I’m Wasting my vote to teach Them a lesson.

This is a response to a common state of mind.  It proposes that voting for a third-party, or not voting, or voting for the bigger Socialist will somehow teach the other party a lesson not to nominate the type of candidate they ultimately did.  While history has never shown this to be true, this mindset is prevalent.  And, there is a certain logic to it if elections were held once a month and only extremely limited amounts of damage to our free-market limited government system could be experienced in that time.  But… that’s not the case.  The only solution is to get and remain engaged.  Get educated while educating everyone around you and understand that the damage is so deep that it will take decades to repair.

Here is my response (It is from a thread under The Pessimist.):

Many people cannot get past Republican vs. Democrat no matter how hard they try.  There has been millions of dollars and millions of man-hours spent to make sure that this type of balkanization exists.  It enables the Statists to cloud ideology and confuse the public.  You are seeing a war between those Statists and the Conservative Free-marketers right now in the Republican primaries.

It has always been my position that the only “sides” that matter are Free-market vs. Statist.  These philosophies are not limited to party affiliation.

Yes, useful idiots are harvested within both philosophies… however, I believe with education we can turn our’s into educated voters.  We can also convert the ones that think Statism is cool into liberty loving free-market capitalists too.

The primary goal should not be to replace Obama.  The primary goal must be to completely remove every aspect of Socialized Medicine.  The Left is rushing to build it and get it fully implemented asap.  Once it is an entitlement it will never go away.  Defeating Obama is only a required part of stopping the Fourth Horseman.

Then we need to start working on free-market reforms for the rest of the 100 years of incremental Socialist schemes that have driven us into bankruptcy… if there is any hope.

In regard to electing a “Romney” type, electing the bigger Socialist to make a point only makes your life worse.  It’s cutting your nose to spite your face.  “Point’s” are to be made during primaries and with the percentage Paul is getting and Romney has failed to achieve early on many of those points are being made loudly and clearly.

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4 responses to “I’m Wasting my vote to teach Them a lesson.

    • Mike

      If your point is we need to reclassify what these terms really mean then I agree. If you mean it to read as I suspect the artist does then it’s perfect for The Pessimist post.


  • Adam

    “Many people cannot get past Republican vs. Democrat no matter how hard they try”

    If I write in “Ron Paul”, I’m not voting for someone running Republican or Democrat.

    If you vote for Romney even if you don’t like him, are you not the “many people” you refer to? Is Romney not “one of the statist clouding the issue”?

    You’re bringing up a false dichotomy between Romney and Obama. If the only sides that matter are free market vs. statist, then I think you have two HARDCORE statist major candidates, and a free market non-candidate.

    I really don’t think people who only come out to vote ’cause der ‘fraid uh dem fags, or want to want to use government force to implement their religious values can be turned into educated voters. I do, however, think there are intelligent voters on BOTH side who can be swayed to free market principles…

    If you vote for a fiscally conservative congress (IF that’s possible), then the worst thing that happens if Obama wins due to Paul write-ins is gridlock. Is that so bad?

    I think, if you want to waste your vote, go ahead and vote for Romney or Obama. If you want to do what is necessary to direct this two-party system to where it needs to be, you make the GOP lose to someone who holds the position they NEED to have if any of our problems are to be solved.

    You’re against socialized medical care, and are supporting the governor with the most socialized medical system in the country? Sure, it’s just a state, but you know he thinks it’s a good idea.

    What do you think we’ll gain by voting Romney? Maybe an extra year or two before we’re insolvent, if you’re lucky? How will you act then? That’ll be too late. We’re past the point where maybe slightly possible less of a spendthrift is good enough. The time is now.

    Cutting your nose off to spite your face? More like cutting a hair off your nose to spite your face. Romney won’t take you where you want to go, and if candidates like that are good enough to get your vote, then candidates like that are all you’ll ever get.


    • Mike

      I agree with almost everything here… I disagree with the idea that Obama and Romney (while similar) would be the same. Romney will have to deal with his own party bullying him to “do the right thing” and dismantle Universal Healthcare. Obama can remain obstinant while shoring up his base. That would be a catastrophie. I share your sense of urgency.


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