Rodham & Rice

You can warm your hands on the heartburn being felt in the Obama camp right now.  Condi being floated as a VP possibility? It’s probably difficult to find a bottle of Pepto or a roll of Tums in D.C.
Could we have a contest of ‘My Secretary of State is tougher than your Secretary of State!”
If you have read my posts in the past you’re already aware that I have taken the idea of Biden getting a Jet Pack and Hilary being “drug kicking and screaming” into the VP slot. For reference read Mrs. October, Shot Across the Bow, and Joe Biden Steps Down… throw in Hillary Clinton will be known as the greatest Secretary of State in U.S. History for good measure.

While I am of the school that VP’s typically mean little in terms of Presidential tickets, we had an example during the last cycle where the GOP nominee would have been defeated by far more than 6% had it not been for his choice.  And, having a record like the current Administration leaves a President with nothing to run on.  So…

It is no secret that the Obama Administration has little love for the Clinton machine.  It is no surprise this fact alone has kept the Obama Administration from helping Joe Biden vacate his office and allow Hillary to measure for drapes.

But… Condi being added to the GOP ticket would change everything.  Everything.

I can only hope that an event like this might happen.  The comparison of resumes is enlightening.  (For the appearance of non-bias I will link to their Wiki entries.  Pay particular attention to education and work experience, although the rest is interesting as well.)

Hillary Rodham resume:

Condileezza Rice resume:

Did you enjoy that reading?  If you were hiring someone and being a Socialist was not a requirement… which would you choose?

If nothing else, floating Condi’s name makes a point.  If something else, it could cause the Obama camp to accelerate whatever decisions they wanted to delay for as long as possible.

In my opinion, this was smart in a number of ways.

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