Why we don’t like Mitt.

I will give you that Mitt Romney is probably one of the nicest, most congenial men running for President of the United States. I will also concede that from a male point of view he is handsome, but not threatening, he is stylish but not overly and his family is beautiful but not too much so.  And, so far we don’t think he has cheated on his wife.

This is why we don’t like him. He is the wonder bread of the Republican candidates. He’s the guy that just wants us all to get along. You might have an idea he disagrees with but you know he wont be mean about it. Everybody is entitled to their opinions after all, right? I mean come on… calling a Socialist a Socialist is just rude.  He would be a terrific neighbor.  An even better brother.

This is why the Obama administration and the Democrats love him. (Yes, I’m aware that they have now starting gently running ads against him.  They know we are on their ruse.)  Their first priority is to retain the Presidency, failing that they must do everything they can to preserve their Socialist trophy of government-run health care. And they know, Mitt is just such a nice guy… should he win he would never stand up in front of the American people and say he would stop “giving” treatment to women, children, little old ladies and the poor because of some ridiculous piece of paper like the U.S. Constitution. (A bunch of old white men wrote it so it must be bad.  I feel the same way about the law of gravity.)  They know that while he might disagree with Socialized Medicine he would find some parts of it that sound reasonable just to keep it fair.  That’s what bi-partisanship is all about after all… He cares. Such a nice man… and good-looking…
We have seen this played out for 70 years and many of us are not falling for it anymore. (Whether there is enough of us, is left to be seen at the date of this typing.)
Alinsky put it on paper and we ignored it. “Compromise is always a win.”
That’s why we like the old-fat-super-white guy.

He’s none of the above and at least he’s read Alinsky.

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