Poor little Dictator.

Very late at night when my wife is asleep I dress up like Napoleon in lipstick and squeeze the last drop out of a fifth of scotch, through the tears I cry over all the wasted years making up my life…

Wait a minute. Wrong blog. Sorry… let me try again.

I just finished up a little ditty about the life and times of Cicero.

With that came a heavy dose of Caesar and Octavian (Later Augustus), but enough of the history lesson. What is important is pulling all the threads together. For anyone who knows me they know that much of my “formal” schooling was spending time with the likes of Lenin (Vlad not John), Stalin, Hitler and Mao with some additional minor players thrown in for seasoning. After finishing the lesson on Cicero and the Caesars, it dawned on me that all these guys had a single similar trait.
No, it’s not that they thought they were contestants on “How many of your own citizens can you kill?” (Although this would make for better TV than Fear Factor… I’m still holding out for Survivor Antarctica. If you freeze to death you’re off the iceberg.  That I would watch.) The shared trait was that “darn it, the system is broken and somebody has to do something about it.” added to “I’m just the mustachioed maniac to do it.” (OK, the Romans were more into funny hats, sheets and body oil.  But I digress.)  They saw themselves as saviors.
They viewed themselves as “thrust” into their positions. The people pressed them into service and in order to install that “New Order” they had to control things… just for while of course. They only killed their enemies out of political necessity… not actually to fertilize the fields of the Ukraine or improve german furnace technology. No, no, no. All of that was just an unfortunate byproduct of “saving” their respective countries.  Can you imagine if they actually saw themselves as evil and that was their intent?
Without fail every one of these dictators demanded a communal following of their citizenship. Shared sacrifice was a favorite go to phrase when government meddling turned supply and demand on its head. It was Patriotic to be desperate and in need. Noble even!
This story has repeated itself over and over because there has never been a shortage of people who think we need them whether we know it or not. They believe deep down that the fate of their nation is calling them to take the reins and administer a beating… I mean “set things right”.
This is how current leftists say with a straight face that they are “patriotic”. These folks genuinely think that moving this country into a variation of European Social Democracy is the best intention one could have.

Enforcement of the U.S. Constitution is the only “problem” stopping them from saving you from yourself and the Utopia you never asked for.  Constitutions are rules put in place to keep Statists in check and it really makes them mad. (Keep in mind that without enforced constitutions countries start baking people.)  Boy are those rules put on paper a nuisance to the poor little aspiring dictators.  So what are those smartest among us (just ask them) whose best of intentions require some dictatin’ supposed to do?  Traditionally the Statist tactic has been to get enough people to agree with them so they can ignore the constitution until it can be forcefully changed.  Simple really.  And, it has worked every time.

Ask yourself a question; Has that been happening here for decades? If you answer “yes… now that I look at it, it has!”

Then the next question is;  So, what should we do with these wannabe dictators with the best of intentions?

Aside from making sure these types never get into public office of any kind..
I think we should buy them a Napoleon outfit, a tube of rose petal red lipstick and a bottle of Glenfiddich…


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