily as “two nice guys” it will lose. If the ticket was put together by the marketing consultants for alliteration value only it will lose. If Romney staffers think anyone will care about this ticket on a personal level, aside from those of us who live and breathe this stuff, it will lose.  If they take the “We don’t have a taxing problem, we have a spending problem.” message and beat the Liberals with it incessantly, we will win.

So I’m heading out today to find a Romney/Plan sign for the front yard.

The only things I like better than single malt’s are specifics… an actual plan instead of platitudes.

Watch who fills the chairman position on the budget committee… watch… this will tell you much about the establishment influence.  Watch who is offered up to run for congress in Wisconsin.  These things matter.

Let’s see how this unfolds.  Fortune favors the bold.

What’s good for the Gander is good for the Leathery Old Goose.

Isn’t it fun to watch the squirming when demands to release tax returns are returned at those who already hold leadership positions within the House, Senate and major political organizations such as the DNC?

So, Minority Leader Pelosi is not interested in releasing tax returns. Hmmm…  She doesn’t seem to be interested in any conversation relating to releasing tax returns… when those conversations are relating to hers.  Strange.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, head of the DNC, has been found to have “off-shore” accounts.  Strange.

We get to re-visit Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitners tax evasion…

I promise there is more to come…

It’s fascinating to watch what is happening now that the Liberals no longer control the flow of information. It is wonderful to see the power removed by a free-market and media fractionalization. No longer can a person, any person, level a charge and not be held by someone, somewhere, to the same critique.

Since one of the miracles of being elected to public office is the sudden wealth that follows… I think it would be terrific to play this game for a little while longer.  I can only hope that we see more of this type of critical examination of all of these people on both sides of the aisle.  It’s like sunlight to vampires.  In fact, as I type this… vampires could be a terrific analogy to expand upon.

I trust the Romney campaign feels the same way and will continue to refuse to release his tax returns for another month or so.

Romney beat up the blonde kid?


OK, ok…. ok.. whew.

The fact that anyone can imagine Mitt… (a guy named MITT)…. Romney beat someone up is hilarious. The actual image one would have to draw is comedy at it’s finest.

First, many of you probably don’t know much about Mormons but the stereotype of blonde hair is closer to a “simple truth”.  Being blonde at a Mormon school does not get you beat up, if anything it makes you invisible.  So this idea of suddenly being “presumed gay” because you bleached your hair is ridiculous on the face of it.  Anyway…

Just last week John Stewart had a piece (actually quite funny) about Romney basically redefining bland. And he’s right. To try to conjure up the scenario that he picked out a gay kid, or any kid for that matter… or a stuffed animal… or his imaginary friend and beat him up is beyond even the most creative minds.
Frankly, it would probably do more to bolster his credentials as human. I hadn’t thought about this, but it may have been the Romney camp that fabricated the story. Hmmm…
Here’s the only interesting aspect to this story. We have seen it before.
During the Reagan administration he was constantly portrayed as an idiot actor… then simultaneously as an evil genius behind the scenes.
We saw this again during the latest Bush administration… “what a fool” yet “sneaky and brilliantly evil”.
It will be a rehash of everything we have seen in the past. There seems to be no new plays in the Liberal playbook.
Look, this guy is so bland in comparison boiled oatmeal is a culinary adventure. Yes, I will vote for him because as I have stated many times I will support the least Socialist candidate… and by comparison the Obama administration makes Mitt look like a Free-Market Capitalist.
So there you have it. The “silly season” has truly began.

This is going to be many, many levels of fun!

Finally! Romney gets over 51%!

Kind of…

In, arguably, one of the most liberal areas in the country Mitt Romney gleaned over 51% of the primary vote.
Of the 4134 individuals who apparently reside in Washington D.C. and are willing to identify as Republican, Mitt Romney convinced a whopping 70% of them he was the guy best suited for the GOP nominee. Admittedly D.C. is the home of “inside the beltway establishment republicans” and the slate was a man short… but… he did it.
Mainly, I’m tapping this out because I don’t want to re-post “Mitt needed 51%” again… and again… and again…
If you’re paying attention, Mitt did not get 51% in any of the other primary “victories” yesterday.

For fun – there are approximately 24,000 congressional staffers.  Let’s assume half of them work and reside in D.C. (12,000) and half of them are republican (6000) and they are the only republicans in the district thus the only ones who could vote in a closed primary… only 70% of them felt it important to vote (4134) and of those only 72% (3122) could bring themselves to vote for Romney.

Just for reference Washington D.C.’s population is 592,000.  For those of you playing along, that’s .007% of the population that voted in the primary…

A huge, momentous, victory indeed.

I genuinely hope he is paying attention.

Romney needed 51+

Update: [I recognize that this 3rd repost-repost could be considered “sour grapes”… it isn’t.  I will vote for this guy if it comes to that.  My point here is only that Mitt should have taken a big Blue state with at least 51% regardless of who was in the race save John McCain.  I will say the same of California.  This victory is not a detour from the road to a brokered convention.]

Mitt Romney cannot be happy about the Illinois GOP Primary.

Mitt Romney cannot be happy about the Nevada GOP Primary.


Mitt Romney cannot be happy about the Florida GOP Primary.

This one was not about the delegates so much as it was about momentum. Mitt really needed over 50% of the vote in order to try to make some kind of definitive statement regarding the permanence of his front-runner validation of his “chosen nominee” status. After the tie in Iowa and the loss in S.C. and the southern states he must be getting concerned. He knows that all that has to happen is Gingrich or Santorum to run out of money, drop out, and those votes (the majority at least) will migrate to “anybody but mitt”.

The next two weeks will be interesting indeed.

Note:  Even Karl Rove is trying to create a distinction without a difference in qualifying the meaning of “brokered” vs. “contested” convention.  I would remind the admittedly brilliant political guru (like him or not) that a “contested” convention immediately becomes a “brokered” convention the moment anyone other than (in addition to…) the current slate of candidates is up for consideration.  It doesn’t mean that Mitt or Newt or Rick will not end up with the nod…  The fact that Rove is spending time splitting hairs is evidence that this eventuality is highly likely.

P.T. Barnum speaks!

Trump has endorsed Mitt.

I have nothing else to say.