Who are you to Judge?

As long as I’m not into my fifth beer…

The “Who are you to judge?” comment is one of those that can potentially send me over the edge.  It is so inane that there is hardly a way to respond to the wasted space that allowed it to escape the hole in their face.

Humans are made up of thousands of judgements every day.  I might offer millions.  We begin each day judging everything from when to get up to how long our shower will be.  This goes on right up until we lay our fat heads down on our puffy white pillows we chose to have on our beds we chose to have in our house we chose to buy…. are you with me here?

It is exactly this ability to think in the abstract, to conceptualize, that has kept us atop the food chain.  Think about it, we’re slow, soft and squishy.  It’s really all we got.  So when some fool throws out the “Who are you..” it rings idiotic and the only response is;

I, dummy, am me.  I am made up of judgements that I must make every second in order to survive. I do not need to be eaten by wolves to understand what it feels like and thus be informed enough to recognize it as bad.  I do not need to be a heroin addict in order to understand the kind of destruction it reaps upon families and friends.  I do not need to be a paraplegic in order to recognize the types of difficulties one must encounter because of not being fully ambulatory.  I do not need to walk in anybody elses shoes… or wear their underwear… or sleep with their wife etc.  Not only do I have the ability to make judgements based solely on my observations, I must.  You don’t want me rolling over and asking your wife if I can wear your underwear do you?

This is one of those tactics used by fascists trying to stop discussion they don’t like and/or elevate their position by attempting to lower yours.  The only Free Speech they tolerate is Free Speech they agree with.  Recognizing that Free Speech means All Speech just doesn’t fit their agenda.

If none of us tolerated this type of ridiculous behavior and confronted these clowns every time they made noise it would be both good for them and good for the rest of us as we might have real conversations that lead to solutions.

Instead our better angels suggest we keep quiet… until some of our better angels get to their fifth beer.

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