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Hillary and I Agree on Something…

Or, In The Garden of Good and Evil.

Why do Progressives have such a difficult time with Good vs. Evil?

This came to mind after reading Hillary’s statement regarding Putin’s Actions resembling Hitler… A statement I happen to agree with on a number of levels, from the fostering of National Identity by positioning the World as an antagonist (Very Machiavellian) to Vlad’s demonstrated wish to Expand his countries borders under the guise of “protecting” Ethnic Russians.  I personally made such a statement several days ago.

But what I can’t quite reconcile is Why Now is a Prominent Democrat seeing it Clearly? Well, I can when it comes to Hillary 2016… But I still find it interesting as a larger question.  Hillary First…

So Why would Mrs. Clinton suddenly find Putin’s Socialist/Fascist Behavior to be Hitleresque?

There are exactly Two reasons.

A.  It’s election time and she knows the rest of us find Putin’s behavior repugnant. It’s always good to be on the same side of stuff as the people whom you want voting for you.

B.  It’s yet another attempt to separate the behavior of Fascists from the “wholesome, for your own good, because we care about you” Democrat Socialism.

But What about the Rank and File Socialists?  How do They deal with Putin’s actions?

For decades the Left in this country has faced difficult Positions to Champion.

They have made Excuses for what is demonstrably the Single most Destructive Ideology the planet has ever known in terms of Human Life or Pointed a finger at the only Economic Paradigm, Free Market Capitalism, which has lifted Billions out of Poverty, Saved Lives and Protected the Planet then Screamed “Exploitation”.

Every moment of every day Liberals must defend the very Ideology which has wrought Death and Destruction of all that is Good and then blame Sociaty’s Ill on Society itself.  This fact explains their difficulty with Good and Evil when they try to identify it.  It explains why they find themselves on “The Same Side of History” as Lenin, Mao, Stalin, Chavez, Castro, Guevara, Stalin, Ho Chi Min, Pol Pot, Mugabe, FDR, etc. etc. etc.  Their excuses have necessarily been born of Moral Relativity, Pragmatism and preservation of Power.

The Horror’s practiced by the above Leaders, and Millions of their Followers, must always be excused with the Good intentions which precipitated them or the Failure of the Individual.  The innate flaws of Man must be personalized and frozen… then isolated in order to not find Responsibility in the Ideology… in Themselves.

The Forced Failures of Socialist Planners is excused by blaming Individuals who are not smart enough to understand the benefits, Ephemeral acts of the Universe whose Consciousness fails to recognize the Brilliance of Those Who Proclaimed the Prescience of knowing the way forward for the Unwashed Masses, or Both.

As far as Hillary seeing Putin for what he is, She remains a Socialist.

Hillary longs to be the Leader of Those Who Make Excuses for Evil.  To Be a Liberal… She Must.

While It’s Interesting that One Who Champions Force recognizes It as Evil…

Unless a Change of Mind Occurs and That person decides to Champion the Individual, in other words What is Good,

It just isn’t Very Valuable.

Hillary may see Putin’s Actions as Evil… but just can’t really explain Why.

Thank us, we allowed you to succeed!

There has been a poorly thought out argument used by the Left for years. So ridiculous is this train of thought that only the weakest among my Socialist leaning friends would use it, and then only once. The argument is that you are successful because of someone else. In other words, you owe “the government” for your accomplishments.

Well… Our President has now trotted out this inane assertion:

     “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help.  There was a great teacher somewhere in your life.  Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive.  Somebody invested in roads and bridges.  If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.  The Internet didn’t get invented on its own.  Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.”

Before I go any further, read that again because it truly illustrates the deep chasm that separates my ideological camp from his.

What the President of the United States is saying is that Government helped you and you must give “them” credit.

So what’s wrong with that?  He forgets that WE are the government.

We decide where those bridges go and how they are paid for.

We decide the future of the internet through our choices such as “dial-up” or “broadband” and pay accordingly.

We build the wealth the government bureaucrats feed their families on.

The “successful” pay over 80% of the taxes that pay for those bridges (Used by the 49% who pay NO taxes!  I’ll start holding my breath for the Thank You cards.).  I say “over” because this doesn’t calculate the additional taxes, fee’s and licenses associated with running a business like those required for trucks, equipment, manufacturing permits or the simple “luxury” of opening your doors.  It doesn’t take into account the wages you pay your employees that the government then dips their fingers into in the form of income tax.  It doesn’t take into account the increased efficiency that products we provide like cell phones, groceries and fast food provide us so that we have more time to create wealth that the government then takes from us to “create” the internet or undercut insurance companies with the goal of putting them all out of business!

His argument is completely backwards.  It is the Socialist view of the world.  It is Wrong in every way.  It is sophomoric, stupid and utter nonsense.

It is “The Government” that should be thanking us, the producers of wealth, that they have the money to build bridges and “create” the internet. (The internet was a DARPA program designed to facilitate easy information flow between Academics working on Defense projects.  Last time I checked my pocket Constitution “Defense” was in there.  It was not a “gift”.  It was paid for by individuals like us.)

“The Government” should be thanking each and every Individual who took the risk and reached for the American Dream which provides the largess for people like our President and his ilk to continue making irresponsible spending decisions.

Make no mistake… these are very different ways of looking at the world.  The difference is that my view is correct and his is horribly wrong.

Socialism has proven itself to be a disastrous governing theory.  The oppression, destruction and death of this collective mindset is well documented and is, unfortunately, still being demonstrated around the world.  It relies on the idea that the individual is the enemy, self-interest can be defeated and government is the fountain of all things positive.  Every attempt at creating the Socialist Utopia has proven the opposite… The Individual is the engine of wealth, self-interest will always be present especially in politicians and government is force.  The only question my camp has is how much of these negatives are we willing to tolerate in order to maintain a civilized society.  (AKA limited government.)

The fact that anyone clapped after President Obama uttered these words should make us all collectively throw up.

It’s early… but I need a drink.

An aside:  There is another stupid argument out there regarding the latest forest fires… it’s the “I bet you like BIG GOVERNMENT NOW!” argument.  These no-nothings spouting such mindless babble should be reminded that it is the Big Government by means of the Forest Service and our National Parks (Federally owned land) that set the stage for these catastrophes by not allowing citizen to thin the forests.  This has been policy for about the last 10-20 years and when they were set in place all those in opposition were dismissed as doomsayers.  The Forest Service “patiently explained” to all of those opposition groups that thinning would be handled by the government along with controlled burns via “smarter” management techniques.  Whoops…

So, no.  I still do not see how a government policy creating a problem which they then must fix lends credibility to the Socialist paradigm.  But, this passes for reason on the Left.