Thank us, we allowed you to succeed!

There has been a poorly thought out argument used by the Left for years. So ridiculous is this train of thought that only the weakest among my Socialist leaning friends would use it, and then only once. The argument is that you are successful because of someone else. In other words, you owe “the government” for your accomplishments.

Well… Our President has now trotted out this inane assertion:

     “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help.  There was a great teacher somewhere in your life.  Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive.  Somebody invested in roads and bridges.  If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.  The Internet didn’t get invented on its own.  Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.”

Before I go any further, read that again because it truly illustrates the deep chasm that separates my ideological camp from his.

What the President of the United States is saying is that Government helped you and you must give “them” credit.

So what’s wrong with that?  He forgets that WE are the government.

We decide where those bridges go and how they are paid for.

We decide the future of the internet through our choices such as “dial-up” or “broadband” and pay accordingly.

We build the wealth the government bureaucrats feed their families on.

The “successful” pay over 80% of the taxes that pay for those bridges (Used by the 49% who pay NO taxes!  I’ll start holding my breath for the Thank You cards.).  I say “over” because this doesn’t calculate the additional taxes, fee’s and licenses associated with running a business like those required for trucks, equipment, manufacturing permits or the simple “luxury” of opening your doors.  It doesn’t take into account the wages you pay your employees that the government then dips their fingers into in the form of income tax.  It doesn’t take into account the increased efficiency that products we provide like cell phones, groceries and fast food provide us so that we have more time to create wealth that the government then takes from us to “create” the internet or undercut insurance companies with the goal of putting them all out of business!

His argument is completely backwards.  It is the Socialist view of the world.  It is Wrong in every way.  It is sophomoric, stupid and utter nonsense.

It is “The Government” that should be thanking us, the producers of wealth, that they have the money to build bridges and “create” the internet. (The internet was a DARPA program designed to facilitate easy information flow between Academics working on Defense projects.  Last time I checked my pocket Constitution “Defense” was in there.  It was not a “gift”.  It was paid for by individuals like us.)

“The Government” should be thanking each and every Individual who took the risk and reached for the American Dream which provides the largess for people like our President and his ilk to continue making irresponsible spending decisions.

Make no mistake… these are very different ways of looking at the world.  The difference is that my view is correct and his is horribly wrong.

Socialism has proven itself to be a disastrous governing theory.  The oppression, destruction and death of this collective mindset is well documented and is, unfortunately, still being demonstrated around the world.  It relies on the idea that the individual is the enemy, self-interest can be defeated and government is the fountain of all things positive.  Every attempt at creating the Socialist Utopia has proven the opposite… The Individual is the engine of wealth, self-interest will always be present especially in politicians and government is force.  The only question my camp has is how much of these negatives are we willing to tolerate in order to maintain a civilized society.  (AKA limited government.)

The fact that anyone clapped after President Obama uttered these words should make us all collectively throw up.

It’s early… but I need a drink.

An aside:  There is another stupid argument out there regarding the latest forest fires… it’s the “I bet you like BIG GOVERNMENT NOW!” argument.  These no-nothings spouting such mindless babble should be reminded that it is the Big Government by means of the Forest Service and our National Parks (Federally owned land) that set the stage for these catastrophes by not allowing citizen to thin the forests.  This has been policy for about the last 10-20 years and when they were set in place all those in opposition were dismissed as doomsayers.  The Forest Service “patiently explained” to all of those opposition groups that thinning would be handled by the government along with controlled burns via “smarter” management techniques.  Whoops…

So, no.  I still do not see how a government policy creating a problem which they then must fix lends credibility to the Socialist paradigm.  But, this passes for reason on the Left.


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10 responses to “Thank us, we allowed you to succeed!

