I’m your fault.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not responsible. Apparently this has been evident to my parents for decades… but I’m kind of slow on the uptake.  Now that I too recognize this, It’s quite liberating. I have recently learned that my behavior is beyond my control and is shaped by everything and everybody around me. Basically I twist in the wind that is life…
If I drink too much it’s because of my bad parents or more often than not, bad parent. If I use drugs it’s because they are available and the oppressive nature of my life drives me to escape. If I can’t hold a job it’s because my employer is greedy and heartless and doesn’t “get” me. When I can’t make my house payment or pay the rent it’s the greedy bankers or owners fault… I’m not sure how this works but it’s awesome. When I decide to spend my free money from the government on cigarettes and booze I’m above criticism and anyone who does criticise me is mean-spirited and should walk in my shoes. When I beat and starve my kids it’s because that’s how I was raised and don’t know any better. When I kill a convenience store clerk over $20 it’s because society has denied me opportunities.
I’ve also found out what I’m entitled to simply because I was born. I get free money from the government for not working. I get food stamps because we all deserve free food. I get free school tuition so I can get skills that nobody wants then demand a job that doesn’t exist and when it isn’t created for me go occupy somewhere and misspell a sign demanding socialism. Oh yeah, I can’t be kept in jail because you all have made me crazy and I’m just a product of my environment, which I think means parents and friends and bosses and stuff.
Finally I have learned that those people who make “good” decisions and “achieve” a level of wealth and success are evil and mean. They are full of hate and should be forced to give me everything they have. I’d let them have some stuff because I’m not mean…
OK, that’s enough, it’s Monday morning and I have to start drinking and being angry, which is your fault.


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