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Why Cyprus Kinda Matters…

There is a cooking process that is required to create the perfect Creme Anglaise.
While Stalin’s Omelet recipe requires “breaking some eggs…”
Soros’ Creme Anglaise recipe requires “tempering” them.

(George’s recipe is more delicate and sophisticated.  We should expect nothing less from a Socialist graduate of the London School of Economics.  By the way, Soros is a horrible man.  The more you learn about this guy, the creepier and more dangerous he appears.  I recommend looking for yourself.)

He knows, If you heat your eggs too quickly… they scramble.

And, That’s Bad.

You have to bring the mixture “to temperature slowly” to attain the perfect texture.

Cyprus is the first part of that process.  They are the egg yolks brought just to the point of boiling, separate from the whole.  Then slowly mixed back in…

They are a very small, isolated, portion of the EU… the “only people hurt” will be a select few citizens of Cyprus and a reasonably large block of “Rich Russians” who are already being positioned as criminals.  They might be criminals, but why is that important?  These two factors are important because we don’t want to scramble these eggs before we add them into the rest of the Euro Zone.  Nobody likes “Rich Russian Criminals” and there are too few Rich Cyprus Citizens to get angry… besides, they’re “Rich”… we all hate the “Rich” people right?  Make no mistake, this is a gentle business.  Once you scramble the eggs you can’t un-scramble them, so finesse is required.  But the Socialists have proven it can be done.  (Which I’ll explain shortly.)

The rest of the Euro Zone is the mixture that needs to accept the hot egg mixture and be brought to temperature.  In other words, they must be OK with the idea that the International Monetary Fund can seize the property of those who live in the zone.  For that matter, it must be perceived by a majority that it is “OK” to seize the property of those who simply have DEPOSITS in BANKS within the zone.

This is the perfect custard that Soro’s seeks.

Cyprus must be brought right up to the boiling point without going too far.  Then they must be slowing added “back into” the rest of the Euro Zone… which prepares the rest of the Zone for what’s next.

And what’s next is Italy, Spain, Portugal etc.

This is why the Germans are losing it right now.  They have propped up the Zone and see what is headed their direction.  (Just a note: These are the types of things that lead to war.)

But is Cyprus a big deal to those of us in the United States?

Well, the short answer is, aside from the possibility of that war thing, No.  No it’s not a big thing… because it has already happened here and we all seem to be OK with it.

In fact, it has happened in two different ways.

First, the U.S. population appears to be “fine” with the idea that the Government can Nationalize a Privately Owned Auto Manufacturer in the name of “the general welfare” clause, “general” in this case meaning their biggest donors.  I might have to remind some of you that the U.S. Government went “Full Socialist” by wiping out the owners (Bond Holders) of General Motors in favor of keeping the Unions alive.  It was nothing short of Communism on Display.  Period.  And, you’re good with it.  (Don’t argue with me… you’re good with it.  Are you talking about it?  Do you hear anything about it anymore?  Did you go buy a new Camaro?  That’s what I thought… you’re good with it.  So stop complaining and keep giving Socialism a big wet sloppy kiss.)

Second, the U.S. Population appears to be “fine” with the Government “printing” as much money as it sees fit.  In other words, simply creating money out of thin air.  Magically.  And by doing so, devaluing your savings in proportion.  The Euro Zone cannot do this… trust me, if they could they would be… like crazy.

Wait!  What did he just write?  Devaluing MY savings!?

Yes… just like in Cyprus.  Surprise!  Devaluing and Seizing are the same thing… save devaluing is just complicated enough for you not to fully understand what’s happening.

Every dollar The Fed prints devalues a dollar you saved.  When the Federal Government issues another series of Quantitative Easing (QE) adding 30% to the existing money supply it takes your dollar which was worth 100 pennies and makes it worth 70 pennies.  And this doesn’t just effect the “Rich Russian Oligarchs”… it effects every man, woman and child in this country, and anyone else who has deposits here – or owns “a dollar”.  Cyprus in Nothin’!  Our Fed has done it to not just us, but to the Whole World!

So Cyprus doesn’t matter because they have already been doing it to us and we are still sitting around smiling with our thumbs up our Collective Samovars.  And the way the Socialists see it, as long as our Animal Spirits don’t wake up to the fact that our property is being seized right out from underneath us, or if they do and we don’t care, then everything is good.

In the end, Cypress only Kinda matters…

Whether we like it or not, we’re all about to get Creme’d.  The Writing is on the Menu.

Instead of Cognac, try Tequila in your Creme Anglaise… actually that would probably make it Crema Mexicano, but it works really nicely.  That is, when I have any tequila left… which is Kinda Silly.

(I’m also fully aware that Robespierre, Lenin and Stalin have been attributed to the “Break a few eggs…” quote.  While I prefer Tovarisch Stalin… you can choose. I’m good with any one of them.)


The Democrats Saved Detroit!


This could be the Big Lie.

The truth is GM should have gone bankrupt. And, if the Liberals were serious about “green” cars and job creation, they would have cheered it… assuming of course they had a remedial understanding of economics.

Had GM folded completely it would have released a flood of skilled workers, engineers and equipment not to mention production space suddenly available to the burgeoning “green” carmakers like Fisker and Tesla, two darlings of the Left.
If anything, the idea that nationalizing GM “saved Detroit” at the detriment of electric vehicle makers should make Liberal heads explode. But that would require them to have a working concept of how the markets function.
Detroit would have been far better off with the immediate influx of new jobs and high salaries associated with these new carmakers.
However, the Unions would not have.

The auto bail-out was about nothing more than saving the Unions.

So important is this message that “Detroit was saved” versus the truth about it being a Union bail-out, the Democrat party handed out signs at their convention with “Ford” on them. I will remind you that Ford did not take the bail-out. They continue to produce products people want… all on their own.

In the end, if you think all things good come from the Unions… you must vote for the Socialist.

If you are the other 94% of us, you need to think very seriously about your vote and be a cynic about what you are actually hearing instead of accepting all of it as truth.

Cheers to thinking!

Oh, by the way… the other “Big” accomplishment touted by the Left was killing Bin Laden.  (I should not have to explain the long, seemingly proud, history the Left has with successfully killing people…) But when John Kerry asked if Osama thought he was better off now than four years ago – my immediate reaction was “yes, he does”.  This illustrated for me the profound disconnect the Left nurtures in regard to an enemy that desires to die in the name of their cause.

PSS… if this is all they got then Capt. Mediocre should have no problem finding himself in the White House – he has my vote.

J.P.Morgan is not “Wall Street”

General Motors is not “The Auto Industry”.


When we hear that “we” (the government) saved “the auto industry” because they used taxpayer money to make sure GM’s union pensions remained funded there should be an outcry from ALL Americans.
When “Wall Street” is condemned and we hear that all trust is lost by “small investors” and “we need more oversight” (read regulation), as the president said, because J.P.Morgan lost some money on a bad bet there should be an outcry from ALL Americans.

The cry should be “Stop saying stupid things and Keep your fingers out of it!”

The fact that we allow politicians to literally change reality into utopian fantasy is an indictment of us, you and me. The idea that all must be punished for an individual companies failure in business… or bailed out for the same thing… whichever benefits the political class, is an idea that should be crushed. Stomped out of existence.
Capitalism means you revel in your successes AND wallow in your failure. Risk is inherent. Success cannot be guaranteed… yet that is exactly what you are being told by the Left. And, you are believing it. Shame on you.
Until we all stop begging to be controlled by those who see us as so stupid as to believe the Left knows better than you in regard to what you need and want, then we will always be subjects.

Stop and think.  Please.