  • Atticus Finch

    I agree with the President that no one gets where they are alone. I mean for me personally I know I had teachers, mentors, etc. that definitely helped me along the way; however, giving the Government credit is going too far. The Government serves its purpose – but that purpose is granted by the people via tax dollars and support. Perhaps the Gov. should be thanking the people for allowing it to exist rather than the people thanking the Government…


    • Mike

      The position the President was taking, in context, was that those among us who are successful OWE the government or at least someone else. This is Marxism 101. If you don’t own the fruits of your labor, then who does? Everyone? If this is the case then what rights are you left with? It always comes down to the rights of the individual (the only true minority) and the ownership of his labor. If it wasn’t for the ambition and ingenuity of the individual we would not have the wealth to build the bridges and pay the welfare checks to those who might need it. You must, and I know you do as you state it, understand the logic that has to be suspended in order to think as a socialist. It’s enticing to give him the benefit of the doubt… but he has made his positions clear from the the beginning. (If you need back-up, read “Blueprint for America” – an original version if possible, as it has for some reason been modified repeatedly, where he outlined his plans during the Democrat primary in 2008)

      Unfortunately I can give him no quarter on this subject. – Mike


    • Mike

      Something else occurred to me… our teachers, mentors, etc. all contributed to our lives in exchange for something. Either they received something as small as feeling good about their actions or were compensated via payment, or both. But they received something that made them think it was worth the trouble. If you follow the train of thought offered by the President you might think the government operates (on our tax dollars) out of some kind of altruistic benevolence. Nothing could be, nor can be, further from the truth no matter who is in charge. Contrary to the Socialist Sales Pitch, there should never be the expectation that it should… the idea that is should, or does, is where fantasy and Liberalism reside.


  • Richard

    One more thing. According to the POTUS or Liz Warren, If I am successful I owe that to someone else “CORRECT”. Then therefore if I am a failure I owe that to someone else as well. “CORRECT”


  • Richard

    Once again the teleprompter does not lie what is put in front of the POTIS he will say. Did he come up with the idea of “We did not get there on our own” came from Elizabeth Warren. Are you serious. I started my life by making choices good or bad they were mine. No one else made me make those choices for me. Influence yes came from family on how not to fail. But I chose to get up and work hard to become succesfull. Yes it took years but here I am fighting to put my 2 girls thru college and to put food on the table. 14 hour days and thanking GOD for the gifts he gave me. My free will has made me succesful no one else did that for me.. Good Blog Mike..


  • Rattlesnake

    Another excellent post.

    The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.

    Jeez, Obama can’t get anything right. Obviously, it was Al Gore who invented the internet. I don’t think Al Gore is synonymous with the government.

    Also, I would guess that the military is run more efficiently (though by how much, I’m not sure) than other government agencies because it has competition from other countries. I assume that is how it was able to develop a nuclear bomb as well as the internet.


    • Mike

      The U.S. Military is a truly Socialist paradigm… and believe it or not I’m OK with that. It has always been my position that the one entity appropriately slowed down, encumbered by ridiculous regulations and profoundly inefficient should be the one we charge with killing people and breaking things. -Mike


  • Robert Nielsen

    Talk about overreaction. All Obama was saying is that no man is an island and we are all dependent on other people. No one person builds a business, after all where would they be if their employees didn’t show up for work? Or if none of their customers visited them? etc. We are all reliant on each other, that’s all Obama was saying


    • Mike

      Dependence should never be a goal. In fact, Individuals always build businesses. They might choose to cooperate with one another and start a business but coercion is never present as force is reserved to government. In response to your assertion; We only depend on one another in terms of mutually beneficial cooperative-exchange.(Free Trade) If those individuals, who agreed to the pay you offered in exchange for the work your required, decide not to show up then you as an employer hire someone else. If you do not offer an amount of pay high enough for the market to accept then you will either raise the amount you will pay to the point that you can still make a profit or you will go out of business thus not offering the product or service you hoped to, and everyone loses their job. If your customers choose not to frequent your business and you are not willing to adapt to their desires then you will go out of business, and everyone loses their job. These things happen with frequency which is why there is inherent risk associated with starting and/or running a business. However, this is not what the President was talking about. He was attempting to solidify an “us vs. them” position while promoting the supremecy of government in our lives going into the heavy campaign season. It is true that he spoke his heart… but his heart is misguided in a way that effects each and every one of us given the power he has. I wish for you to see the danger in the idea of fiat, sanctioned dependence and the socialist theory of government. I really do. Thanks for the comment and keep up the challenges. We like those here.


  • David

    This one makes me want to buy land in Belize. Please vote these people out of office! Try telling A. that all his hard work in building the Mattress Firm had very little to do with all his hard work.


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